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Alternative implementations of TeX, other than the well-known ones

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  1. cxtex Public

    CXTeX from

    C 1

  2. tex-in-c Public

    TeX-in-C from (possibly still active project)

    C 1 1

  3. typeset Public

    Forked from bramstein/typeset

    Fork of which isn't really a TeX implementation but interesting anyway.

    JavaScript 1

  4. web2js Public

    Forked from kisonecat/web2js

    Fork of — Convert TeX's pascal to javascript

    JavaScript 1

  5. Donald Knuth's programs in SAIL for *historical versions* (late 1970s) of TeX and METAFONT.

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  6. XymosTeX Public

    Forked from xymostech/XymosTeX

    Fork of — of all the projects I've been collecting this is the most exciting and closest to my heart. By someone who seems to know what they're doing (should c…

    Rust 1



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