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st-util sends wrong memory map/ no features STM32F429 #250

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I'm having a problem with STM32F429, it seems that st-link is not sending the features packet and sends out the wrong memory map to gdb (I captured the packets with wireshark), this makes load fail with flash_add_block: unaligned block see #196 , and gdb tries to access default registers like $f0 also I was not able to access CCM.

further digging into this issue, it seems that the correct memory map and features are sent only for the STM32_CHIPID_F4 and not STM32_CHIPID_F4_HD (which is what st-link reports for the STM32F429)

2014-07-17T00:19:02 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Device connected is: F42x and F43x device, **id 0x10036419**

It looks like there's no way to specify the memory map/supported packets outside the code, so a simple check for STM32_CHIPID_F4_HD fixes this issue, here:

@iabdalkader iabdalkader pushed a commit to iabdalkader/stlink that referenced this issue
@umux umux Send F4 memory-map and features for STM32F429
* Fix issues #250 #196

Not fixed:
2014-07-30T21:59:14 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Device connected is: F42x and F43x device, id 0x10036419

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