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∗ Many bug fixes (1.99.10).
∗ Redesigned web site (1.99.10).
∗ Extended Css stylability when exporting to Html (1.99.10).
∗ New TeXmacs videos on web site (1.99.10).
∗ Drag and drop for images (1.99.10).
∗ Unification of beamer and poster styles, work in progress (1.99.10).
∗ Automatic retrieval of artwork from (1.99.10).
∗ New background patterns and pictures (1.99.10).
∗ Experimental pattern effects (1.99.10).
∗ Experimental Sparkle support under MacOS (1.99.10).
∗ Experimental and partial support for Git as a versioning tool (1.99.10).
∗ Experimantal Graph plug-in for graphs drawn by various external tools (1.99.10).
∗ User interface for new features in educational styles (1.99.10).


Download the latest version via the Download tab of:


@sadhen made another installer for Windows with 86ed268 and b24abc0:

  1. Fix tm_graph.bat for Windows
  2. Windows support for Gnuplot

Download it via

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