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Update documentation removing all sg-utils notes

Just libusb now.  Verified the modprobe.conf on Ubuntu 10.04
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@@ -1,43 +0,0 @@
-# This file was taken from arm-utilites project, located at
-#, which is licensed under GPL3.
-# An explicit permission to include any code from that project in
-# this one under BSD license was granted by arm-utilites author, Donald Becker.
-# This file watches for a STMicro ST-Link or STM32VLDiscovery board
-# and creates a device named /dev/stlink
-# See udev(7) for syntax.
-# Written 2010,2011 by Donald Becker
-# The STLink on the Discovery has a USB ID 0483:3744 and presents itself
-# as a mass storage (i.e. SCSI) device. The SCSI emulation is signficantly
-# broken, and the kernel spews error reports for a while until it is
-# accepted. Further problems are encountered when if it is automatically
-# mounted.
-# Options that may prevent the mount are
-ACTION!="add|change", GOTO="stlink_rules_end"
-SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0483", ATTR{idProduct}=="3744", \
- MODE="0664", GROUP="tape", NAME="stlinkusb%n", ENV{STLINK}="1", \
- OPTIONS="last_rule"
-# Other possible settings:
-# OPTIONS="last_rule", ATTRS{vendor}=="STM32"
-KERNEL=="sg[0-9]*", MODE="0664", GROUP:="tape", \
- NAME+="stlink-sg%n", SYMLINK+="stlink", \
-SUBSYSTEM=="scsi", ATTR{vendor}=="STM32", MODE="0664", GROUP="tape", NAME="stlinksg-scsi%n", SYMLINK+="stlinkscsi", OPTIONS="last_rule"
@@ -11,22 +11,47 @@ called stlink and there are 2 versions:
. STLINKv1 uses SCSI passthru commands over USB,
. STLINKv2 uses raw USB commands.
-It means that if you are using a STM32VL board, you have to install and load
-SCSI related software. First, load the sg kernel module:
-# modprobe sg
+Common requirements
-Then, you need to install the package libsgutils2-dev. On Ubuntu:
-# sudo apt-get install libsgutils2-dev
+libusb-1.0 (You probably already have this, but you'll need the
+development version to compile)
-LIBUSB is required for both cases.
+The STLINKv1's SCSI emulation is very broken, so the best thing to do
+is tell your operating system to completely ignore it.
+Options (do one of these before you plug it in)
+ *) modprobe -r usb-storage && modprobe usb-storage quirks=483:3744:i
+or *)1. add "options usb-storage quirks=483:3744:i" to /etc/modprobe.conf
+ *)2. modprobe -r usb-storage && modprobe usb-storage
+or *)1. cp stlink_v1.modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.d
+ *)2. modprobe -r usb-storage && modprobe usb-storage
+You're ready to go :)
To run the gdb server, do (you do not need sudo if you have set up
permissions correctly):
-$ make -C build && sudo ./build/st-util [/dev/sgX]
+$ make && [sudo] ./gdbserver/st-util
+There are a few options:
+./gdbserver/st-util - usage:
-Currently, the GDB server listening port is hardcoded to 4242:
+ -h, --help Print this help
+ -vXX, --verbose=XX specify a specific verbosity level (0..99)
+ -v, --verbose specify generally verbose logging
+ -s X, --stlink_version=X
+ Choose what version of stlink to use, (defaults to 2)
+ -1, --stlinkv1 Force stlink version 1
+ -p 4242, --listen_port=1234
+ Set the gdb server listen port. (default port: 4242)
-Then, in gdb:
+Then, in gdb: (remember, you need to run an _ARM_ gdb, not an x86 gdb)
(gdb) target remote :4242
Have fun!
@@ -50,13 +75,14 @@ for GDB.
Setting up udev rules
-For convenience, you may install udev rules file, 10-stlink.rules, located
+For convenience, you may install udev rules file, 49-stlinkv2.rules, located
in the root of repository. You will need to copy it to /etc/udev/rules.d,
and then either reboot or execute
$ udevadm control --reload-rules
-Udev will now create a /dev/stlink file, which will point at appropriate
-/dev/sgX device. Good to not accidentally start debugging your flash drive.
+Udev will now create a /dev/stlinkv2_XX file, with the appropriate permissions.
+This is currently all the device is for, (only one stlinkv2 is supported at
+any time presently)
Running programs from SRAM
@@ -7,9 +7,6 @@
. documentation
. make README points to doc/tutorial
-. remove libsg dependency using:
. compile and test a realtime kernel, for instance:
svn checkout ;
@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
The stlink related constants kindly provided by Oliver Spencer (OpenOCD)
for use in a GPL compatible license.
- Code format ~ TAB = 8, K&R, linux kernel source, golang oriented
Tested compatibility: linux, gcc >= 4.3.3
The communication is based on standard USB mass storage device
@@ -31,10 +30,18 @@
CBW - Command Block Wrapper
CSW - Command Status Wrapper
RFU - Reserved for Future Use
- scsi_pt - SCSI pass-through
- sg - SCSI generic
- * usb-storage.quirks
+ Originally, this driver used scsi pass through commands, which required the
+ usb-storage module to be loaded, providing the /dev/sgX links. The USB mass
+ storage implementation on the STLinkv1 is however terribly broken, and it can
+ take many minutes for the kernel to give up.
+ However, in Nov 2011, the scsi pass through was replaced by raw libusb, so
+ instead of having to let usb-storage struggle with the device, and also greatly
+ limiting the portability of the driver, you can now tell usb-storage to simply
+ ignore this device completely.
+ usb-storage.quirks;a=blob_plain;f=Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
Each entry has the form VID:PID:Flags where VID and PID are Vendor and Product
ID values (4-digit hex numbers) and Flags is a set of characters, each corresponding
@@ -54,18 +61,17 @@
Example: quirks=0419:aaf5:rl,0421:0433:rc
+ For the stlinkv1, you just want the following
- modprobe -r usb-storage && modprobe usb-storage quirks=483:3744:l
+ modprobe -r usb-storage && modprobe usb-storage quirks=483:3744:i
Equivalently, you can add a line saying
- options usb-storage quirks=483:3744:l
+ options usb-storage quirks=483:3744:i
to your /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf (or add the "quirks=..."
part to an existing options line for usb-storage).
- explains the protocoll and
- would allow to replace the sg access to pure libusb access
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-options usb-storage quirks=483:3744:l
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+options usb-storage quirks=483:3744:i

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