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Flash utility very slow on OS X 10.6 #32

EtiennePhillips opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Hi All

THANKYOU for providing this utility. It's really appreciated!

I'm running Snow Leopard, and am finding the flash utility (last week's version) really slow when writing to STM32F4Discovery board. I'm playing with the audio example, which generates a 1MB binary, which takes about 20mins to download to the device. When using the ST-Link utility (the official ST one) on Windows, it downloads in 1-2 mins.

Is there a compilation flag, or something I'm missing that would speed things up?



Thanks Fabien

I've just started working with ST/Arm, so it's all a bit new to me. I'm unlikely to work on large projects for a while, so I'm more than happy to use it as is. I was just wondering if I had compiled using a debug symbol by accident, or something!

If I do come up with any improvements, I will definitely contribute them :)

Thanks again for sharing such a useful tool.


Interesting. For me it takes about 40 seconds to load a 184kB image, but it is working on OS X 10.7 for me as well (plus or minus pointing the makefiles to the location where libusb could be found from Homebrew,

It's nice to have this tool in addition to seeing dfu-util adding support for DfuSe extensions in 0.5.

zyp commented

This have been fixed and merged in pull request #93. A 1M image now loads for me in just over 40 seconds.


thanks for your contribution


Awesome! Thanks very much!


Etienne: If you're happy now, can we please close this?


I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to test it! I'm happy to close it though...

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