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stm32vl - Program not starting. Flashing seems correct. #75

hadrianw opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Using gdbserver or st-flash example blink program is successfully loaded:

2012-05-03T20:11:31 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Starting Flash write for VL core id
2012-05-03T20:11:31 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Successfully loaded flash loader in sram

2012-05-03T20:11:31 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Starting verification of write complete
2012-05-03T20:11:31 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Flash written and verified! jolly good!

However run command of gdb just hangs on Starting program:

(gdb) run
The program being debugged has been started already.
Start it from the beginning? (y or n) y

Starting program: /home/hadrian/devel/engineer/stexample/blink.elf

COM LED on stm32vl is constantly blinking and nothing else happens.
Using st-flash program is loaded, but after clicking reset button nothing happens either.

It's the same for running from SRAM.

Invocation of st-util:

$ st-util -1
2012-05-03T20:17:50 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Loading device parameters....
2012-05-03T20:17:50 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Device connected is: F1 Medium-density Value Line device, id 0x10016420
2012-05-03T20:17:50 INFO src/stlink-common.c: SRAM size: 0x2000 bytes (8 KiB), Flash: 0x20000 bytes (128 KiB) in pages of 1024 bytes
2012-05-03T20:17:50 INFO src/stlink-sg.c: Successfully opened a stlink v1 debugger
Chip ID is 00000420, Core ID is  1ba01477.
KARL - should read back as 0x03, not 60 02 00 00
init watchpoints
Listening at *:4242...
GDB connected.

I'm on gentoo.


"Nothing happens after pressing reset button"

Please make sure that both of your boot pins are 0.

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