Minimum source repository to build Japanese TeX processing tools
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This bundle provides a minimum subset of TeX Live subversion repository for building binaries of Japanese TeX processing tools. This bundle also provides the latest "upstream" sources for followings: ptexenc, ptex, eptex, makejvf, mendex. Other tools and libraries (kpathsea, dvips, dvipdfmx etc.) are prepared only for easy building/testing of an experimental environment for developers; we do not intend to provide the "upstream" sources.


The bundle is maintained on GitHub:

If you have issues, please let us know from the above page.


The bundle includes sources of: ptex, eptex, uptex, euptex, dvips, dvipdfmx, dvi2tty, makejvf, mendex, upmendex, pbibtex, upbibtex, pmpost, upmpost, seetex (dvibook, dviconcat, dviselect, dvitodvi), dvidvi, related tools and related libraries (kpathsea, ptexenc).

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