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Hi, I have a binary file which I can flash to the STM32F4 discovery under windows but when I try to do it in ubuntu with:

st-flash write ~/Desktop/ARMtestC.bin 0x8000000

I get

2014-03-15T16:22:48 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Loading device parameters....
2014-03-15T16:22:48 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Device connected is: F4 device, id 0x10016413
2014-03-15T16:22:48 INFO src/stlink-common.c: SRAM size: 0x30000 bytes (192 KiB), Flash: 0 bytes (0 KiB) in pages of 16384 bytes

and thats it (none of that jolly good stuff you see in the tutorials). It obviously connects to the STM32F4 discovery because because is says so and the st-link LEDs flash but that is it. No programming is done and no erasing is done when the st-flash erase executed.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I might be doing wrong?

I see that it thinks the binary file is 0 bytes which is odd because it works in windows and the actual file is 916 bytes.


So this is problem is now mysteriously fixed after I installed qstlink2 ( It must have installed a dependency which I somehow missed.

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