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Getting Started

To get started, clone down the project repo.

If you don't already have Ruby installed, you'll need to install it. This project uses Ruby 2.1.4.

You'll need the Ruby gem bundler. If you need to install the bundler, run:

gem install bundler

Install the necessary gems from the Gemfile by running:

bundle install

You might find it helpful to use rbenv to manage your Ruby environment.

If you're working in an Ubuntu (Trusty) environment, the following is a list of prerequisites for the project:

  • ruby2.1
  • ruby2.1-dev
  • nodejs
  • rubygems
  • make
  • gcc
  • g++
  • build-essential
  • zlib1g-dev
  • libxml2-dev
  • libxslt1-dev

Initial setup

You'll need to configure your authentication with Google docs for the middleman-google_drive gem. See the Setup section in the README for the gem here.

You'll also need to set the GOOGLE_DRIVE_KEY environment variable to load data from Google docs. Check in the wiki here for this key to set it in your environment.


Middleman is configured to live reload as changes are made to files. To start up the Middleman server, run:

bundle exec middleman

To build the site, run:

bundle exec middleman build

When Middleman builds, it creates a static file for each file located in the source folder. The build process is configured in config.rb.


To deploy, the project uses the middleman-s3_sync gem to push and compile the site to s3 after building.

By default, in config.rb, config.after_build is set to false. Set this to true. Check that your AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_ACCESS_SECRET environment variables are set, and then run:

bundle exec middleman build

In your terminal, you should see s3_sync applying any updates to files for the project. You can also check the project s3 bucket to ensure that all files have been synced there. Change config.after_build back to its default of false after deploying.