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@xor-gate xor-gate released this Sep 13, 2018 · 38 commits to master since this release

Major changes and added features:

  • Implement intel hex support for GTK GUI
  • Update libusb to 1.0.22
  • Add memory map for STM32F411RE target
  • Add support for STM32L4R9 target


  • Proper flash page size calculation for F412 target
  • Fix flash memory map for F72xxx target
  • Return correct value on EOF for Semihosting SYS_READ

For a complete list of changes see the milestone

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@xor-gate xor-gate released this Feb 19, 2018 · 67 commits to master since this release

Major changes and added features:

  • STM32F72xx73xx support (#1969148)
  • Add support of STM32L496xx/4A6xx devices (#615)


  • Fix memory map for stm32l496xx boards (#639)
  • Fix write for microcontroler with RAM size less or equal to 32K (#637)
  • Added LIB_INSTALL_DIR to correct libs install on 64-bit systems (#636)
  • Fix verification of flash error for STM32L496x device (#618)
  • Fix build on Fedora with GCC 8 (#666)
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@xor-gate xor-gate released this Jul 1, 2017 · 87 commits to master since this release

For the full list of changes see

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@xor-gate xor-gate released this Feb 25, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

Sorry no binaries yet for Mac OS X and Windows available (use the older v1.3.0)

Major changes and added features:

  • Add preliminary support for STM32L011 to see it after probe (chipid 0x457) (@xor-gate)
  • Strip full paths to source files in log (commit #2c0ab7f)
  • Add support for STM32F413 target (#549)
  • Add support for Semihosting SYS_READC (#546)

Updates and fixes:

  • Update documentation markdown files
  • Compilation fixes (#552)
  • Fix compilation when path includes spaces (#561)
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@xor-gate xor-gate released this Jan 28, 2017 · 126 commits to master since this release

So finally after many months the v1.3.0 release has happend. The biggest changes are:

  • Binaries for windows, mac osx (64 bits only)
  • Deprecation of autotools by only using the CMake build system (easier cross-platform building)
  • Addition of ARM semihosting to st-util
  • Native debian packaging
  • Many bugfixes and improvements

For a full and detailed list of changes see the

Thanks to all contributors, without you this wouldn't have happend!

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@xor-gate xor-gate released this May 5, 2016 · 298 commits to master since this release

At time of writing when creating this release it has been approximate a year with changes and improvements. Finaly, here it is. Have fun, and test!

Features added:

  • Add multiple stlink probing (st-info --probe, st-info --hla-serial) with printing serial in hex and OpenOCD hla_serial format (Jerry Jacobs)
  • Add stlink usb probe API functions (Jerry Jacobs)
  • Added parameter to specify one stlink v2 of many (Georg von Zengen)


  • Refactoring/fixes of flash loader (Maxime Coquelin)

Updates and fixes:

  • Synchronize cache for stm32f7 (Tristan Gingold)
  • Allow flashing of STM32L4 down to 1.71 V (Greg Meiste)
  • Fix on stm32l4 to clear flash mass erase flags on CR (Bruno Dal Bo)
  • Proper writing of page 0 of second bank for stm32l476xe (Tobias Badertscher)
  • Trace the read data in stlink_read_debug32 and not the address of the variable (Tobias Badertscher)
  • Mac OS X El Capitan platform support confirmation (Nikolay)
  • Do not send a NUL at end of packets to gdb (Tristan Gingold)
  • Correctly compute flash write size for partial pages (Dave Vandervies)
  • _stlink_usb_reset use hardreset (mlundinse)
  • Make sure MCU is halted before running RAM based flashloaders (mlundinse)
  • Could not flash STM32_F3_SMALL (Max Chen)
  • STM32F4 8-bit support for 1.8v operation (Andy Isaacson)
  • Fix F2 memory map (Nicolas Schodet)
  • Memory map for stm32f42xxx and stm32f43xxx devices (Craig Lilley)
  • Stm32l0x flash loader (Robin Kreis)

Chip support added for:

  • STM32L053R8 (Jean-Luc Béchennec)
  • STM32F7 Support (mlundinse)
  • Add STM32L4 to CHIPID #defines and devices[], flash driver and loaded (Dave Vandervies)
  • Basic support for F446 (Pavel Kirienko)
  • STM32F303 High Density
  • STM32L1xx Cat.2 devices (Nicolas Schodet)

Board support added for:

  • Nucleo-F303RE (Kyle Manna)
  • Nucleo-F411RE (texane)

Build system:

  • Travis: Initial support for Travis continues integration on Linux & Mac OS X (Jerry Jacobs)
  • CMake: Document in and add extra strict compiler flags (Jerry Jacobs)
  • CMake: First stab at a cmake build (Josh Bialkowski)
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