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-1.99.22 Prevent unbounded increasing of the file when overwriting or truncating to size different than zero. Many bugs fixed.
-1.99.21 Using boost template library. New file format.
-1.99.20 File format changed, incompatible with 1.99.19 and lower. Bug fixes, looks like it works with fsx-linux.
-1.99.19 Better compatibility with version 1.99.17.
-1.99.18 Bug fix release. Upgrade is highly recommended.
-1.99.17 stat (fstat, lstat, ls...) and other operations speeded up significatly on filesystems that support extended attributes. Several minor bugs fixed.
-1.99.16 Implement statfs system call (get file system statistics). The 'df' utility works correctly now.
-1.99.15 Better support for newer gcc. Include errno.h where's neccessary.
-1.99.14 Some bugs fixed. FuseCompress should work much better with rsync now.
-1.99.13 FuseCompress now requires storage directory and mount point. These must be different. Include errno.h in TransformCompress.cpp.
-1.99.12 Halve size of zero length files.
-1.99.11 Better support for programs that use hardlinks. Better handling with files that are already compressed in fusecompress_offline.
-1.99.10 Move all source code files to src subdirectory. Include errno.h in FileRawCompressed.cpp.
-1.99.9 Include errno.h in FileManager.cpp.
-1.99.8 Make FuseCompress more robust when testing with fsstress.
-1.99.7 Remove script Program fusecompress_offline has now the same functionality.
-1.99.6 Show license when running fusecompress or fusecompress_offline. Fixed to include into dist.
-1.99.5 Using fixed size types in file format. Using little-endian in file format. Added script.
-1.99.4 Fixed compilation problems on x86_64.
-1.99.3 Fixed CompressedTable. It really works now.
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-See ChangeLog.
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