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musicbrainztagger is a java command-line application which tags mp3 files using AcoustID and MusicBrainz. musicbrainztagger is written as a command-line application and handles files on a one-by-one basis in order to enable it to handle very large mp3 collections, such as those with 10's or 100's of thousands of files.


musicbrainztagger requires the command-line application fpcalc from AcoustId. You will have to download the application onto your filesystem.


musicbrainztagger takes these command line arguments

  • --inputdir. The input location of the mp3 files
  • --outputdir. The output location
  • --fpcalc. The location of the fpcalc application
  • --delete. Delete the input files after processing them

For example:

java -jar musicbrainztagger.jar --inputdir=/home/mymusic --outputdir=/home/mynewmusic --fpcalc=/home/fpcalc