STM32VLDISCOVER always resets after st-flash read. #230

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mrdunk commented May 8, 2014

i recently needed a microcontroller board for a new project so dusted off a STM32VLDISCOVER from the parts bin.
a few hours later i had successfully compiled your project and got a simple blinkenlight working.
great project. simple to use. loads of progress since i last checked it out a few years ago.

any thoughts on the following before i try fixing it myself:
i'm using the STM32 to connect IO to a small embedded Linux host.
rather than run a programmer USB cable and a separate one for UART i thought i'd use "# ./st-flash read ..." to pull data straight from the STM32 memory.
unfortunately this causes a reset.

any thoughts on whether i will be able to modify st-flash to not reset on read?

"$ ./st-util -1 -n" can connect without reset which implies it's possible.

thanks again,

mrdunk commented May 10, 2014

i have created Pull Request: "Calling stlink_reset() causes the target to reset after disconnecting. #232" to address this.

mrdunk closed this May 10, 2014

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