nRF BLE Sniffer dissector for Wireshark written in Lua
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Wireshark Dissector in Lua for Nordic nRF BLE Sniffer

You don't need this with latest version of Wireshark (2.4) because it can natively dissect nordic_ble protocol. Configure DLT_USER protocol encapsulation table entry User 10 (DLT=157) to use protocol nordic_ble.

This is a Lua port of Nordic's native dissector for the nRF BLE Sniffer. Legacy header (version 0.9.7) and call to nordic_debug dissector have not been ported. Submit a pull request if you port that portion of code.

This dissector should work on all Wireshark versions starting at 1.12.x. It will not work with Wireshark 1.10.x due to the lack of the native btle dissector. That can be resolved by porting Nordic's native btle dissector to Lua, but I think the effort is not worthwhile.

Download nordic_ble.lua and add the following to Wireshark's init.lua


Note the need for two backslashes to represent a single backslash (path separator) on Windows. On Linux and OS X just a single forward slash / works fine.