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A small PHP based blog engine rendering static content
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A small PHP based blog engine rendering static content.


  • Generate static content
  • Web admin on-line, no custom tools, deploy scripts etc.
  • Built in PHP, as it is available everywhere
  • The whole thing as a single PHP file
  • No SQL database
  • Simple yet fully usable
  • Customisable


  • A web server site that can run PHP.
  • FTP access or other method to initially create the admin directory on the site and to upload the index.php file.
  • PHP scripts must be allowed to browse and modify files and directories within the site.


  • Blog posts can be created, edited and deleted
  • Posts can be worked on internally and later be published
  • Support for creating posts as plain text or HTML (no fancy editor yet)
  • Markdown can be used if Parsedown.php is downloaded and put into the admin directory next to index.php.
  • Primitive Atom (RSS) feed
  • Skinning support


  1. Log into the site with FTP or via some other transfer method.
  2. Create your admin directory. You should give it a name that is not easy for a potential hacker to guess, but a name you will remember. The admin page will also be protected by password, but the best way to keep hacking attacks away is that the path to admin is never guessed.
  3. Upload index.php into your admin directory.
  4. Open your browser and surf into your site and the admin directory you created. E.g.
  5. Follow the installation wizard


MogBlog can be customised with a skin file. An example rendering the MogBlog default theme is available as the file skin.php. The skin file must be named exactly like this and be placed in the same directory as index.php. See the comments in skin.php for explanations about the macro placeholders that can be used.

Known issues and missing stuff

  • No support yet for uploading images or other files. You need to upload such things manually for now. File handling feature is planned.
  • Only one admin user can be configured.
  • No paging or "archives". All posts are listed on the front page as of now.
  • Changing time zone will make all posts appear as new in the Atom feed.
  • No auto-saving or revision handling (backup) of changes.
  • Better documentation needed
  • No comment system. This is partly by design, but built-in support for Disqus or similar would be nice.
  • No built-in search function. You have to rely on being indexed by public search engines like DuckDuckGo
  • No friendly reset procedure if you forget your password. You are forced to manually edit config.php and set the user hash to an empty string to allow login without password so you can set a new one.
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