ArduUtilityLibrary is a small library for Arduino based programs
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ArduUtilityLibrary (AUL) is a library to assist the development of Arduino based programs.

Not one electronic project I have created would have been possible without Arduino or the great open source libraries that are available for it. This library is my attempt to give something back to the Arduino community with the hope it is useful to others. I <3 Arduino.


The following classes or functions are included with ArduUtilityLibrary:

Each file contains a section "References" that links to other implementations or important information about the topic. If you think my solution is bad, these links might be a good starting point to find what you are searching for.


Extract the folder ArduUtilityLibrary to the folder \libraries of your Arduino IDE. A full explanation can be found here:

Other libraries

Included and contributed libraries for Arduino:

Official Arduino Forum for Other Software Development, often includes library announcments,23.0.html

Teensyduino libraries

Wiring project libraries (Maintained by Alexander Brevia)

Libraries by Mikal Hart

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2012-2017 Michael Hex (@texhex). Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For details, please see LICENSE.txt.