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<h1>ReportingCloud PHP SDK</h1>
<p>The ReportingCloud PHP SDK makes it easy to interact with ReportingCloud from your PHP web application.</p>
<h2>Minimum Requirements</h2>
<p>The ReportingCloud PHP SDK requires PHP 7.4 or PHP 8.0. All versions of PHPs prior to 7.3 have reached end-of-life and consequently, no further security updates will be released for them. If your application is running in an older environment, it is highly advisable to update to a more current version of PHP.</p>
<p>Install the ReportingCloud PHP SDK in your project using <a target="_blank" href="">Composer</a>:</p>
<p class="nuget">composer require textcontrol/txtextcontrol-reportingcloud:^3.0</p>
<p>After installing, you need to include Composer's autoloader:</p>
<p class="nuget">include_once 'vendor/autoload.php';</p>
<p>You are now ready to use the SDK.</p>
<h2>Open Source Project</h2>
<p>The ReportingCloud PHP SDK is open source and hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork and contribute. You can find the repository here:</p>
<p><a target="_blank" href="">txtextcontrol-reportingcloud</a></p>
<h2>API Documentation</h2>
<p>The ReportingCloud PHP SDK API Documentation can be found here:</p>
<p><a target="_blank" href="">ReportingCloud PHP SDK API Documentation</a></p>
<h2>Getting Started</h2>
<p>The ReportingCloud PHP SDK ships with a number of sample applications (see directory <code>/demo</code>) and phpunit tests (see directory <code>/test</code>). These console scripts, which are well commented, have been written to demonstrate all parts of ReportingCloud. As a starting point, we recommend that you read the code in the directory <code>/demo</code>.</p>
<h2>Getting Support</h2>
<p>Please refer to the <a href="../introduction/support">Getting Support</a> section in the introduction part of the documentation.</p>