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1.56c (01/01/2017)
<li>Child windows will be centered by default.</li>
<li>Custom per-widget style sheets on Dooble and Settings via context menus. Some widgets are ignored.</li>
<li>Do not resize the main window if the status bar's label is resized as a result of lengthy status text.</li>
<li>Fancy splash screen.</li>
<li>Initialize Blocked Hosts window icon.</li>
<li>Issue activateWindow() before issuing raise() as some desktop environments ignore raise().</li>
<li>New Tools menu, per warp9pnt9. The menu is a copy of the Windows menu.</li>
<li>Per warp9pnt9, allow access to the Settings window via the initial passphrase reminder prompt.</li>
<li>Purge cipher handle's contents in dcrypt::setCipherPassphrase() upon a failure.</li>
<li>Register special types with Qt.</li>
<li>Remind the user if the selected iteration count exceeds the default value during passphrase preparation.</li>
<li>Replaced dmisc::centerChildWithParent() with QDialog::adjustPosition().</li>
<li>Report gcrypt key-generation failures.</li>
<li>SHA-3 availability. libgcrypt 1.7.0, or newer, is required.</li>
<li>Upgraded OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2j on OS X and Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded SQLite to version 3.15.2 on OS X and Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.7.5 on OS X; Homebrew.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgpg-error to version 1.2.6 on OS X; Homebrew.</li>
<li>libspoton at version 0.1.6.</li>
<li>removeFirst() over takeFirst() if the item is not required.</li>
1.56b (09/05/2016)
<li>Allow overriding of error code 299. Please see Settings:WebKit.</li>
<li>EXISTS() instead of COUNT(), if beneficial.</li>
<li>Highlight links whose text contents do not match their URLs. The status bar must be visible.</li>
<li>Removed static variables.</li>
<li>Upgraded SQLite libraries to version 3.14.1 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.7.3 on OS X.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt products to version 1.6.6 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgpg-error to version 1.24 on OS X.</li>
1.56a (07/04/2016)
<li>Added a protocol widget to Allowed SSL Ciphers.</li>
<li>Allow use of all available ciphers.</li>
<li>Consider SSLv3 when populating Allowed SSL Ciphers.</li>
<li>Corrected tab order of Display Priority widget; Settings window.</li>
<li>Do not use QWebPage::triggerPageAction(QWebPage::Copy) as this requires JavaScript. Instead, use QWebPage::selectedText().</li>
<li>Do not assign parents to dialogs if the parents may vanish.</li>
<li>OS X project files used incorrect optimization level O3 instead of Os.</li>
<li>Qt 5.5 documentation recommends the use of QSslConfiguration::setCiphers() instead of QSslSocket::setDefaultCiphers(). Modified for Qt 5.x and newer.</li>
<li>Simplified the Allowed SSL Ciphers implementation, including corrections.</li>
<li>The database allowedsslciphers.db should have the (name, pair) tuple as the primary key. The database will be removed.</li>
<li>Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.0.2h on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded SQLite to version 3.13.0 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.7.1 on OS X.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgpg-error to version 1.23 on OS X.</li>
1.56 (05/01/2016)
<li>Added GOST support, if available.</li>
<li>Added HTTP error codes 203, 204. Please see WebKit within Settings.</li>
<li>Allow access to the SSL Errors Exceptions panel via dooble://open-ssl-errors-exceptions.</li>
<li>Allow disabling of automatic recording of file suffixes. Please see Settings.</li>
<li>Allow the user to restore Dooble after a tardy authentication.</li>
<li>Always display the Location Tool Bar whenever the main menus are hidden.</li>
<li>Authenticate via a status bar button.</li>
<li>Avoid reloading the most current history item after a restoration as this generates an additional history entry.</li>
<li>Bit-by-bit comparisons; please see dmisc::compareByteArrays().</li>
<li>Clear the HTTP Referrer Exceptions container if required.</li>
<li>Corrected ARM Qt 4.x project file.</li>
<li>Corrected Date Modified file system values.</li>
<li>Corrected Default font application.</li>
<li>Corrected FTP size-column sorting.</li>
<li>Corrected dooble::promptForPassphrase(). The method should not reset the current credentials.</li>
<li>Corrected resolution of relative URLs during redirection.</li>
<li>Corrected total sizes of exceptions as reported in Settings.</li>
<li>Deleted Include.win32/gcrypt.h and Include.win32/gpg-error.h.</li>
<li>Disable DNS pre-fetch.</li>
<li>Disabled JIT ( Optional, please see Settings.</li>
<li>Disabled Web plugins for new installations.</li>
<li>Do not assume that an integer has a specific width (</li>
<li>Enable Spot-On widgets if DOOBLE_LINKED_WITH_LIBSPOTON is defined.</li>
<li>Enforce limits on numeric INI values according to their widget representations.</li>
<li>Gridify. Please see the View menu.</li>
<li>Introduced the INI variable network_reply_object_timed_delete_interval_ms. If set to a positive integer, QNetworkReply objects will be destroyed within the specified milliseconds.</li>
<li>Minimum iteration count set to 10000. Default set to 25000.</li>
<li>Modes of operation: CBC-CTS, CTR.</li>
<li>Modified the OS X project files in support of OS X 10.6.8.</li>
<li>New Applications context menu item in Settings.</li>
<li>New Blocked Hosts window. Please see Windows.</li>
<li>New Qt 5.x ARM project file.</li>
<li>New default.html page. Removed previous pages.</li>
<li>Partial wildcard support for blocked hosts.</li>
<li>Please remove shared.db, if such a file exists in the user's Dooble directory.</li>
<li>Remove the files httponlyexceptions.db and preferences.db during a reset of Dooble.</li>
<li>Removed Google and OS X-specific logic from agent strings.</li>
<li>Removed keywords gathering from page descriptions. This changes a previous release's behavior.</li>
<li>Removed modifier-key URL transformations.</li>
<li>Removed most numeric conversions/promotions. Reviewed Wconversion and Wsign-conversion warnings.</li>
<li>Salt length maximum set to 8192 bytes.</li>
<li>Secure database deletes.</li>
<li>Smooth processing of large directories.</li>
<li>The dooble-blocked-hosts.txt file will now reside in the user's home directory.</li>
<li>The method dmisc::iconForUrl() must consider variations of the URL parameter with respect to trailing slashes.</li>
<li>The plugins architecture has been deprecated.</li>
<li>Upgraded OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2g on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded SQLite libraries to version 3.12.2 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.7.0 on OS X.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.6.5 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libspoton to version 0.1.5.</li>
<li>User agent strings exceptions. Exceptions not included.</li>
<li>Verify modified URLs in the Bookmarks window.</li>
<li>Wrap lines on page source; default of true.</li>
1.55 (11/05/2015)
<li>Allow suspending of a page load via a tab's context menu.</li>
<li>Avoid accepting secure cookies from HTTP sites.</li>
<li>Avoid serving secure cookies over HTTP.</li>
<li>Enable cross-site-scripting auditing. New installations only.</li>
<li>New per-tab progress bars.</li>
<li>Upgraded Qt to version 5.5.1 on OS X and Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded SQLite products to version 3.9.1 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.6.4 on Windows.</li>
1.54 (09/18/2015)
<li>Allow hiding of the search widget. Please see the View menu.</li>
<li>Configurable tab bar position.</li>
<li>Deleting the QNetworkReply object in dnetworkaccessmanager::slotFinished() continues to cause sporadic termination. Removed deleteLater().</li>
<li>Increased maximum discarded tabs and favorite links from 15 to 30.</li>
<li>Limit results of qgetenv().</li>
<li>Per Mrs. Fennel, private tabs. Please see the File menu.</li>
<li>Thread scheduling may not be available.</li>
<li>Upgraded Qt products to version 5.5 on OS X and Windows.</li>
1.53 (07/04/2015)
<li>Added Stribog-512.</li>
<li>Allow for automatic cancellation of stagnant JavaScript scripts.</li>
<li>Allow non-authenticated sessions to share plaintext information with Spot-On.</li>
<li>Allow removal of Spot-On shared links. Please see Clear Containers and the Edit menu.</li>
<li>Also retrieve keywords as part of a page's description.</li>
<li>Corrected QSsl enumeration usage for Qt 4.7.x. Thanks to Elbert for reporting.</li>
<li>Corrected Qt macro usage.</li>
<li>Corrected SSL widget states in the Settings panel.</li>
<li>Corrected Spot-On button state in the URL location widget.</li>
<li>Corrected retrieval of default iteration count.</li>
<li>Log libspoton errors.</li>
<li>Modified the favicon's context menu so that the available option references the site's host instead of the domain.</li>
<li>Per Mattias Andree, added support for the Gopher protocol. Lots of changes provided by Mattias. File downloads are supported. Pausing downloads is not supported.</li>
<li>Properly center exceptions windows that are activated from Settings.</li>
<li>Removed non-native full-screen support.</li>
<li>Removed translated log entries.</li>
<li>Set the SSL protocol for QNetworkRequest objects. Removed setting of the protocol in Allowed SSL Ciphers.</li>
<li>Set the location widget's text after a successful page load or an update of the URL if and only if the user has not modified the location widget's text.</li>
<li>The method dwebpage::slotFinished() must inspect the reply's "dooble-favicon" property as the method may be reached after a download of a favicon.</li>
<li>Updated Czech translation. Thanks to Pavel Fric.</li>
<li>Updated SQLite to version, Windows.</li>
<li>Updated libspoton to 0.1.2.</li>
<li>Upgraded OpenSSL products to version 1.0.2c on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded Qt products to version 5.4.2 on OS X and Windows.</li>
1.52 (04/01/2015)
<li>Ability to disable the main window's menu bar.</li>
<li>Added the search engine</li>
<li>Adjusted full-screen support.</li>
<li>Allow hiding of the Desktop and Home buttons.</li>
<li>Corrected dooble::saveSettings() with respect to the full screen mode.</li>
<li>Display the JavaScript alert in dwebpage::javaScriptAlert() via QMessageBox::exec() instead of show().</li>
<li>Ignore QX11EmbedContainer if Q_WS_X11 is not defined.</li>
<li>Issue std::nothrow in gcry_qmutex_init().
<li>Remind the user if the SQLite database driver is missing.</li>
<li>Removed hiding of the location tool bar.</li>
<li>The Dogpile search engine supports SSL/TLS.</li>
<li>The default SSL configuration's protocol must be set according to the available cipher protocols (SSLv3, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2). Please see</li>
<li>Upgraded OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2a.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgcrypt to version 1.6.3 on Windows.</li>
<li>Upgraded libgpg-error to version 1.13 on Windows.</li>
1.51 (03/01/2015)
<li>Added a Spot-On button to the location widget.</li>
<li>Allow configuration of the main thread's priority.</li>
<li>Avoid real-time storing of splitter states.</li>
<li>Corrected month translations in the History window.</li>
<li>Removed support for ancient versions of GCC.</li>
<li>Silent third-party blocking.</li>
<li>Simplified third-party blocking. Please use dooble-blocked-hosts.txt.</li>
<li>Upgraded Qt to version 5.4.1.</li>
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