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Squiffy Editor

This repository contains the code for the Squiffy Editor, which is packaged as both a website and a downloadable desktop application for Windows, OS X and Linux.

The website version can be found at

The Squiffy Compiler is in a separate repository.

To build the desktop version:

  • install Node
  • install Bower: npm install bower -g
  • install Gulp: npm install gulp-cli -g
  • clone this repository
  • run npm install to get the Node packages
  • run bower install to get the Bower packages

You can now run the Squiffy Editor using npm start. (You can also run it in a web browser using npm run-script web and going to http://localhost:8282)

To package the desktop app, a script is provided for each platform:

  • gulp osx creates Squiffy-darwin-x64\
  • gulp linux creates Squiffy-linux-x64\Squiffy
  • gulp windows creates Squiffy-win32-ia32\Squiffy.exe