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Stay in Sync

What is ssync?

Ssync is a developer utility. It recompiles and reloads your rebarized Erlang code on the fly. With Ssync, you can code without friction.

What does "code without friction" mean? It means that with Sync running, you no longer need to worry about running rebar compile, or c:l(Module) again. Just write code, save the file, and watch as Erlang automatically detects your changes, fetches dependencies, recompiles the code, and reloads the module.

How can I use Ssync?

The recommended approach is to put ssync in your rebar.config deps:

{deps, [ {ssync, ".*", {git, "git://", "HEAD"}} ]}.

Then, run rebar get-deps for this last time manually, go in the Erlang console of an application you are developing and run ssync:start()..

Desktop notifications

If you are running on Linux install notify-send (Fedora: libnotify package, Ubuntu: libnotify-bin package)

Last notes

I am not responsible for any bad that might happen to you or to your computer when using this application.