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React Input Mask

Getting started

First, install it.

npm i react-text-mask --save

Then, require it and use it.

import React from 'react'
import MaskedInput from 'react-text-mask'

export default () => (
      mask={['(', /[1-9]/, /\d/, /\d/, ')', ' ', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, '-', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, /\d/]}

<MaskedInput/> is fully compatible with <input/> element. So, you can pass it CSS classes, a placeholder attribute, or even an onBlur handler.

For example, the following works:

  mask={['(', /[1-9]/, /\d/, /\d/, ')', ' ', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, '-', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, /\d/]}
  placeholder="Enter a phone number"
  onBlur={() => {}}
  onChange={() => {}}


For more information about the props that you can pass to the component, see the documentation here.


To see an example of the code running, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repo, git clone
  2. cd text-mask
  3. npm install
  4. npm run react:dev
  5. Open http://localhost:3000

The code of the example is in react/example.

Customize Rendered <input> Component

For advanced uses, you can customize the rendering of the resultant <input> via a render prop. This is entirely optional, if no render prop is passed, a normal <input> is rendered.

For example, to use with styled-components, which requires an innerRef:

  mask={['(', /[1-9]/, /\d/, /\d/, ')', ' ', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, '-', /\d/, /\d/, /\d/, /\d/]}
  placeholder="Enter a phone number"
  render={(ref, props) => (
    <MyStyledInput innerRef={ref} {...props} />

const MyStyledInput = styled.input`
  background: papayawhip;


We would love some contributions! Check out this document to get started.

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