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(Python Rewritten Digital Image Correlation)

Digital Image Correlation in Python 3. Using spline interpolation and Newton-Raphson convergence. All contributors give full credit to Dr Ghulam Mubashar Hassan for providing the original matlab code on which this program is based.


To setup & install dependencies we will create a virtual environment and install from requirements.txt.

First run python3 -m venv venv to create a virtual environment, then python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt to install the necessary packages into the virtual environment.

Using in a program

From the predic package, import the class DIC_NR.

In code you create it, then supply it with the parameters in set_parameters to calculate deformation from.

These parameters are the reference image, deformed image, subset size, and initial guess.

After that, the method calculate will return the results as a numpy array.

For example:

import predic as dm

dic = dm.DIC_NR()
dic.set_parameters("ref_image.bmp", "def_image.bmp", 11, [0, 0])
results = dic.calculate()


Using from the command line

A helpful script is included in the root directory of this repo named

To run it with default settings, mark it as executable and then use ./ ref_image.bmp def_image.bmp.

For an explanation of all the parameters run ./ -h.


Run python test to run the full test suite.

For testing a specific file you can use python test Test_C_First_Order or python test Test_DIC_NR.