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Your Social Engineering Sidekick
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Dragnet - Your Social Engineering Sidekick

DEFCON 26 Badge GRRCON 2018 Badge SAINTCON 2018 Badge OPEN-SOURCE GPL Licence

v0.1 Status: Progress - Full README posted below

Next Up: v0.2 Status: Progress

Because this system has so many moving parts, things may not "just work" until later versions. It is recommended to watch this repo so that you're notified when new versions are pushed. Big features like automated infrustructure deployment are coming soon.

Dragnet Social Engineering Framework

Presented at DEFCON 26, GrrCON 2018 & SAINTCON 2018, Dragnet is a social engineering framework which leverages AI to conduct spear-phishing & vishing at scale.

Read the abstract here.

Getting started

There is a full readme here, but the short version is:

  • Everything in the admin directory can be set up on a cloud VM (preferably Ubuntu 18.x)
  • client should be run locally
  • functions will be deployed to cloud functions
  • cron instructions will be posted later today (for scheduled emails only) - 9/26/18
  • npm install anywhere you see a package.json
  • keep the /root paths at your own risk 😇

Development will be ongoing and commits will occur frequently. Check back often- as breaking changes are discovered, fixes will be pushed whenever possible.


This framework is provided for educational purposes only. Using this framework without permission from all appropriate parties may be against the terms of service of respective parties, and may be against the law depending on your jurisdiction. Use at your own risk.

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