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Workaround for nRST not being asserted via on the F4-Discovery's st-link/v2... #108

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and possibly others. This allows nRST to be asserted from scripts, allowing touchless debugging by issuing "monitor jtag_reset" from gdb. There probably a way to do this automatically, and I may look into this in the future.

@texane texane merged commit b5ece81 into texane:master
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  1. +10 −0 gdbserver/gdb-server.c
10 gdbserver/gdb-server.c
@@ -785,6 +785,16 @@ int serve(stlink_t *sl, int port) {
#ifdef DEBUG
printf("Rcmd: halt\n");
+ } else if (!strncmp(params,"6a7461675f7265736574",20)) { //jtag_reset
+ reply = strdup("OK");
+ stlink_jtag_reset(sl, 1);
+ stlink_jtag_reset(sl, 0);
+ stlink_force_debug(sl);
+#ifdef DEBUG
+ printf("Rcmd: jtag_reset\n");
} else if (!strncmp(params,"7265736574",10)) { //reset
reply = strdup("OK");
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