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A simple IOC container
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Simple IOC


SimpleIOC is a framework for configuring autowire (JSR330) beans using XML.

Configurable bean properties include

  • caching (singleton)
  • ThreadLocal beans
  • autocreation

Defining a Bean in code:

@RegistryBean(name = "regBean", cached=false, autocreate=true)
public class ExampleAnnotatedBean {

Injection via JSR330

private SampleInjectedInterface interface2;

Construction filters can be used by SimpleIOC to wrap beans in arbitrary dynamic proxies at construction time.

A typical example is using cglib to define a dynamic proxy which can be used to implement a custom annotation such as @Transactional

Finding a bean in code

final IOCBeanRegistry autobeanRegistry = new DefaultIOCBeanRegistry();
 * populate the beans we need
jcrPersistenceContext = (JcrPersistenceContext) autobeanRegistry.getBean("jcrpersistencecontext");

Defining Construction filters.

public class ExampleProxyCreatingFilter implements IOCInstantiationFilter {
	public Object filter(IOCBeanRegistry iocBeanRegistry, Object object, Bean bean) throws IOCException {
		try {
			return Proxy.newProxyInstance(object.getClass().getClassLoader(), object.getClass().getInterfaces(), new DebugProxy(object));
		} catch (final Exception e) {
			throw new IOCException("Exception in filter", e);

Addons Available

  • simpleioc-struts. Support for injection of JSR330 beans into Strut2 Actions
  • simpleioc-testng. Support for TestNG Testing
  • simpleioc-junit. Support for JUnit Testing
  • simpleioc-servlet. Support for Servlets
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