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#Huloets dictionarie newelye corrected, amended, set in order and enlarged, vvith many names of men, tovvnes, beastes, foules, fishes, trees, shrubbes, herbes, fruites, places, instrumentes &c. And in eche place fit phrases, gathered out of the best Latin authors. Also the Frenche therevnto annexed, by vvhich you may finde the Latin or Frenche, of anye English woorde you will. By Iohn Higgins late student in Oxeforde. Abcedarium Anglico Latinum#

##Huloet, Richard.## Huloets dictionarie newelye corrected, amended, set in order and enlarged, vvith many names of men, tovvnes, beastes, foules, fishes, trees, shrubbes, herbes, fruites, places, instrumentes &c. And in eche place fit phrases, gathered out of the best Latin authors. Also the Frenche therevnto annexed, by vvhich you may finde the Latin or Frenche, of anye English woorde you will. By Iohn Higgins late student in Oxeforde. Abcedarium Anglico Latinum Huloet, Richard.

##General Summary##


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This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Major revisions

  1. 2005-11 TCP Assigned for keying and markup
  2. 2006-05 SPi Global Keyed and coded from ProQuest page images
  3. 2006-06 Mona Logarbo Sampled and proofread
  4. 2006-06 Mona Logarbo Text and markup reviewed and edited
  5. 2006-09 pfs Batch review (QC) and XML conversion

##Content Summary##

#####Front##### COLVMNA GLORIAE VIRTVSblazon or coat of arms

  1. CLARISSIMO ƲIRO, AC BONARVM LITERARVM SVMMO PATROno Domino ſuo, Domino Georgio Peckham equiti aurato, Ioannis Higgini, de huius operis dedicatione EPISTOLA.

  2. To the Reader.

  3. carmen ENCOMIASTICON.

  4. carmen in laudem Higgini operis.

  5. Carmina,

  6. Carmen Sapphicum Thomas ChurchyardeGIue learninge laude, that burnes like lampe, in dimme and darkeſt ſoyles,Which pr #####Body##### A. ANTE A.A The firſt of all the letters, and hathe in oure Engliſhe tongue ſmall ſignification, becA. ANTE A.A The firſt of all the letters, and hathe in oure Engliſhe tongue ſmall ſignification, becA. ANTE B.ABach, the name of a Citie in Bauaria, Ciuitas Bauariae, La Bourgeoſie de Bauiere.Abacuck,A. ANTE. C.ACan, a name in the Bible, ſignifieng tribulation. Tribulatio, onis. Troublement.AcanthiuA. ANTE. D.ADage, a quicke anſwere or prety prouerbe. Adagium, adagij, adagio, adagionis. ProuerbiumA. ANTE. H.AH, an interiection, or ſodaine voyce vttered, whereby ſome haſty motion is ſignified. asA. ANTE. I.AIax, was the name of twoo of the moſte worthy warriours emongeſt the Gretians, of whicheA. ANTE. K.AKe, or greue. Doleo, es, ui, êre. Auoir douleur. ¶My head aketh. Dolet mihi caput. La teA. ANTE. L.ALaba, a citie of Spayne. Ciuitas Hiſpaniae. But as an other ſaythe, it is a citie of FraA. ANTE. M.AMabilitie or loue. Amabilitas, tatis, f. g. Amour, Amiableté.Amadoca, a citie of SarmatiA. ANTE. N.ANa, a ryuer in Spayne, that diuideth Granato from Portugale. Fluuius Hiſpaniae.AnabaptiſA. ANTE. P.APayre, to diminiſhe, make leſſe, thinner, ſlēderer, weaker or worſe. Attenuo, as, are. A. ANTE. Q.AQuila, ae. maſ. gen. The name of hym that tranſlated the Byble the ſeconde tyme out of tA. ANTE R.ARabia is a great part of Aſia, betwene Iudea and Egypte: and it is deuided into three parA. ANTE. S.AS. Ac, Ceu, ⸫ Ita, Vt, Atque, Quam, Quātum, Quaſi, Sicut, Sicuti, Tam, Tanquam, Velut, A. ANTE. T.AT. Penes, Per, vt per noctem, Propter, Sub, vt, Sub aduentum, vel ſub aduentu.At any tymA. ANTE. V.AVayle, or ſubmitte. Subſido, is. S'aualler.Auarice. Auaricia, Philargyria. Auarice.¶To bA. ANTE. X.AXe, that carpenters hewe tymber with. Securis, ris. f. g. Vne coignee.Axe helue or handeA. ANTE. Y.Looke in A. ante I. for in our Englyſhe tongue ther is ſmall diuerſtrie betwene theſe twoA. ANTE. Z.AZarias, a name in the Byble, and it ſignifieth Auxilium domini, the helpe of the Lorde, B. ANTE. A.B A letter among the mutes, boroweth his ſounde of the letter E. The Greecians doe call BB. ANTE E.BE. Sum, es, fui. Eraſ. dat Eſte pro eſtote. Be you. Sum, I am. Ie ſuis. Es, Thou arte. TuB. ANTE I.BY. E, Prepo. Penes, Per, Par. Pro, vt pro meo Iure. Sub, vt ſub lucem. ¶Per, Ioyned in coB. ANTE. O.BOcher. Carnarius, Carnifex, Lanio, onis. Lanius, ij. Laniſta, ae. Vn boucher. Et LanioniB. ANTE. R.BRabande. Brabantia, tiae. f. g. And the people be called Ambiuariti, Brabātini, Tongri.B. ANTE. V.BVble or to ryſe vp in little belles, and make a noyſe as water doth when it ſetheth. BulC. ANTE. A.C, The thirde of the letters, a conſonant, and hath the midle ſoūd in pronunciation betwC. ANTE. E.CEaſe, or leaue. Ceſſo, as. Conquieſco, ſcis. Defino, is. Pono, is. Quieſco, ſcis. RemittC. ANTE. H.CHafe one, or to make one angry. Bilem alicui mouere, vel commouere, Exacerbare, ObacerbaC. ANTE. I.CIcero, the name of a noble man, which was Conſull of Rome with Caius Antonius, whoſe deuC. ANTE. L.CLacke, clapper, or ratell that children vſe to playe withall. Crotalum, Crepitaculū. ClC. ANTE. O.COaſtes, lymetes, borders or the frōtiers of countries. Limites, Orae, Fines, Confinia, C. ANTE. R.CRabbe fyſhe. Cancer, Carcinus, ni. m. gen. Cancres. H. And it is alſo a ſygne celeſtiallC. ANTE. V.CVbbe or yonge Foxe. Vulpecula. foem. gen. Regnardeau. S.Cubyte. Vlna, ae. Cubitus, ti. mD. ANTE. A.D, Is a letter called in Greke Delta, there ſignifying the numbre of foure, which in LatiD. ANTE. E.DEacon or Miniſter. Diaconus, Miniſter. Diacre.Dead. Caſſus lumine, Defunctus, Exanimus, D. ANTE. I.DIademe or cappe, whereupon the kynge weareth his crowne. Diadema, tis. n. gen. Diademe. D. ANTE. O.DOblet. Diplois, dis. f. ge. Thorax, is. maſ. ge. Pourpoinct.Docilitie. Docilitas, tatis.D. ANTE. R.DRradde, dreadfull, or to be feared. Terribilis, le. Vide Dreadfull.Dradde, or feared to D. ANTE. V.DWale, an herbe hauing a red berry within a bladder like a chery. Alkakengi, Halicacabus,E. AMTE. A.EAle, a fiſhe. Anguilla, ae. foem. gen. Anguille. S. In the great ryuer of Ganges, are eaE. ANTE. B.EBbing of the Sea. Fluctrum, Fluxus. * Refluxus vel Receſſus maris, Reciprocatio maris, RE. ANTE. C.ECho, a ſounde or reſonation of a voyce. Iocoſa imago. Horat. Echo, us. foe. ge. Echo. CaE. ANTE. D.EDenburth caſtell, or the caſtell of maydens, which is the chiefeſt fortreſſe in ScotlandE. ANTE. E.Eele. Anguilla, a•. foe. ge. Anguille. H.E. ANTE. F.EFfecte. Effectus, tus. m. g. & Effectum, ti. n. ge. Efficientia, Vis, uis. f. ge. EffectE. ANTE. G.EGale. Aequalis, le. Om. gener. Egual. S. Vide Equale.Egerneſſe. Acritudo, inis. foe. genE. ANTE. I.EYe. Oculus, li. m. g. L'oeil. Cal. Et Ocellus. Diminut. Ang. A little eye. Oeillet, petiE. ANTE. L.ELbowe. Cubitus, ti. m. g. Cubitum, ti. neu. ge. Ancon, onis. maſ. gener. Le coude, ou coE. ANTE. M.EMbaſſadour. Apoſtolus, li, m. g. Legatus, ti. m. gen. Orator, oris. m. g. Embaſſadeur. SE. ANTE. N.ENamell, vernyſhe, or any other ſuche thinge wrought with fyre. Encauſtum, ti. neut. gen.E. ANTE. P.EPigrāme, or ſuperſcription. Epigramma, tis. Epigram matum, ti. neut. g. Epigramme ou vnE. ANTE. Q.EQual. Aequabilis, Aequalis, Coaequalis, Cōpar, ris. Iuſtus. Par, ris. Parilis, le. EguaE. ANTE. R.ERect or ſet vp. Erigo, is. Eriger. S.Erected. Erectus, ta, tum. Eſleué. S.Erle. Comes, tE. ANTE. S.EScape. Effugio, is. Euado, is. Euolo, as. Exeo, is. Fugio, is. Elabor, eris. Subterduco,E. ANTE. T.ETernall. Aeternus, a, um. Perennis, e. Perpetuus, a, um. Sempiternus, a, um. Eternel. S.E. ANTE. V.EVa, the name of the firſte woman that euer was, created by God in paradiſe, (a place repE. AMTE. X.EXacte, or to demaunde a thyng. Exigere, Exprimere, Exculpere, Extundere. Exiger, ou demaF. ANTE. A.F, A letter by Priſcian nombred amonge the mutes, of others among the halfe vowelles, becF. ANTE. E.FEable. Effoetus, a, um. Imbecillis, e. Infirmus, a, um. Tenuis, e. Debilis, le. ImpotensF. ANTE. I.FYe. Vah, Phy. Aucto. Eraſm. in exorciſmo, ſiue ſpectro. Fy. Palſ.Fye, it will not be thiF. ANTE. L.FLable, or fanne. Flabellum, li. Eſuentoir. S.Flagging, or hanging downewarde. Flaccidus,F. ANTE. O.FOe. Hoſtis, is. Inimicꝰ, Iniquus, Saeuus. Ennemi.¶You are to muche our foe, or ennemy. AF. ANTE. R.FRagment gatherer. Analectes, ae. m. g. Qui recuelit les miettes & autres reliques.FragmeF. ANTE. V.FVgitiue. Fugitiuus, a, um. Fugitif. S.Fulfil. Impleo, es, eui. Adimplere, Complere, OpplG. ANTE. A.G, A letter in the nomber of the mutes, which often in the preterfect tēce of verbes is G. ANTE. E.GEane, a citie in Italy. Genua. ae. f. g.Gelde. Caſtro, as. Emaſculo, as. Euiro, as. ChaſG. ANTE. H.GHoſte, or the ſpirite. Spiritus, tus. ma•. gen. L' eſprit. S.¶To geue vp the ghoſte, andG. ANTE. I.GIaunt. Gigas, ntis. m. g. Geant. S.¶Of a gyaunt. Giganteus, ea, eū. De〈◊〉.Giantes are ſG. ANTE. L.GLad. Feſtus, a, um. Iucundus, a, um. Laetus, a, um. Laetabilis, le. Hilaris, re. Ioyeux.G. ANTE. N.GNaſhe, or grinde with the teathe for anger or payne. Frendeo, es, di, vel dui. InfrendeoG. ANTE. O.GOate. Capra, ae. foe. ge. Cheure. S.Goate, whiche is the hee, or bucke goate. Caper, priG. ANTE. R.GRace and delectablenes that one hathe in geſture and ſpeache. Lepor, oris. Lepos, ris. VG. ANTE. V.GVeſte, or one that is bidden to a banquet. Epulo, onis. Conuiua, ae. com. ge. Qui eſt coH. ANTE. A.H, An aſperation, or note of aſperation, compoſed of the twoo Greeke aſpirations, whiche H. ANTE. E.HE. Ille, Ipſe. Celuy. S.He him ſelfe. Ipſe ille, Ille ipſe. Ceſtuy. S. vt Ille ipſe diuiH. ANTE. I.HIdden to be. Abdor, eris, vel ere, paſſiuum. Eſtré caché. S· Et Latêre, In tenebris iacêH. ANTE. O.HO, ho, a voice of wondring or diſdayning. Hui. vt Terent. Hui, Tam cito? Hoe, ſoe quicklH. ANTE. V.HUcklebone, thigh, or hippe.. Iſchia, ae. f. ge. Coxendix, cis. f. g. La cuiſſe.Huge, greI. ANTE. A.I, A letter whiche is as well a cōſonant as a vowell. And being a woorde, is in EngliſheI. ANTE. D.IDes whiche are in euerye moneth iuſte eighte, and not encreaſing, or wantinge, as the CaI. ANTE. E.IEate ſtone. Gagates, tis. m. ge. Agathe. H.Iegot, or pudding made with egges and fleſhe,I. ANTE. F.IF. Si. Si. S. A coniunction taken in dyuers maners. Scil. Adprobatiue, Caſualiter, CauſaI. ANTE. G.IGnominie, infamie or reproche. Ignominia, ae. f. gen. Ignominie.Ignominious. IgnominioſuI. ANTE. L.ILcheſter, a towne in Somerſet ſhyre. Iſchalis.Ill. Malum, li. neut. g. Mal. S. And for tI. ANTE. M.IMage. Effigies, Imago, Simulachrum, Statua, Sculptile ſignum, Icon. Image. H.Image, or pI. ANTE. N.IN. In. En. S. vt, In hoc, In this. En ce. S. Penes: vt Non penes me eſt. It lieth not inI. ANTE. O.IOcunde. Glaphirus, a, ū. Iucundus, a, um. Gay. S. Vt Iucunda accidunt. Cic. Iocunde andI. ANTE. R.IRehin, or an hedgehogge. Herinaceus. Echinus, ni. Heriſſon. S.Ire, or wrathe. Ira, rae. I. ANTE. S.IS, or it is. Eſt. Il eſt. S.Iſe. Glacies, iei. f. g. Glace. S. Vide Froſen.Iſle. Inſula,I. ANTE. T.IT is. Eſt. Il eſt. S.Italie. Auſonia, ae. Heſperia, ae. Italia, ae. foe. ge. Vnde AuſoneI. ANTE. V.IVdge. Iudex, cis. com. gen. Vn iuge. S. ¶There is Iudex ordinarius, &, Iudex delegatus. K. ANTE. A.K, A Greeke letter, called of them Cappa, neuer vſed among the Latines, but in wordes borK. ANTE. E.KEbbers, or croned ſhepe. Reijculae oues.Keelerne or keele vat, for ale, wine, or beere. K. ANTE. I.KIcke. Caedere calcibus, Calcitro, as. Recalcitro, as. Calces iactare. Calce petere. RuerK. ANTE. L.KLee. Vide Clawe.Klees of a Crabbe, Creues, or Scorpion. Chelae, arum. foe. gen.Looke morK. ANTE. N.KNacke a nutte. Concidere nucleum.Knagge, knurre, knobe, bunche, or knotte whiche is in DL. ANTE. A.L, A letter counted among the halfe vowelles, and alſo a liquid, the Grekes cal it Lamda,L. ANTE. E.LEad, a mettale. Plumbum, bi. neutri. gen. Plomb. S.¶Which hath much lead mingled throughL. ANTE. I.LIbarde. Leopardus, Pardus, di. maſc. gener. Vn Leopard. S.Libell of defamation. LibellusL. ANTE. O.LO. Ecce, En. Voy le ci, voy le la, voy ci, voy la. S. Vt Ecce me. Terent. Lo here am I. L. ANTE. V.LVbber, drudge, or ſlaue. Mediaſtinus, ni. m. g. Vn ſouillon. S.Lubberlike, vnhandſome, oM. ANTE. A.M, Wrytten by hym ſelfe, ſignifieth wt vs a thouſande, and where as in our language M, isM. ANTE. E.ME. Me. The accuſatiue caſe of Ego. Me vel moy. Pil.Me thinketh. Videor, eris. Videtur miM. ANTE. I.MY, Meus, a, um. Mien. S. ¶For my own cauſe, or mine own ſake. Meap•e cauſa. A cauſe du mM. ANTE. O.MO. Plures, ria, ra, om. ge. vt Animalia plura ſunt volatilia, quam reptilia. H. Mo lyuinM. ANTE. V.MVche. Multum, Multopere, Opido, Plurimum, Magnopere, Haud parū. Beaucoup. PMuche leſſe.N. ANTE. A.N, A lettre, and one of the halfe vowels in elder time counted amonge the the liquids, whN. ANTE. E.NEaſe, or to ſneaſe. Sternutare, Sternuere. Eſternuer. S.¶To make to neaſe. Euocare ſternN. ANTE. I.NIcromancer. Nicromantes, Nicromanticus. Nigromantien. S.Nicromancers ſtone. Synochitis. N. ANTE. O.NO. Haud, Nō, Nequaquā, Minime. Ne, nō.¶It coulde come no better waye to paſſe. Haud pN. ANTE. V.NVmbde, or takē. Syderatus, a, um. Stupidus, a, um. Torpidus, a, um. Engourdi. S.¶WhicheO. ANTE. B.O, Is the name of a vowel, which hath diuers ſignifications, and is founde either an adueO. ANTE. C.OCcaſion. Anſa, ae. Locus, ci. Occaſio, onis. f. ge. Occaſion. S. & Occaſiuncula, ae. dimO. ANTE. D.ODde, or not euen. Impar, ris. om. g. Qui n'eſt point pareil. S.Odious. Inuidioſus, InuidO. ANTE. F.OF. A,, Ab, Abs, De, Ex. De. S.Of a long time, ſpace, or ſeaſon. Per multas aetates. Liu.O. ANTE. H.OH, a voyce of an exceading diſdeining, reioyſing, or ſorrowyng. Oh, Pro, interiect.OH, oO. ANTE. I.OIle. Oleum, lei. n. g. Huille. H.Oyle beries. Colimbades, dū. Drupae, arū. Vide OliuesO. ANTE. K.OKe. Quaercus, cus, cui. Robor, oris. Robur, oris. n. ge. Vn cheſne. S. Et Quercus, a, umO. ANTE. L.OLde. Annoſus, a, um. Antiquus, a, um. Anilis, le. Caſcus, a, um. Exoletus, a, um. GrādaO. ANTE. M.OMely, or ſermō. Homilia, ae. Vide Homely.Omitte. Linquo, is. Miſſum facere. Omitto, is.O. ANTE. N.ON, or vpon. Super. Sur. S.¶To ſitte on, or vpon ſome thing. Super liquid aſſidere. EſtreO. ANTE. O.OOre to rowe with. Remu•, mi. m. g. Palma, ae. Tonſa, ae. f. ge. Auir•n, gaſche, Rame. H.O. ANTE. P.OPen. Adaperio, is. Aperio, is. Diduco, is. Pando, is, di. Recludo, is. Reſero, as. DiſclO. ANTE. R.OR. Aut, Seu, Ve, Vel. Ou. S.¶Ether let him drinke, or let him go. Aut bibat, aut abeat. O. ANTE. S.OSier. Vimen, nis. neut. gen. Oſier. S.Oſier that is ſhort. Vimē breue. Oſier court.OſieO. ANTE. T.OTe, Auena, ae. foe. ge. Auoine. H. Et Auenaceus, a, um. Otye, or of otes. D'auoi••. Cal.O. ANTE. V.OWe. Debeo, es. Debuoir quelque choſe. S. Vt debeo tibi. I owe thee. Ie te doy. S.Owe mucO. ANTE. X.OXe. Bos, uis. Taurus, ri.*Bos caſtratus▪Boeuf. Bos, Is alſo any kynde of rother beaſte. O. ANTE. Y.OYer and terminer, a phraſe in the common lawe, ſignifying to heare and determine. AudireP. ANTE. A.P, A letter compted among the mutes, & neuer written with any aſpiration after him, excepP. ANTE. E.PEace. Quies, tis. Quietudo, inis. Toga, ae. foe. ge. Pax, cis. f. g. Paix. S. vt Ouid. FP. ANTE. H.PHaryſey. Phariſeus, ſei. m. g. The Phariſeis were a ſecte of Iewes, liuing (as they feynP. ANTE. I.PIckeax, or matocke. Ligo, onis. maſc. gen. Vn hoyau. S. Picq ou pique de fer. Palſ. ¶To P. ANTE. L.PLacardes. Codicilli, orum. Dimiſſoriae literae. Plaquars. S.Placarde to graunte, as wherP. ANTE. O.POares, or the little inuiſible holes in the ſkinne of any body, whereby ſweate & ſuche eP. ANTE. R.PRactyſe. Practica, ae. foe. ge. *Practiſe of a crafte, or occupation. Artificiū, Vide OP. ANTE. S.PSalme, prayſe, or ſonge to God, or of God. Pſalmus, mi. m. g. Pſalme, ou. pſeaulme. S. AP. ANTE. T.PTolomais, idis. Otherwiſe called Ache, A citie in Phoenicia. Ptolemaide. Plin. li. 5. caP. ANTE. V.PVblicane. Publicanus, ni. maſ. ge. Publicain. S.Publicatiō. Diuulgatio, Editio, PromulgQ. ANTE. A.Q, A mute almoſt vnneadfull as is K, becauſe yeC, maye ſupplie bothe their places, and ſeQu. ANTE. A.QVadrangle, or foure ſquare. Quadrangulus, a, ū. Qui ha quatres angles. S.Quadrate. QuaQu. ANTE. E.QVeane, or a drabbe. Improba mulier, Garrula, Vana, Loquax, vel Procax, cis. ō. g.QuencQu. ANTE. I.QVier. Chorus, ri. Vt ſupra. Quere.Quicke, ſwifte, and nimble. Celer, ris. Citus, ta, tuR. ANTE. A.R, A ſemivowell and a liquid, whiche beinge put after a mute in the ſame ſyllable, makethR. ANTE. E.REache. Porrigo, is, exi. Tendre. S.¶To reache anye thing with his hande. Manu praetenderR. ANTE. H.RHetorician, or teacher of rethoricke. Rhetor, is. m. g. Qui enſeigne la rhetorique, RethR. ANTE. I.RIall, or a roſe noble. Roſatus, Nobilis roſatus Bud. Vn noble à la roſe. S. & Palſ.RiallR. ANTE. O.ROan, the chiefe cittie of Normandie. Rothomagus, gi. Rouen, ville capitale de Normdie. SR. ANTE. V.RVbarbe an herbe. Rheon, Rha, Rha ſiniticum, vel ſinicum, Rha Indicum, Rhecoma, Rha pontiS. ANTE. C.SCabbarde. Theca, ae. Vagina, ae. foem. ge. Fourreau, gaine. H. & Vaginula, ae. diminut. S. ANTE. E.SEa. Aequor, oris. Fretum, ti. Mare, ris. Pelagus, gi. Pontus, ti. Salum, li. n. gen. La S. ANTE. H.SHackles, or fetters of the feete, of ſlaues or other malefactours. Compedes, Pedicae, ViS. ANTE. I.SIbill. Sibylla, ae. f. g. Sibylle. S. ¶A generale name to certen women, whiche propheſie _ S. ANTE. K. S. ANTE. L.SLabber vp potage halfe colde. Tepidum ligurire ius. Horat.Slacke, or to lewce, or ſet atS. ANTE. M.SMacke, or to taſte, or ſauoure a thing. Guſtare, Sapere. Gouſter. S.Smacke, or the taſteS ANTE. N.SNaffle for horſe, or the bitte of a brydle verye ſharpe. Camus, mi. Lupatum, ti. Lupus, pS. ANTE. O.SOake, or to laie in ſteepe, or to moiſten in water. Madefacere, Humectare, Inſuccare. RaS. ANTE. P.SPace. Spatium, ij. Tractus, us. m. g. Eſpace. S.¶All ſpace and diſtaunce. Interuallum, lS. ANTE. Qu.SQuamiſhe, or diſdainefull. Faſtidioſus, ſa, ſū. Deſdaigneux. S.Square. Quadratura, ae.S ANTE. T.ST, a voyce of ſilence, or taciturnitie, or thus, huſht. St. Terent.Stabilitie. StabilitasS Ante Y, vide S Ante I.T. ANTE. A.T, A lettre ſomewhat harde to pronounce, as the reſt of the mutes are, wherof Lucian in hT. ANTE. E.TEache or to inſtructe. Catechizo, as. Doceo, es. Erudio, is. Inſtruo, is. Condoceo, ces.T. ANTE. H.THacke, hawlme, or ſtrawe. Stipula, lae. foe. g. Culmē, inis. neut. ge. Culmus, mi. maſ.T. ANTE. I.TIce, or to allure. Allicio, cis. Allecto, as. Illicio, cis. Perlicio, cis. Prolecto, as.T. ANTE. O.TO. Ad. A. S. as Hee goeth ſtreight to our houſe. Ad noſtras aedes hic quidem habet rectaT. ANTE. R.TRace, or ſteppe. Veſtigium, ij. n. g. La trace. S.¶To ſerche, or ſeeke out the trace. InT. ANTE. V.TWayne. Vide two.Twale or a twibill axe. Bipennis, nis. f. g. Beſague. S.Tubbe.. Cupa, ae _ T. Ante. Y. V. ANTE. A.V, The fifte vowell, which is oftentymes changed eyther into a ſ•ngle conſonante, as, QuuV. ANTE. D.Vdder. Vber, ris. Huber, ris. n. g. Tette. S.V. ANTE. E.VEale. Caro vitulina. Chair de veau.Vehemency. Impetus, us. Vehementia, ae. f. ge. VehemeV. ANTE. G.VGGly. Sentus, ta, tum. Horridus, da, dum. Perhorridus, da, dum. Hideux. S. Vide HorribleV. ANTE. I.VIage, or a iourneye. Itio, onis. Iter, tineris, n. ge. Peregrinatio, onis. Profectio, onV. ANTE. M.VMbrage, or ſhadowe of woodes, or trees. Vmbraculum, li. n. ge. Opacitas, tis. foe. ge. OV. ANTE. N.¶Firſte in this kynde of phraſe it is to be noted, that euery worde (for the moſte parte)V. ANTE. O.VOyce. Vox, cis. f. ge. La voix. & Vocula, ae. diminut. Ang. A little or ſmall voyce. PetV. ANTE. P.VP, or vpwarde. Surſum. Contremont. S.¶To clyme vp. Scandere in aduerſum. Monter droict cV. ANTE. R.VRbanitie. Vrbanitas, tis. f. ge. Vrbanité. S. & Vrbanus, a, um. He that hath vrbanitie, V. ANTE. S.VSe. Vſus, us m. ge. Vſura, rae. foe. ge. Vſage. S.Vſe of an other mans goodes by the leaV. ANTE. T.VTenſile, or that is neceſſary to be vſed. Vtēſilis, e. Vtenſile. S.Vtile and profitableV. ANTE. V.VVall, or falling, or ſwelling of the pallet of the mouthe. Vuula, ae. f. g. Vule, ou le VV. ANTE. A.WAche. Vide Watche.Wachet coloure. Scutulatus color, Palladius. ¶To wade through a foordVV. ANTE. E.WEake. Debilis, e. Delumbis, e. Flaccidus, a, um. Imbecillis, e. Imbellis, e. Infirmus, VV. ANTE. H.WHaye. Serum, ri. Serum lactis. Ser du laict, megue. H.Whale a fyſhe. Cete, is. Cetus, tVV. ANTE. I.WIcked. Impius, a, um. Iniquus, a, um. Malignus, a, um. Nequam, Flagitioſus, ſa, ſum. ImVV. ANTE. O.WO. Dolor, ris. Vide Sorowe, and Griefe.Wo be to you, or wo-worth you. Vae, Vaeh, Inter.VV. ANTE. R.WRappe vp. Implico, as. Inuoluo, is. Conuoluo, is. Obuoluo, is. Circūplico, cas. ImpediX.X, Is a ſemiuowell, and hathe the force of a double conſonant, for the whiche in olde wrytinges csY. ANTE. A.Y, Is a Greke vowel, and vſed with vs and the Frenche men, euen as I, the vowell is, it hY. ANTE. D.YDle. Feriatus, a, ū. Ocioſus, a, um. Oiſif, oiſeuxYdle from working. Raeſes, dis. om. gY. ANTE. E.YEa. Etiam, Immo, Ita, Sane, Sic. Ouy. S.Yea but. Immo, Sed autem. Mais. S.Yea certainly.Y. ANTE. F.YF. Si. Coniunctio. Si. S.Yf thou do it. Si facias. Si tu le fais. S.Yf he ſaye he wil, gY. ANTE. L.YLe. Inſula, ae. foem. ge. Vne Iſle. S. Inſularis, e. Pertaining to an yle. Inſulatus, a,Se more in I. Ante. L.Of Y. Ante. M. Vide I. Ante. M.Y. ANTE. N.YNche. Pollex, cis. Vncia, ae. foe. ge. Latitudo pollicaris. Vne poulcée. S. & Vnciola, aY. ANTE. O.YOke. Iugum, gi. n. ge. Vn Ioug, vn couple. Cal. & Subiugalis, le. Subiugis, e. Qui eſt ſY. ANTE. P.Ypocraſſe wyne. Vinum aromatites. Hippocras. H.Y. ANTE. R.YRchen, or hedgehogge. Herinaceus, Echinus, Herix, Hericius. Heriſſon. S.Yron. Ferrum, riY. ANTE. S.YSe. Gelu, Indeclin. Glacies, ei. Glace, S. & Glacialis, e. Of yſe, or where yſe is. GlacY. ANTE. T.YTche, or itching. Vredo, inis. Pruritus, tus· Prurigo, inis. foem. gen. Demangement, demY. ANTE. V.YVorye. Ebor, oris. neu. ge. Dens elephant•. Yuoire. H. & Eboreus, a, um. Eburneus, a, ūZ.Z, A double c••ſonant, it is not vſed in Latin, but in Greeke, & in verye fewe Engliſhe wordes.Zac #####Back#####

  7. A table of nombers with the lattin woordes belonging thereunto.

  8. ¶ Faultes eſcaped.

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Latin Extended-A ſ 383
Latin Extended-B Ʋ 434
Combining Diacritical Marks ̄ 772
Greek ΔγΦ 916 947 934
GreekandCoptic ΔγΦ 916 947 934
General Punctuation •…—‘’ 8226 8230 8212 8216 8217
Superscripts and Subscripts ⁴⁶ 8308 8310
Geometric Shapes ▪▴■◊ 9642 9652 9632 9674
Miscellaneous Symbols ☐★⚹☞ 9744 9733 9913 9758
Dingbats 10087
SupplementalPunctuation 11819
CJKSymbolsandPunctuation 〈〉 12296 12297
LatinExtended-D ꝰꝙꝑ 42864 42841 42833
PrivateUse 57346
PrivateUseArea 57346

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