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TextUML Toolkit

Note: This documentation is meant to be viewed in HTML (via this URL). Relative links below will work via the HTML version, but not via the Markdown viewer.

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TextUML Toolkit is an open-source IDE for UML that lets you create models at the same speed you write code. By adopting a textual notation, the TextUML Toolkit provides benefits you will not get elsewhere:

  • increased modeling productivity
  • compatible with any tools that support Eclipse UML2 models
  • the features you like in your favorite IDE: instant validation, syntax highlighting, outline view, textual comparison
  • live graphical visualization of your model as class diagrams

The TextUML Toolkit can be used both as a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE, and as a part of a multi-tenant server-side application - as seen in Cloudfier.

Using the Toolkit

  • Instructions for installing the TextUML Toolkit. Note you can also use TextUML in Cloudfier, an online IDE and deployment platform for TextUML-based applications.

  • TextUML Tutorial

    • a step-by-step tutorial showing how to create a model with inheritance, attributes, operations and associations
  • TextUML Structural Notation

    • a reference guide to the TextUML notation for structural modeling.
  • TextUML Behavioral Notation

    • a reference guide to the TextUML notation for behavioral modeling (a.k.a. action language).
  • TextUML Toolkit features

    • a summary of the features in the TextUML Toolkit, grouped by release.
  • Repository Properties

    • customization properties that change the way the compiler works (to enable built-in types, aliases etc).
  • FAQ

    • frequently asked questions about TextUML and the Toolkit
  • UML 101 with TextUML

    • a series of articles explaining UML concepts using the TextUML notation: multiplicity, profiles and stereotypes and templates.
  • Contributing

    • everything you need to know to contribute as a developer or tester.

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