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A Nike+ API Java client
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A Java client for the Nike+ API.


case of using this code in Eclipse:

  1. download this code
  2. start the Eclipse and import this code ("file"->"import"->select this folder)

case of using jar file:

  1. download jar files.
  1. setting class path


You have to get Access_Token from Nike developer site
  1. login to the site of nike+ developer
  2. go to "API CONSOLE"
  3. select "Get My Access Token"
  4. wirte nike+ account information (email & password) and push the "Go" button
  5. you can get your Access_Token.

How to use


First step: The JNikeAPIClient needs instantiate with your access_token.

JNikeAPIClient nikeApi = new JNikeAPIClient("your access_token");

Scond step: You can use the Nike APIs. The Nike APIs has 4 kind of methods.

  1. Aggregate Sport Data
  2. List Activities
  3. Activity Detail
  4. GPS Data

If you use this APIs, you can receive data type of JSONObject.

  1. Aggregate Sport Data

    AggregateSportData values = nikeApi.getAggregateSportData();

  2. List Activities.

    ListActivities value = nikeApi.getListActivities();

  3. Activity Detail

    DetailActivity value = nikeApi.getDetailActivity("activityID");

  4. GPS Data

    GPSData value = nikeApi.getGPSData("activityID");

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