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100644 8 lines (8 sloc) 60 Bytes
7a9c3a9 @tenderlove initial commit
tenderlove authored
1 .*.swp
2 *.tmproj
3 tags
d2ebd2e @tenderlove adding rake tasks
tenderlove authored
4 pkg
80c689b @ecin Add *~ to gitignore for VIM <3s.
ecin authored
5 *~
9cef63e @ecin Add Rubinius compiled files to .gitignore
ecin authored
6 *.rbc
339381c @benhamill Add Gemfile.lock to .gitignore.
benhamill authored
7 Gemfile.lock
d233e7c @gregmolnar remove and ignore ruby-version
gregmolnar authored
8 .ruby-version
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