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@@ -10,6 +10,21 @@ Bugs:
File becames unreadable when it hits a not enough space condition. So
be careful to really have enough free space on the disk to store all the data.
+This is more a feature than a bug:
+ In CFile *FileManager::GetUnlocked(const char *name, bool create) FuseCompress
+ uses the underlying filesystem inode number. This is a problem when you have
+ multiple partitions underneath.
+ For example
+ /backups/.max (partition 1)
+ /backups/.max/alex (partition 2)
+ /backups/.max -> /backup/max (fusecompress)
+ This would spoil the inode pool and potentially lead to conflicts, especially
+ with hard links.
Do NOT compile FuseCompress with g++-4.3.3! Strange threading problems
(broken locking) were detected (thank you Steve!) when using this version of

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