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Hello, I'm Jonathan Sharpe. I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with Pivotal Labs in London, UK.


Until I have up and running, I've put any ideas that don't belong to an existing project repository into the issues for this repo. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about or collaborate on any of these.


Below are a few selected highlights from my various repositories.

This site aims to make it easy to organise your open source and other projects, figuring out what other people would find most useful.



aSlack is an asynchronous Python library for integrating with Slack's API. It comes with an example, Halliwell, showing how you can use it to quickly write a bot capable of responding to Slack messages and integrating with external services.



Also used by Halliwell, this provides a basic, asynchronous Python API wrapper for TMDb.


Flash, along with its associated services, is a configurable project dashboard, built in Python using Flask, designed for showing up-to-date information across a range of related project services (e.g. issue trackers, version control systems and CI pipelines).



Integrates Pivotal Tracker neatly into Atom, allowing the user to create, start and finish stories without leaving their editor. Per the convention for Atom plugins, it's written in CoffeeScript.

Creating a story

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