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Wagtail CMS quickstart for deployment on PythonAnywhere
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Wagtail CMS quickstart for deployment on PythonAnywhere



Technical requirements

This quickstart uses Wagtail 2.3 LTS and Django 1.11 LTS on Python 3.6, so that you can get along without updates for as long as possible. You may change this requirements to your needs. For all supported combinations of Wagtail, Django and Python please refer to the Wagtail documentation.

Set up the python application

  • Open a bash console on PythonAnywhere

  • Create a virtualenv

    mkvirtualenv wagtail-pythonanywhere-quickstart-py36 --python=/usr/bin/python3.6

  • Clone the repository

    git clone

  • Change into the project directory

    cd wagtail-pythonanywhere-quickstart

  • Install the python packages

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Prepare a local configuration file

    • Create a new file called under mysite/settings
    • Define at least the SECRET_KEY and ALLOWED_HOSTS settings
    • Typically you may want to define DATABASES and point MEDIA_ROOT as well as STATIC_ROOT to a persistent directory
  • Initialize the database

    python migrate

  • Create a superuser account

    python createsuperuser

  • Collect static files

    python collectstatic

Set up the web server

  • Open the PythonAnywhere "Web" tab
  • Select Add a new web app
  • Choose Manual configuration (including virtualenvs)
  • Choose Python 3.6

After your web app is created:

  • Set the source code location to your projects home
  • Change the WSGI configuration file
  • Set the virtualenv path to the environment created above
  • Set static and media urls and location
  • Restart your application

Code and contribution

The code is open source and released under the ISC License (ISCL). It is available on GitHub and follows the guidelines about Semantic Versioning for transparency within the release cycle and backward compatibility whenever possible.

All contributions are welcome, whether bug reports, code contributions and reviews, documentation or feature requests.

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