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#The actis and constitutiounis of the realme of Scotland maid in Parliamentis haldin be the rycht excellent, hie and mychtie princeis kingis James the first, secund, thrid, feird, fyft, and in tyme of Marie now quene of Scottis, viseit, correctid, and extractit furth of the registers by the Lordis Depute be hir Maiestieis speciall commissioun thairto. Anno Do. 1566. Acts. 1406-1566#

##Scotland.## The actis and constitutiounis of the realme of Scotland maid in Parliamentis haldin be the rycht excellent, hie and mychtie princeis kingis James the first, secund, thrid, feird, fyft, and in tyme of Marie now quene of Scottis, viseit, correctid, and extractit furth of the registers by the Lordis Depute be hir Maiestieis speciall commissioun thairto. Anno Do. 1566. Acts. 1406-1566 Scotland.

##General Summary##


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Major revisions

  1. 2006-03 TCP Assigned for keying and markup
  2. 2006-03 Aptara Keyed and coded from ProQuest page images
  3. 2007-06 Ali Jakobson Sampled and proofread
  4. 2007-06 Ali Jakobson Text and markup reviewed and edited
  5. 2008-02 pfs Batch review (QC) and XML conversion

##Content Summary##


  1. ¶ THE QVENIS GRACE PRIVILEGE GRANTIT for Imprenting of hir Maieſteis Lawis and actis of Parliamentis.

  2. ¶ commiſſioun YOVR SOVERANE LADYIS COMMISSIOVN for viſeing, correcting, and Imprenting of the Lawis and actis of Parliamentis.

  3. ¶ Preface

  4. The tabill of the actis.


  1. ACTA PARLIAMENTI IACOBI PRIMI REGIS SCOTORVM TENTI APVD PERTH XXVI Die Menlis Maij Anno Domini Milleſimo Quadringent•ſimo vigeſ•mo quarto 〈…〉 Su• xix. Conuocatis tribus Regni Statibus Ibidem congregatis electae •uerunt certae perſonae ad articulos datos per Dominum Regem determmandos data caeteris licentia recedendi.

    _ For The honor of God and halie KirK. Capitulo. j.

    _ For the obſeruing of ſickir peax within the Realme. Ca. ij.

    _ That na man rebell agane the Kingis perſone. Ca. iij.

    _ Of enforſing maid vpone rebellis agane the Kingis perſone. Ca. iiij.

    _ Of the number of rydand men and fute men throw the cuntre. Ca. v.

    _ Of the miniſteris of law within the Realme. Ca. vj.

    _ That na Cumpaneis outely huſband men. Ca. vij.

    _ That all Cuſtume remaine with the King till his leuing. Ca. viij.

    _ OF landis and Kentis that war our Souerane Lord the Kingis predeceſſouris. Ca. ix.

    _ Of finance to be maid for the Kingis coſtage in Ingland Ca. x.

    _ Of the maner of taxatioun to be maid in the Realme. Ca. xj.

    _ Of ſlaying of Salmound in forbodin tyme. Ca. xij.

    _ That all cruuis and ȝairis be deſtroyit. Ca. xiij.

    _ Of the myne of gold and ſiluer. Ca. xiiij.

    _ That na Clerkis pas ouer ſay but the Kingis licence. Ca. xv.

    _ That na Clerkis purches penſiounis of beneficis within the Realme. Ca. xvi.

    _ That na man haue out of the Realme gold nor ſiluer. Ca. xvij.

    _ Of ſtrangearis that takis money for thair Merchandice. Ca. xviij.

    _ That na man play at the fute ball. Ca. xix.

    _ That ilk man buſk thame to be archaris. Ca. xx.

    _ Of bigging of Ruikis in Treis. Ca. xxj.

    _ Of Mure birning. Ca. xxij.

    _ Of Cuſtume of Hors, Nolt, Scheip, and Haring had out of the Realme. Ca. xxiij.

    _ Of Cuſtume of mertrik Skinnis and vther Furringis. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of Reformatioun and mending of the money. Ca. xxv.

    _ ¶ Of Hoſtillaris in Burrowis and Throuchfaris. Ca. xxvj.

    _ ¶ Of the reull of Beggers. Ca. xxvij.

    _ ¶ Ane Complaint with Inhibition vpone Penſionis purcheſing. Ca. xxviij.

    _ ¶ Of the fredome of Halie Kirk. Ca. xxix.

    _ Anent Hoſpitallis. Ca. xxx.

    _ Of Heretickis and Lollardis. Ca. xxxi.

    _ ¶ Anent the keiping of the ſtatutis maid in the firſt Parliament. Ca. xxxij.

    _ Anent Liggis and bandis. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ Of ſelling of Hors. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ Anent Taulch. Ca. xxxv.

    _ The ſtatute anent Indictment. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ ¶ Of ſtollin wod. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ ¶ The ſtatute anent Salmound. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ Anent ſtalkaris, that ſlayis Deir. Ca. xxxix.

    _ Of Reſettouris of Rebellis. Ca. xl.

    _ ¶ The ſtatute of Merchandis. Ca. xlj.

    _ Of men of Craft. xlij.

    _ Anent the ordinance of Proceſſiounis. Ca. xliij.

    _ Of the Cuſtume of wollin Claith. Ca. xliiij.

    _ The ſtatute anent land▪ Men. Ca. xlv.

    _ Anent all Beggaris. Ca. xlvj.

    _ The ſtatute Anent Leſingmakaris. Ca. xlvij.

    _ ¶ Of wapinſchawingis. Ca. xlviij.

    _ Anent complaintis to be decydit befoir the Iuge Ordinare. Ca. xlix.

    _ Anent Remiſſiounis to be geuin. Ca. l.

    _ Of Halie Kirk. Ca. lj.

    _ Anent Harnes to be broucht hame be Merchandis. Ca. lij.

    _ That all the Kingis Liegis leif and be gouernis be the Lawis of the Realme. Ca. liij.

    _ Anent the ſhawing of Charters and new Infeftmentis. Ca. liiij.

    _ ¶ For the halding of the money within the Realme. Ca. lvj.

    _ ¶ That na perſounis that Indictis men to the Iuſtice Aire be on thair Aſſyſe. Ca. lvj.

    _ Of Forthoche fellony. Ca. lvij.

    _ That all Barronis and Frehaldaris ſall compeir perſonally in the Parliament. Ca. lviij.

    _ ¶ Anent Attornayis in the Iuſtice Airis, that thay be honeſt perſounis. Ca. lix.

    _ Of perſounis to be choſin to examin the Buikis of Law, and reforme thame. Ca. lx.

    _ Anent Hoſtillaris in Barrowis and Throuchfaris. Ca. lxj.

    _ ¶ OF Prayer and Proceſſioun to be maid for the King and the Quene be the Clergy. Ca. lxij.

    _ Anent Meſouris. Ca. lxiij.

    _ ¶ Of weichtis. Ca. lxiiij.

    _ Of watter mettis. Ca. lxv.

    _ ¶ Anent Ferriaris and Baitmen. Ca. lxvj.

    _ Of the wapinſchawing. Ca. lxvij.

    _ Anent the Merchandis and ſalars paſſand to Ireland. Ca. lxviij.

    _ Of Schipmen. Ca. lxix.

    _ Anent Ireland men climand in Scottis Schippis. Ca. lxx.

    _ ¶ The ſtatute anent Ireland men. Ca. lxxj.

    _ Of the Seſſiounis to be haldin. Ca. lxxij.

    _ The firſt Seſſioun Ca. lxxiij.

    _ The Secound Seſſioun. Ca. lxxiiij.

    _ ¶ The Thride Seſſioun. Ca. lxxv.

    _ That euerie man that hes nocht of his awin ſall laboure for his leuing. Ca. lxxvj.

    _ ¶ Anent the executioun of the Actis of Parliament maid ofbefoir. Ca. lxxvij.

    _ Anent the Meſoure of the Elne. Ca. lxxviij.

    _ Quhat the ſtane ſall contene. Ca. lxxix.

    _ ¶ Of the Deuiſioun of the boll and the meſoure of the Fyrlot and the boll. Ca. lxxx.

    _ Anent Vnlawis for birning. Ca. lxxxj.

    _ Of Hay and Stray to be ſauld. Ca. lxxxij.

    _ That certane Ledders be fundin ay reddie in the Burgh for happinning of Fyre. Ca. lxxxiij.

    _ Of Commoun wemen. Ca. lxxxiiij.

    _ Of Fyre and the panis thairof. Ca. lxxxv.

    _ ¶ Anent the Cuſtume of Salmound and vther Fiſche. Ca. lxxxvj.

    _ Of Dekinnis of Craft. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ Of the pryce and feis of Craftiſmen. Ca. lxxxviij.

    _ Of wark men. Ca. lxxxix.

    _ ¶ Of wrichtis and Meſounis. Ca. xc.

    _ Of Land men. Ca. xcj.

    _ Anent the bigging of Caſtellis in the North. Ca. xcij.

    _ That Iuges ſalbe ſworne to determin all cauſis efter thair cunning. Ca. xciij.

    _ Anent the Finance of Clerkis. Ca. xciiij.

    _ ¶ Anent Hoſtillaris. Ca. xcv.

    _ ¶ Of downe putting of Dekinnis of Craftis. Ca. xcvj.

    _ ¶ That euerie man be Summound be the ordinar or his Officiall to ſpirituall Courtis. Ca. xcvij.

    _ ¶ That in ilk Arbitrie be choſin ane od Perſoun. Ca. xcviij.

    _ ¶ That the cauſe of all Merchandis deid outwith the Realme, be decydit within. Ca. xcix.

    _ Anent ſlauchter. Ca. c.

    _ Of Fugitouris fra the Law. Ca. cj.

    _ Of ſlauchter in the Barrony. Ca. cij.

    _ Of ſlauchter in Burgh. Ca. ciii.

    _ ¶ Of ſlauchter in Regalitie, and the Officiaris thairof. Ca. ciiij.

    _ Of the Lord of the Regalitie. Ca. cv.

    _ ¶ Of inquiſitioun of Forthocht fellony. Ca. cvj.

    _ Of the Fugitoure in Forthocht fellony. Ca. cvij.

    _ ¶ Anent aſſouerance tane betuix perſounis diſcordand. Ca. cviij.

    _ Anent Fugitouris. Ca. cix.

    _ ¶ That Mairis and Seriandis haue wandis and Hornis. Ca. cx.

    _ ¶ Of thame hauand Merchandice out of the Realme vncuſtumit. Ca. cxj.

    _ That ſmall Barronis and Frehalders neidis not to cum to Parliamentis. Ca. cxij.

    _ ¶ Of Craftiſmen within Burrowis. Ca. cxiij.

    _ Of Beggaris. Ca. cxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of wolf birdis. Ca. cxv.

    _ Of Cruuis in watteris. Ca. cxvj.

    _ ¶ The leif to Merchandis to fuire thair gudis. Ca. cxvij.

    _ Anent Lipper folk. Ca. cxviij.

    _ ¶ Anent the paſſage of Clerkis out of the Realme. Ca. cxix.

    _ That na man pas to Courtis with gaddering. Ca. cxx.

    _ That nane interpreit the Kingis ſtatutis. Ca. cxxj.

    _ ¶ Of wylde Foulis. Ca. cxxij.

    _ ¶ Of the aith to be maid to the Quene be the Clergy and the Barronis. Ca. cxxiij▪

    _ ¶ Anent Fugitouris fra the Kingis Lawis. Ca. cxxiiij.

    _ ¶ That huſband men ſould remane for a ȝeir with thair takkis. Ca. cxxv.

    _ Of Mairis of fee. cxxvj.

    _ ¶ Anent Officiaris that makis ony Summoning. Ca. cxxvij.

    _ Anent exceptiounis to be maid aganis the Kingis breuis. cxxviij.

    _ ¶ Of eſſonȝeis to be maid in Court. Ca. cxxix.

    _ Anent a Borgh to be fundin in Court. Ca. cxxx.

    _ Of the domes falling. Ca. cxxxj.

    _ ¶ That na recounter be hard in Court and the parties abſent thame. Ca. cxxxij.

    _ Anent the perſounis that ſall weir claithis of Silk and Furringis. Ca. cxxxiij.

    _ Anent the perſounis that ſalbe haill harneſt and weill horſie. Ca. cxxxiiij.

    _ Anent the grathing of ȝemen for weir. Ca. cxxxv.

    _ ¶ That euerilk Barrone within him ſelf ordand his men to be graithit, as is befoir writtin. Ca. cxxxvj.

    _ Of ilk Burges man hauand fyftie pundis in gudis. Ca. cxxxvij.

    _ Anent Schippis that brekis in this Realme. Ca. cxxxviij.

    _ That aduocatis and •oirſpeikaris in temporall courtis ſall ſweir. Ca. cxxxix.

    _ ¶ Of Barronis and Lordis hauand landis on the weſt ſey. Ca. cxl.

    _ Of the nature of the breif of inqueiſt and ſeiſſing. Ca. cxlj.

    _ ¶ Of perſounis remanand in Ingland without the Kingis leif. Ca. cxlij.

    _ Of ſouertie aſkit be ony partie of vthers. Ca. cxliij.

    _ Anent the ſeruing of Inqueiſtis and Retouris. Ca. cxliiij.

    _ Anent Salmound Fiſche. Ca. cxlv.

    _ For the reſiſting of▪ Rebellouris in the North. Ca. cxlvj.

    _ Anent the ſelling of Salmound out of the Realme. Ca. cxlvij.

    _ ¶ That the Gouernoure of the Realme indurand his tyme mycht not analy na landis, that fell to the Crowne. Ca. cxlviij.

    _ Anent the breking of the Kingis protectioun. Ca. cxlix.

    _ Of the breif of aquoe ductu. Ca. cl.

    _ ¶ Of mandementis to execute the Actis of Parliament. Ca. cl.

    _ ¶ Of the forfaltoure of the Erldome of Merche. Ca. clj.

    _ ¶ Of letters of fidelitie promittit to our Lady the Quene. Ca. cliij.

    _ ¶ Of ſelling of theiffis. Ca. cliiij.

    _ That aſſyſaris ſall ſweir. Ca. clv.

    _ Of Crounaris. Ca. civj.

    _ Anent Mairis and Seriandis. Ca. clvij.

    _ ¶ Of Inglis men. Ca. clviij.

    _ Of the ſtanching of theiſſis and Treſpaſſouris. Ca. clix.

    _ ¶ Of inbringing of Bulȝeoun. Ca. clx.

    _ That nane lie fundin in Tauernis efter nyne houris. Ca. clxj.

    _ The ſtatute anent Inglis claith. Ca. clxij.

    _ Tuiching the ſelling of Salmound till Ingliſmen. Ca. clxiij▪

    _ ¶ That nane by wyne fra Flemingis of the Dam. Ca. clxiiij.

    _ That the Law be haldin, quhair the treſpas is done. Ca. clxv▪

    _ ¶ That nane haue out of Scotland gold, ſiluer, na Iowels. Ca. clxvj.


    _ ¶ Of the Coronatioum of our Souerane Lord. Ca. j.

    _ Of the reuocatioun of landis. Ca. ij.

    _ Of halding of Seſſiounis ȝeirly. Ca. iij.

    _ Anent Rebellouris and vnreſſonabill men, being reſſet and haldin within Caſtellis. Ca. iiij.

    • Of halie Kirk.

    _ Of the halding of Iuſtice airis in all placis. Ca. v.

    _ Of remeid and punitioun of diuers crymis. Ca. vj.

    _ The ſupplie and defence of haly Kirk. Ca. vij.

    _ Tuiching all and ſyndrie landis and poſſeſſiounis quhilkis our Soueraue Lordis Father had in his hand the day of his deceis. Ca. viij.

    _ The punitioun of ſlauchter of Salmound. Ca. ix.

    _ Of oppin reiffis and ſpoilȝeis. Ca. x.

    _ That the Officiaris and Lordis of Regalis ſall execute and fulfill this foirſaid act. Ca. xj.

    _ Of letters of captioun to be geuin be the King. Ca. xij.

    _ The proclamatioun of generall peax. Ca. xiij.

    _ That nane rebell aganis the Kingis perſoun na his autoritie. Ca. xiiij.

    _ Of the keiping of trewis on the Bordouris. Ca. xv.

    _ ¶ Of punitioun of Officiaris treſpaſſand in thair office wilfully. Ca. xvj.

    _ Of the remaning of pure commounis in thair takis and malingis. Ca. xvij.

    _ of wedſetting of landis. Ca. xviij.

    _ ¶ For the reſtorance of ſpoliatioun. Ca. xix.

    _ That the Iuſtice, Chalmerlane, Crownaris, and all vther Officiaris ryde in competent and eſy number. Ca. xx.

    _ ¶ Of the away putting of Sornaris. Ca. xxj.

    _ Of the examining of actis of Parliament and generall counſall. Ca. xxij.

    _ ¶ For the eſchewing of derth within the cuntrie. Ca. xxiij.

    _ That na Burgeſſis na vther perſoun hald mair victuall, than will ſuſtene him. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ That na man do treſoun to the Kingis Maieſtis. Ca. xxv.

    _ That the Regalities being in the Kingis handis ſall be iuſtifeit be the Kingis Iuſtice. Ca. xxvj.

    _ For eſchewing of maiſterfull thift and reif. Ca. xxvij.

    _ ¶ Anent Iuſtice Clerkis, that thay reueill na manis actioun. Ca. xxviij.

    _ For the bigging of towris and fortalicis. Ca. xxix.

    _ ¶ Of money and ſtrykaris thairof. Ca. xxx.

    _ Anent the Summounding of ony perſounis. Ca. xxx•.

    _ That na man of this Realme bring haine poyſon vnder the pane of treſon. xxxij.

    _ That na ſtrangear bring hame poyſoun. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ The auiſement of the Deputis of the thre Eſtatis tuiching the mater of the money. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ That na man haue out of the Realme gold, ſiluer, na Bulȝeoun. Ca. xxxv.

    _ That na cattell be ſauld in Ingland, bot for reddy gold or ſiluer. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ ¶ Anent the outquyting of wedſetis. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ Anent dettis and obligatiounis. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ Of victuall. Ca. xxxix.

    _ That na man hald mair victuall than will ſuſtene him ſelf. Ca. xl.

    _ Anent the keiping and executioun of Iuſtice. Ca. xli.

    _ ¶ That inbringars of victuallis be fauorablie tretit. Ca. xlij.

    _ The annexatioun of landis to the Crowne. Ca. xliij.

    _ That nane reſſet Iames ſumtyme Erle of Dowglas. Ca. xliiij.

    _ That thair be na wardanis on the Bordowris maid in fee & heritage. Ca. xlv

    _ That all Regaliteis being in the Kingis handis, be annexit to the Ryaltie. Ca. xlvi

    _ That na office be geuin in fee and heritage in tyme tocum. Ca. xlvij.

    _ ¶ Quha bringis a fals cuinȝeour to the King ſall haue x. pund. Ca. xlviij.

    _ Of Sornaris. Ca. xlix.

    _ That thair be xij. perſounis vpone the ſecreit counſall of Burrowis. Ca. l.

    _ Of ane Ambaxat to the Pape. Ca. lj.

    _ The maner of arraymentis for the Parliament. Ca. lij.

    _ ¶ The maner of taikning, for bailis making. Ca. liij.

    _ Of perſounis ſclanderit or ſuſpect of treſoun. Ca. liiij.

    _ That nane pas in Ingland in tyme of weir. Ca. lv.

    _ That na Ingliſman cum in Scotland without conduct. Ca. lvj.

    _ That na Scottiſman ſupplie Berwyk or Roxburgh. Ca. lvij.

    _ ¶ That na man reif na maner of gudis nor preſonar. Ca. lviij.

    _ That nane rais affray in the hoſte wilfully. Ca. lix.

    _ The King ſall tak inquiſitioun of all Sornaris and oppreſſouris of his liegis. Ca. lx.

    _ ¶ Of garniſounis to be laid vpone the Bordowris. Ca. lxj.

    _ Statutis belangand weir and the defens of the Realme. Ca. lxij.

    _ The reule for the Peſtilence. Ca. lxiij.

    _ The money and the gold cryit heichar. Ca. lxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of miniſtering of Iuſtice and Seſſionnis halding. Ca. lxv.

    _ Of Fairis. Ca. lxvj.

    _ ¶ Of the downe laying of Conſtabill feis. Ca. lxvij.

    _ Of Seſſiounis haldin▪ and the Schiref to be neir thairby. Ca. lxviij.

    _ Quhat power the Lordis of Seſſioun ſall haue. Ca. lxix.

    _ ¶ The maner how the cauſe ſall be broch• befoir the Lordis. Ca. lxx.

    _ Of wapinſchawing. Ca. lxxj.

    _ The prouiſioun for the money. Ca. lxxij.

    _ Of fals Goldſmythis. Ca. lxxiij.

    _ That na Litſtar by claith to ſell. Ca. lxxiiii.

    _ That na perſou• ſaill without thre Serpaith of gudis. Ca. lxxv.

    _ ¶ The habitis for Lordis of Seſſioun and men of Law. Ca. lxxvj.

    _ Perſonnis choſin for the reformatioun of hoſpitallis. Ca. lxxvij.

    _ ¶ Of coiſtly cleithing, and at na woman cum to the Kirk muſſallit. Ca. lxxviij.

    _ A Lord, Prelat, Barrone and frehalder may ſet in feuferme. Ca. lxxix.

    _ ¶ That the fredomis of Regalis be keipit, and nane abuſit in preiudice of the Kingis Lawis. Ca. lxxx.

    _ That na perſounis be tholit to beg betuix xiiij. and .lxx. ȝeiris. Ca. lxxxj.

    _ ¶ Ane vniuerſall meſour to be maid and a ſtandart. Ca. lxxxij.

    _ Of Remiſſiounis, gif the partie be not content. Ca. lxxxiij.

    _ Of Chalmerlane Airis. Ca. lxxxiiij.

    _ That na frehalder be conſtreinȝeit to the Parliament, bot he be of .xx. pund worth of land. Ca. lxxxv.

    _ ¶ Of the taking of ſtreſſis be the Conſtabill. Ca. lxxxvj

    _ The punitioun of negligent Officiaris. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ That na ligis nor bandis be maid within Burrowis na manrent. Ca. lxxxviij.

    _ Of thame that occupyis Lordis landis agane thair willis Ca. lxxxix.

    _ The Iuſtice to tak inquiſitioun of Sornaris, bairdis, feinȝeit fulis, and maiſterfull beggaris in all Iuſtice Airis. Ca. lxxxx.

    _ To ſaw brome and mak heigis. Ca. lxxxxi.

    _ Of ſawing of quherit, peis and beinis. Ca. lxxxxij.

    _ ¶ That na man cum to courtis bot in ſober wyſe. Ca. lxxxxiij.

    _ Of ȝairdis, heigis, and wylde foulis, and to diſtroy foulis of reiff. Ca. lxxxxiiij

    _ To diſtroy ruikis, crawis, and vther foulis of reiff. Ca. lxxxxv.

    _ Of the ſlauchter of reid fiſche. Ca. lxxxxvj.

    _ ¶ That nane ſet creilis in watters. Ca. lxxxxvij.

    _ To ſee for the diſtructioun of wolfis. Ca. lxxxxviij.

    _ Anent the ſlayaris of Hartis, and diſtroyaris of Cuningis. Ca. lxxxxix.

    _ ¶ Of leſing makers, and tellaris of thame. Ca. c.

    _ Of Mure burne. Ca. cj.

    _ ¶ That all the actis be copyit fra the Clerk of the Regiſter and proclamit. Ca. cij.


    _ For the obſeruing of the honour of haly Kirk. Ca. j.

    _ Anent the mariage of our Souerane Lord. Ca. ij.

    _ Anent the Quenis dowarie. Ca. iij.

    _ That na commendis be purcheſt. Ca. iiij.

    _ ¶ That na penſioun of benefice be takin. Ca. v.

    _ The pane of breking of lauborrois. Ca. vj.

    _ That Summoundis be maid of xxj. dayis. Ca. vij.

    _ ¶ Anent bairnis to be put in fe• of •andis, and thair anſwers. Ca. viij.

    _ That na Ingliſman haue benefice within Scotland. Ca. ix.

    _ ¶ That na perſounis haue money out of the Realme, vnder the pane of eſcheit thairof. Ca. x.

    _ For the inbringing of money within the Realme. Ca. xj.

    _ Of the money and blak ferdingis. Ca. xij.

    _ Anent the reformatioun of hoſpitallis. Ca. xii•.

    _ ¶ That nane pas in Merchandice out of the Realme bot fre men. Ca. xiiij.

    _ That na man of craft vſe Merchandice. Ca. xv.

    _ That na man ſaill in Merchandice without half a laſt of gudis. Ca. xvi.

    _ That na Schip be frauchtit without a Charterpartie. Ca. xvij.

    _ ¶ That na Schip ſaill with ſtapill gudis fra Symonis day and Iude, quhill Candilmes. Ca. xviij.

    _ That na Merchandis ſall pas to Brugis as ſtapill. Ca. xix.

    _ Licence to Merchandis to pas to Middilburgh with thair gudis. Ca. xx.

    _ That Merchandis ſaill to the Rochell, Burdeous and France. Ca. xxj.

    _ The proclamatioun of the money hoichar vp. Ca. xxij.

    _ The maner of dettis and contractis paying. Ca. xxiij.

    _ That Ferryaris mak briggis vnder the pane of tinſall of thair baitis. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ The propoſitioun of the Clergy and Burrowis. Ca. xxv.

    _ The crying vp of certane money. Ca. xxvj.

    _ ¶ The inbringing of bulȝeoun appreuit. Ca. xxvij.

    _ The Chalmerlane to ſee for mettis and meſouris. Ca. xxviij.

    _ Anent the money till haue ane vniuerſall cours. Ca. xxix.

    _ Anent ſetting of Seſſiounis. Ca. xxx.

    _ ¶ The ſtatute of nolt and ſcheip ſauld. Ca. xxxj.

    _ That thair be twa Seſſiounis. Ca. xxxij.

    _ The ſetting and autoriſing of Iuſtice Airis and falſing of domes. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ Of Schireffis and Iugeis Ordinaris. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ Of landis ſelling vnder reuerſioun to cum agane to the firſt ſellar. Ca. xxxv.

    _ Of obligatiounis to be followit within .xl. ȝeir or els preſcriue. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ Tuiching the electioun of Officiaris in Burrowis. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ ¶ Of Notaris and Tabelliounis making be the King. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ That wollin claith be met be the rig. Ca. xxxix.

    _ ¶ Of the indorſing of the Kingis breuis and letters. Ca. xl.

    _ That the extorſiounis of the Kingis liegis be not tane in fairis. Ca. xli.

    _ That poynding on Martymes and witſonday be delayit to the feird day. Ca. xlv.

    _ Of ſlauchter of forthochfellony and ſuddantie and fleing to gyrth. Ca. xliij.

    _ That the pure tennentis ſall pay na ferrar, than thair termis maill for thair Lordis det be the breif of diſtres. Ca. xliiij.

    _ Of fiſche, Salmound, girſillis, trowtis, and nettis in watters. Ca. xlv

    _ ¶ The Parliament, Iuſtice Airis, nor Chalmerlane Airis neidis not be continewit fra day to day. Ca. xlvj.

    _ The Setterday and vther Vigillis to be haly day fra euinſang to euinſang. Ca. xivij.

    _ Anent the reductioun of hoſpitallis. Ca. xlviij.

    _ ¶ That ferryaris mak briggis. Ca. xlix.

    _ That the Kingis Rollis and Regiſter be put in buikis. Ca. l.

    _ ¶ That na Deneiris of France cortis nor malȝeis be tane, nor brocht hame Ca. lj.

    _ Anent breuis pleidabill. Ca. lij.

    _ ¶ Anent the ſtanching of ſlauchter with additioun. Ca. liij.

    _ That na Clerkis purches beneficis, or office of Collecto•rie at the court of Rome, the quhilk was not thairat befoir. Ca. liiij.

    _ Of cartis of weir to be maid. Ca. lv.

    _ ¶ The lenth of ſpeiris, and that ȝemen haue targeis, and of wapinſchawing. Ca. lvj.

    _ That nane weir ſilkis within ane hundreth pundis worth of land. Ca. lvij.

    _ Anent the money and crying downe of the allayit grot vj. d. Ca. lviij.

    _ ¶ For the eſchewing of manſwering of fals aſſyſis or inqueiſtis. Ca. lix.

    _ That Lordis, Barronis, and Burrowis gar mak Schippis, Buſchis, and greit Pinkboittis with nettis. Ca. lx.

    _ The partie that tynis his actioun ſalbe in ane vnlaw of .xl.s. Ca. lxj.

    _ Of the fredome of haly kirk.

    _ ¶ Ane Ambaxat in Ingland for the redreſſis of the Barge. Ca. lxij.

    _ Of the money and bulȝeoun. Ca. lxiij.

    _ Of the breif of tutorie. Ca. lxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of arreiſtmentis. Ca. lxv.

    _ Anent airſchip of mouabill gudis of Barronis. Ca. lxvj.

    _ ¶ Of obligatiounis. Ca. lxvij.

    _ The anſwer of the retour. Ca. lxviij.

    _ That all complaintis firſt perſew thair Iuge Ordinar. Ca. lxix.

    _ ¶ That foure of the auld counſall be choſin to the new. Ca. lxx.

    _ Anent ouerlordis, that will not enter to thair landis. Ca. lxxj.

    _ ¶ That perſounis arreiſtit to the Iuſtice Air enter within bar. Ca. lxxij.

    _ The vnlaw of ſteiling of halkis, hundis, pertrikis, and duikis. Ca. lxxiij.

    _ Of Dais and Rais, hunting of Deir, and taking of cuningis. Ca. lxxiiij.

    _ That ferryaris mak briggis. Ca. lxxv.

    _ ¶ Of the fredome of haly kirk.

    _ That the Iuſtice ſet his Airis twyis in the ȝeir. Ca. lxxvj.

    _ ¶ That all complaintis firſt perſew to thair Iuge Ordinar. lxxvij.

    _ Anent fals aſſyſe or inqueiſtis, and the pane thairof. Ba. lxxviij.

    _ ¶ Anent the mariage of our Souerane Lordis ſiſter. Ca. lxxix.

    _ Anent the inbringing of bulȝeoun. Ca. lxxx.

    _ That nouther ſiluer nor gold be put to the fyre. Ca. lxxxj.

    _ Anent the breif of Idiotrie and furioſitie. Ca. lxxxij.

    _ That the money and gold be cryit vp hiear. Ca. lxxxiij.

    _ ¶ Of the payment of the dettour and the creditour. Ca. lxxxiiij.

    _ That na courtis of guerra be haldin. Ca. lxxxv.

    _ Of our Souerane Lordis reuocatioun. Ca. lxxxvj.

    _ ¶ The annexatioun of the Erldome of Ros. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ Of haly Kirk.

    _ Of ſlauchter. Ca. lxxxviij.

    _ Of the money. Ca. lxxxix.

    _ Ane Ambaxat to the Duik of Burgunȝie. Ca. lxxxx.

    _ Of victuallis. Ca. lxxxxj.

    _ ¶ Anent Cruuis. Ca. lxxxxij.

    _ Anent ferryaris that raſis fraucht. Ca. lxxxxiij.

    _ Anent mureburne. Ca. lxxxxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of the bind of Salmound. Ca. lxxxxv.

    _ Of beggaris and Sornaris. Ca. lxxxxvj.

    _ Of ſchoing of hors in the quick be ſmythis. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ Of ſpelris and thair lenth and iakkis. Ca. lxxxxviij.

    _ ¶ Of perſounis cummand to the hoiſt. Ca. lxxxxix.

    _ Of wapinſchawing and abilȝementis for weir. Ca. c.

    • ¶ Furneſing of Caſtellis.

    • Aganis the reifar Edwart.

    • The Kingis promis for miniſtrationn of Iuſtice and gude reule.

    • ¶ The maner of reddynes to reſiſt the reifar Eduard.

    • Of Currouris and thair horſing.

    • ¶ For the reſiſting of the tratour Iames of Dowglas.

    • The vphalding of Berwyk and garniſounis to be layd on the Bordouris vpone the expenſis o• the thre Eſtatis.

    • wageis.

    • ¶ Contrare the fauouraris of Iames of Dowglas.

    • Ane Ambaxat to the King of France.

    _ Anent the reuocatioun maid be a woman hauand coniunctfeftment efter hir huſbandis deceis. Ca. cj.

    _ ¶ Anent the Indult grantit to the Archibiſchop of Sanctandros. Ca. cij.

    _ That our Souerane Lord preſent to beneficis all tymes the ſege vacand. Ca. ciij.

    _ ¶ Contrare the purcheſſaris of beneficis aganis the Kingis priuilege Ca. ciiij.

    _ ¶ For treiting of ſtrangearis inbringand victuallis. Ca. cv.

    _ ACTA PARLIAMENTI IACOBI TERTII REGIS SCOTORVM TENTI apud Edinburgh .xxiiij. die Menſis Februarij Anno Do. M.iiii.C. lxxxiij.

    • Recouering of Dunbar Caſtell.

    • Aganis Alexander Duke of Albany.

    • The denying of remiſſiounis and reſpectis.

    _ Of impetratioun of beneficis the ſege vacand Ca. cvij.

    _ ¶ Of the money. Ca. cviij.

    • Ane Ambaxat to King Richard.

    _ Of the fiſche garth. Ca. cix.

    _ Of remiſſiounis and reſpectis. Ca. cx.

    _ Ane Ambaxat to the Pape. Ca. cxj.

    • ¶ Inſtructiounis.

    • Of Barratouris.

    • For confirmatioun of auld and impetratioun of new priuilegeis.

    _ Of ferryaris that takis dowbill fraucht. Ca. cxij.

    _ ¶ That thair be ane Dekin and ſerchour of goldſmythis. Ca. cxiij.

    _ The crying downe of the new plakis. Ca. cxiiij.

    _ ¶ Of talloun and ſalt hydis. Ca. cxv.

    _ Refuſe of remiſſiounis and reſpectis. Ca. cxvj.

    _ Of Iuſticis generallis to be maid. Ca. cxvij.

    _ For inbringing of treſpaſſouris and defending of thame at the bar. Ca. cxviij

    _ Of Crownaris. Ca. cxix.

    _ Of ſlauchter with additioun. Ca. cxx.

    _ Of the keiping of arreiſtit treſpaſſouris. Ca. cxxj.

    _ Of Schireffis and Crownaris. Ca. cxxij.

    _ Of cumming to courtis in ſober wyis. Ca. cxxiij.

    _ That all actiounis firſt perſew thair Iuge Ordinar. Ca. cxxiiij.

    _ The deſyris of Burrowis. Ca. cxxv.

    _ ¶ Ambaxat to the King of Romanis for vndoing of ane letter of Marque. Ca. cxxvj.

    _ Of ſaillaris to haue half ane laſt of gudis. Ca. cxxvij.

    _ That craftiſmen vſand Mer•handice renunce thair craft. Ca. cxxviij.

    _ Of cheſing of Officiaris in Burrowis. Ca. cxxix.

    _ Of frauchting of Schippis and the panis thairof. Ca. cxxx.

    _ The bind of Salmound and meſour thairof. Ca. cxxxj.

    _ That Commiſſaris of Burrowis compeir togidder at anis in the ȝeir in Innerkething. Ca. cxxxij.

    _ Of fiſching and making of hering at the weſt ſey. Ca. cxxxiij.

    _ That nane attempt contrare the annexatioun of the Pryorie of Coldinghame to the Chapell Royall. Ca. cxxxiiij.

  4. PARLIAMENTVM PRIMVM EXCELLENTISSIMI PRINCIPISET DOMINI NOSTRI DOMINI IACOBI QVARTI Scotorum Regis Illuſtriſsimi tentum & inchoatum apud Edinburgh ſexto die Menſis Octobris An. Do. Milleſimo Quadringen. Octuageſimo octauo.

    _ Of the fredome of halie Kirk. Ca. j.

    _ Of our Souerane Lordis mariage. Ca. ij.

    _ Of landis and gudis takin befoir the feild of Striuiling. Ca. iij.

    _ That Burgeſſis and vnlandit men, that ony gudis was takin fra be reſtorit agane. Ca. iiij.

    _ That all Officiaris being in the feild of Striuiling be ſuſpendit fra thair officis for thre ȝeiris. Ca. v.

    _ Anent the entre of airis of thame that •eceiſſit at the feiid of Striuiling. Ca. vj

    _ The furth putting of Iuſtice. Ca. vij.

    _ ¶ Anent the ſtanching of thift, reif, and vther enormiteis. Ca. viij.

    _ Of Burrowis repledge and thair nichtbouris fra the Iuſtice. Ca. ix.

    _ That a fyne penny of Gold and ane vther of ſiluer be ſtrikin. Ca. x.

    _ That Schippis cum to fre Burrowis. Ca. xj.

    _ Of Clerkis that purcheſſis beneficis at the court of Rome. Ca. xij.

    _ Of Clerkis that purcheſſis beneficis contrare the Kingis preſentatioun. Ca. xiij.

    _ The propoſitioun of the debait of the feild of Striuiling. Ca. xiiij.

    _ Anent Cruuis. Ca. xv.

    _ The keiping of the Caſtell of Edinburgh and deſtroying of the Caſtell of Dumbar. Ca. xvj.

    _ The reuocatioun maid at Scone. Ca. xvij.

    _ That the airis be not hurt be thair predeceſſouris. Ca. xviij.

    • HAEC SVNTACTA ET STATVTA FACTA IN PARLIAMENTO PRAEſcripto & confirmata per ſupremum Dominū noſtrum Regem decimoquin to die Menſis Februarij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quadringen teſimo. lxxxix. Praeſentibus ibidem tribus Regni ſtatibus.

    _ Of Iuſtice Airis. Ca. xix.

    _ Of vniuerſall concord amangis the liegis. Ca. xx.

    _ For inbringing of the taxatioun and vndoing of the Kingis diſcharge of ony part thairof. Ca. xxj.

    _ For inſtructiounis making to renew confederatioun and allyance. Ca. xxij.

    _ Ane Ambaxat to Denmark. Ca. xxiij.

    _ The Kingis reuocatioun and inbringing of his propertie. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ The prouiſioun for the Duke of Roſe and Erle of Mar, and inbringing of thair rentis. Ca. xxv.

    • The names of the Lordis.

    _ For keiping of the dayis of trewis. Ca. xxvj.

    _ Auditouris of our Souerane Lordis comptis. Ca. xxvij.

    _ Of the Kingis ſecreit counſall and houſhald. Ca. xxviij.

    _ Of goldſmythis. Ca. xxix.

    _ Anent the ſailing of Merchandis. Ca. xxx.

    _ Anent ferryaris, that takis dowbill fraucht. Ca. xxxj.

    _ Anent cruuis and fiſche ȝairis. Ca. xxxij.

    _ Anent the fre tennentis, that haldis of the Duke of Rotheſay, and Stewart of Scotland. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ Of the money. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ Of vndoing of Caupis in Galloway. Ca. xxxv.

    _ Of Caupis in Carrik. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ The proces of recouering of annuall rentis. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ Of tennentis inhabitantis the Kingis proper landis. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ The change of the Caſtell of the Glume to be callit Campbell. Ca. xxxix.

    _ Of Halkarſtoun to be callit the Tempill. Ca. xl.

    _ Our Souerane Lordis reuocatioun. Ca. xlj.

    _ The remit of thame that was in Dounbertane with the Lord Lyle. Ca. xlij.

    _ Of the fredomes of the halie Kirk. Ca. xliij.

    _ The allyance and confederatioun of France to be confermit. Ca. xliiij.

    _ Ambaxat for our Souerane Lordis mariage. Ca. xlv.

    _ Ane Ambaxat to Denmark. Ca. xlvi.

    _ Anent breuis and landis falland in waird. Ca. xlvij.

    _ Of landis falland in waird or vtherwayis alterit, that the tennentis ſall remane thairwith, quhill the nixt witſonday. Ca. xlviij.

    _ Anent finding of lawborrois. Ca. xlix.

    _ Anent ſlauchter or demembring. Ca. l.

    _ That Iuſtice Airis be haldin twyis in the ȝeir. Ca. lj.

    _ The partie that tynis his actioun ſall pay his parteis coiſtis and ane vnlaw of .xl.s. Ca. lij.

    _ Of wappinſchawing. Ca. liij.

    _ Of the keiping of the dayis of trewis. Ca. liiij.

    _ Of mettis meſuris and wechtis. Ca. lv.

    _ The ſitting of the Seſſiounis. Ca. lvj.

    _ Of conuocatioun and gaddering in Burrowis. Ca. lvij.

    _ Of Summoundis of erroure. Ca. lviij.

    _ Anent the commoun gude of all Burrowis. Ca. lix.

    _ Anent the copying of the actis and proclamatioun of the ſamin. Ca. lx.

    _ Of refuſing of gold that is crakit. Ca. lxj.

    _ Of the halie Kirk. Ca. lxij.

    _ Of diſpoſitioun of beneficis the ſege vacand. Ca. lxiij.

    _ That beneficis of auld vſit to be diſponit within the Realme be diſponit within the ſamin. Ca. lxiiij.

    _ The bull anent the promotioun to beneficis electiue to be obſeruit and keipit. Ca. lxv.

    _ That na Legat be reſſaiffit within the Realme, bot gif he be ane Cardinall or natiue borne of it. Ca. lxvj.

    _ Of the Indult grantit to Sanctandros and Glaſgow, for confirmatioun of the electiounis to Abbaceis. Ca. lxvij.

    _ Of the pleyis betuix the Biſchoppis of Sanctandros and Glaſgow. Ca. lxviij

    _ The Kingis Oratouris to charge all vthers to ceis thair pleyis. Ca. lxix.

    _ Of taxatioun of beneficis to be maid efter the auld taxatioun. Ca lxx.

    _ The troubill of the money and it be crakit. Ca. lxxj.

    _ Ambaxat for the Kingis mariage. Ca. lxxij.

    _ That ſtrangearis Merchandis, that cummis with Schippis cum to the principall towne. Ca. lxxiij.

    _ That na Cordonar, nor vther craftiſman tak na cuſtumis of vthers. Ca. lxxiiij

    _ Putting downe of Dekinnis of craftis, and that na maſonis nor wrichtis tak payment for halie dayis. Ca. lxxv.

    _ Anent the taking of multur of flowre that cummis furth of vther landis. Ca. lxxvj.

    _ That the Iuſtice Clerk tak furth all the ſtatutis, that hes pane of dictay in thame. Ca. lxxvij.

    _ That na cuſtumaris tak na mair taxatioun than is ſtatute Ca. lxxviij.

    _ Of mureburne. Ca. lxxix.

    _ That nane deſtroy herone ſewis for thre ȝeiris. Ca. lxxx.

    _ Anent the making of Schippis and buſchis. Ca. lxxxj.

    _ Of giftis and alienatiounis maid be our Souerane Lordis father. Ca. lxxxij.

    _ That airis may reuoke at thair lauchfull age, and of our Souerane Lordis reuocatioun. Ca. lxxxiij.

    • The Kingis reuocatioun.

    _ Of the bind of Salmound. Ca. lxxxiiij.

    _ The fredome of halie Kirk. Ca. lxxxv.

    _ That na perſounis pas furth of the Realme to purches ony beneficis without ſeif of our Souerane Lord. Ca. lxxxvi.

    _ That all Barronis and frehaldaris, that ar of ſubſtance put thair eldeſt ſonnis and airis to the ſculis. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ Of the money and bulȝeoun. Ca. lxxxviij.

    _ Of the pryce gudnes and fynes of victuallis and all vther maner of ſtuffe wrocht. Ca. lxxxix.

    _ That all Summoundis of errour be raſit, and perſewit within the ſpace of thre ȝeiris. Ca. xc.

    _ Of the fredome of halie Kirk. Ca. xcj.

    _ Of the daylie counſall. Ca. xcij.

    _ That Iuſtice and Schireffis be maid for the Ilis. Ca. xciij.

    _ Of the Iuſtice Airis of Ergyle, Lorne, Bute, and thay partis. Ca. xciiij.

    _ Of Schireffis to be maid in Ros and Cathnes. Ca. xcv.

    _ That the greteſt cryme be ſpecifeit in the remiſſioun. Ca. xcvj.

    _ That na remiſſioun ſalbe geuin for ſlauchtrr vpone forthochtfellony. Ca. xcvij.

    _ Of the correctioun and examinatioun of Notaris. Ca. xcviij.

    _ That Summoundis vpone recent ſpulȝie may be maid vpone. xv. dayis. Ca. xcix.

    _ Anent the expenſis of Schireffis for thair office. Ca. c.

    _ Of the expenſis of proces. Ca. cj.

    _ For keiping of money within the Realme. Ca. cij.

    _ Anent ſteilaris of Pykis, brekaris of ȝairdis and dowcatis. Ca. ciij.

    _ Anent beggaris. Ca. ciiij.

    _ Anent the making of Schippis for fiſching. Ca. cv.

    _ Of the vnlaw of grene wod and mureburne. Ca. cvj.

    _ Of ſlanchter of reid fiſche. Ca. cvij.

    _ Of the diuiſioun of Schirefdomes. Ca. cviij.

    _ That hedgeis, parkis, and dowcatis, and cuningharis be maid. Ca. cix.

    _ Of ȝeirlie wappinſchawing to be maid. Ca. cx.

    _ That the heretouris and airis may be followit at the ȝeiris end efter the deceis of thair foirbearis. Ca. cxj.

    _ Anent the exceptiounis propronit anent wedowis in hindering of thame of thair teircis. Ca. cxij.

    _ That all frehaldaris within ane hundreth merk of extent ſend thair procuratouris to the Parliament. Ca. cxiij.

    _ That all our Souerane Lordis liegis be reulit be his Lawis. Ca. cxiiij.

    _ That all Officiaris within Burgh be changeit ȝeirlie. Ca. cxv.

    _ That na Merchand perſew ane vther in partis beȝond ſey befoir ony Iuge, bot the Conſeruatour. Ca. cxvj.

    _ That the Conſeruatour of Scotland cum hame ȝeirlie, or ſend ane procuratour. cxvij

    _ That na mercat nor fairis be haldin vpone halie dayis, nor in Kirk, nor in Kirk ȝairdis. Ca. cxviij.

    _ That Merchandis and Burrowis bruke thair auld priuilegeis. Ca. cxix.

    _ That Cōmiſſaris & heidiſmen of Burrowis be warnit of taxatiounis of the Realme. Ca. cxx.

    _ That na Burges be maid without cōſent of the greit coūſall of the towne. cxxj

    • That the auld act anent ſaillairis be put to executioun.

    _ That na neichtbour vſurpe agane the Officiaris in Burgh. Ca. cxxij.

    _ That nane houſe woll, ſkin. nor hydis in Leith. Ca. cxxiij

    _ That all Schireffs and Officiaris wryte the day, that thay gif ſeiſing to ony man in thair court buke. Ca. cxxiiij.

    _ That it be leiffull to our Souerane Lord to ſet all his landis in few. Ca. cxxv.

    _ That it ſalbe leiffull to euerie man baith ſpirituall and temporall to ſet thair landis in few. Ca. cxxvj.

    _ That the maltmakaris preſent thair malt to the mercat. Ca. cxxvij.

    _ That the inhabitantis of annexit and vnite laudis to vther Baronageis ſall anſwer to the Iuſtice Airis, Schirefcourtis, quhair the landis lyis. Ca. cxxviij.

    _ Of exceptiounis to be proponit agane the breif of inqueiſt. Ca. cxxix.

    _ Of the proces of the breif of rycht. Ca. cxxx.

    _ That all meſuris and wechtis be of ane quantitie, quhilk ſalbe ſtatute in Edinburgh be the Chalmerlane. Ca. cxxxj.

    _ Of the hame bringing of bulȝeoun, the auld act to be obſeruit. Ca. cxxxij.

    _ That all money haue cours in the Realme it being crakit or flawit. Ca. cxxxiij.

    _ That na Schiref, nor Officiar diſtreinȝie, or poynd ony thing belangand the pleuch in tyme of teiling. Ca. cxxxiiij.

    _ That the wordis of falſing of domes be changeit. Ca. cxxxv.

    _ Of the fredomes of the halie Kirk. Ca. cxxxvij.

    _ Anent the deuiſioun of Schirefdomes. Ca. cxxxvij.

    _ Ane act maid be our ſaid Souerane Lord King Iames the feird, anent the ward, releif, and mariage of the airis of thame that deceiſſis in the arme.

  5. PARLIAMENTVM EXCELLENTISSIMI PRINCIPIS ET DO. NOSTRI DOM. Jacobi Quinti Dei gratia Scotorum Regis Illuſtriſsimi tentum & inchoatum apud Edinburgh die louis duodecimo die Menſis Iulij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo decimoquinto per illuſtrem & magnificum principem Iohannem Ducem Albaniae. &c. praecicti Do. noſtri Regis & Regni tutorem & gubernatorem, vnacum Praelatis, Baronibus, Proceribus, & Burgorum Commiſsarijs in ſpeciali Commiſsione contentis & ibidem perlectis in dicto Parliamēto congregatis treis Regni ſtatus repraeſentantibus. &c. Quo die ſectis vocatis, curia affirmata abſentes patent in Rotulis.

    _ Of the fredome of halie Kirk. Ca. j.

    _ Punitioun of thift and ſtouthreif, and maiſters or ſuſtenaris of theifis. Ca. ij.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APVD EDINBVRGH VICESIMO QVARTO die Menſis Iulij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo viceſimo ſecundo.

    _ Anent the takkis and ſteidingis of thame that ar ſlane, as ſaid is. Ca. iiij.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO EXCELLENTISSIMI PRINCIPIS ET DO. NOSTRI DO. Jacobi Quinti Dei gratia Scotorum Regis metuendiſsimi tento apud Edinburgh decimoſeptimo die Menſis Maij An. Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo triceſimo ſecundo per eundem tribus Regni ſtatibus praeſentibus.

    _ The inſtitutioun of the College of Iuſtice. Ca. vi.

    • The Chancellar and preſident to reſſaif the aithis of the Lordis abſent.

    • The Chancellar, Preſident, and Lordis of the Seſſioun to mak the ordour, how it ſalbe proccidit in thair Seſſioun.

    • The diuiſioun of the Realme quarterlie.

    • ¶ That all Summoundis priuilegeit be callit on monounday oulklie quhilk followis, and horning all tymes.

    • That all the commoun maters be callit on all the dayis of the oulk, except Fryday for the Kingis maters, and ſtrangearis, and the Quenis maters.

    • That all continuatiounis be callit at the dayis aſſignit thairto.

    • Anentis deliuerance of cognitioun to Schireffis.

    • The counſalhous to be reparrellit.

    • That all the Lordis enter in the Tolbuith at. viij. houris.

    • ¶ That the counſalhous be iſcheit efter the entrie of the Lordis.

    • ¶ That na man pley bot parteis and thair procuratouris.

    • That billis be firſt red and continuatiounis, and ſyne the Tabill.

    • ¶ For examinatioun of witnes.

    • That all maters be callit be the ordour of the Tabill.

    • That ſilence be had in the counſalhous.

    • Of the geuing of voitis and ordour thairof.

    • ¶ That ten Lordis ſall remane with the Preſident.

    • Executioun of ſentence to be maid be Heraldis, Purſeuantis, and Maſſaris.

    • Of the Clerkis of the Signet.

    • Anent payment for billis of complaint and Kingis letters.

    • Anent the deliuering of billis.

    • That Maſſaris keip counſall.

    • Quhat maſſaris ſall tak for thair laubouris.

    • The number of Aduocatis and thair namis.

    • Aduocatis to be ſworne.

    • That all Aduocatis pas furth of the counſalhous quhen the Lordis paſſis to diſputatioun.

    • Anent exceptiounis dilatouris.

    • The Kingis gude mynde anent the Lordis of the Seſſioun.

    • The Subſcriptioun.

    _ THE ACTIS AND CONSTITVTIOVNIS MAID BE THE RYCHT HIE AND mychtie Prince IAMES the fyft King of Scottis, in his Parliament begunnin and haldin, At Edinburgh the. VII. day of Iunij. THE ȝeir of God M. D. and. XXXV. ȝeiris.

    _ For the eſchewing of hereſie within this Realme, and the panis thairof. Ca. viij▪

    _ Aganis thame that ſuſtenis the proces of curſing aboue the ſpace of. xl. dayis. Ca. ix.

    _ For planting of woddis, foreſtis and orchartis. Ca. x.

    _ The panis of the deſtroyaris of woddis, and makaris of mureburne in forbodin tyme. Ca. xj.

    _ For keiping of foreſtis. Ca. xij.

    _ For brekaris of dowcatis, cuningharis, parkis and ſtankis. Ca. xiij.

    _ For brekaris of ȝairdis and orchardis. Ca. xiiij.

    _ Of ſlaying of hairis. Ca. xv.

    _ The remeid for deſtructioun of houſis, maner placis, woddis, forreſtis, orchardis, ȝairdis, and hauing of landis fallin in waird. Ca. xvj.

    _ Of reid fiſche, Smoltis and of ſlaying of Salmound in forbodin tyme. Ca. xvij.

    _ Of Cruuis and ȝaris. Ca. xviij.

    _ Of Buſchis for fiſching. Ca. xix.

    _ For hoſtillaris and trauellaris in the countrie. Ca. xx.

    _ Of ſtudis and ſtude placis. Ca. xxj.

    _ That na man ſell nolt nor ſcheip to Ingliſmen, nor ſ•ud victuallis, fiſche, nor ſalt in Ingland. Ca. xxij.

    _ Foirſtallaris. Ca. xxiij.

    _ For the ſtanching of maiſterfull beggaris with additioun. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ The remeid for deliuering of thame that fleis to gyrth. Ca. xxv.

    _ Priuilegeis of Burrowis. Ca. xxvj.

    _ Anentis Merchandis, that ſailis incontrare the actis maid of befoir. Ca. xxvij▪

    _ That na Schip ſaill with ſtapill gudis fra Symonis day and Iude, quhril Candelmes. Ca. xxviij.

    _ Of the cheſing of Officiaris in Burgh, and bringing of the comptis of thair commoun gudis ȝeirlie in the Checkar. Ca. xxix.

    _ That na man troubill nor moleſt, Proueſt Aldermen, Baillies, and Officiaris within Burgh. Ca. xxx.

    _ That na man ryde, bot in ſober maner. Ca. xxxj.

    _ For malt makaris. Ca. xxxij.

    _ Of craftiſmen, brouſtaris, fellacis of ſalt and victuall within Burgh. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ That na man ſaill into Flandaris, bot twyſe in the ȝeir. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ The declaratioun of the pley, betuix the Lairdis of Blairquhane and Gyleſtoun. Ca. xxxv.

    _ Anentis Iuſtice Airis, and particulare diettis for certane ſpeciall crymes. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ The additioun of the act of curſing. xxxvd.

    _ Declaratioun of Parliament, gif the Kingis grace hes actioun or not, aganis the airis of thame, that committis crymes of leſe maieſtie. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ Ratificatioun and pronunciatioun of the actis of the laſt Parliament▪ Ca. xxxix.

    _ The Kingis grace reuocatioun. Ca. xl.

    _ IN THE PARLIAMENT BEGVNNIN AND HALDIN AT EDINBVRGH, the thrid day of December. THE ȝeir of God. M. D. and XL. ȝeiris.

    _ Of the ſetting of temporall courtis. Ca. xld.

    _ Of deputis to Schireffis and vthers Officiaris. Ca. xliij.

    _ Anentis the indorſing of letters and preceptis. Ca. xliiij.

    _ The ordour of Summounding of all perſounis in ciuile actiounis. Ca. xlv▪

    _ The electioun of Notaris. Ca. xlvj.

    _ The geuing of ſeſingis. Ca. xlvij.

    _ Of the admiſſioun of Notaris. Ca. xlviij.

    _ That the protocollis of all ſeſingis be preſentit ȝeirlie in the Checkar. Ca. xlix.

    _ Of fals Notaris and witnes. Ca. l.

    _ Of Notaris Ordinar in the Shiref court, or vtherwayis. Ca. lj.

    _ For geuing of commiſſiounis in preiudice of the Ordinar. Ca. lij.

    _ Of leſing makaris. Ca. liij.

    _ The act of annexatioun of landis to the Crowne. Ca. liiij.

    _ Wappinſchawingis to be twyſe in the ȝeir. Ca. lv.

    _ That the army of Scotland be vnhorſit except greit Barronis. Ca. lvj.

    _ The maner of harnes, wappinnis and armour. Ca. lvij.

    _ Of armour conforme to euerie mannis rent and ſubſtance. Ca. lviij.

    _ That all perſounis preſent in wappinſchawing be writtin with the maner of thair armour. Ca. lix.

    _ The premunitioun of wappinſchawingis. Ca. lx.

    _ The cheſing of Capitanis in euerie parochin. Ca. lxj.

    _ Ane generall remiſſioun grantit be the Kingis grace to all his liegis. Ca. lxij.

    _ IN THE PARLIAMENT OF THE FOIRSAID EXCELLENT PRINCE and King, Haldin at Edinburgh the .XIIII. day of Marche. THE ȝeir of God. M. D. and .XL. ȝeiris.

    _ For worſchip to be had to the Virgine Mary. Ca. lxiiij.

    _ That na man argune the Papis autoritie. Ca. lxv.

    _ The Kingis grace exhortatioun in plane Parliament, for reforming of the Kirk and Kirkmen. Ca. lxvj.

    _ That na priuate conuentiounis be maid to diſpute of the Scripture. Ca. lxvij.

    _ Of perſounis abiurit of hereſie. Ca. lxviij.

    _ Of fugitiuis ſuſpect and ſummound for hereſie. Ca. lxix.

    _ That nane diſhonour the Imagis of Sanctis. Ca. lxx.

    _ That nane diſhonour Imagis. Ca. lxxj.

    _ Ratificatioun of the Inſtitutioun of the College of Iuſtice. Ca. lxxij.

    _ Hagbutis and vther ſmall Artailierie to be furniſt within the Realme. Ca. lxxiij.

    _ For hame bringing of hagbuttis. Ca. lxxiiij.

    _ For inbringing of the Kingis grace propertie and caſualiteis. Ca. lxxv.

    _ Anentis committaris of ſlauchter, mutilatioun and reſſet of the Kingis Rebellis. Ca. lxxvj.

    _ For ſtanching of ſtouth, thift and reif. Ca. lxxvij.

    _ For eſchewing of victuallis derth of fleſche and fiſche. Ca. lxxviij.

    _ Tuiching the Crowne of wecht. Ca. lxxix.

    _ For ſtanching of derth of wyne, ſalt and tymmer. Ca. lxxx.

    _ Tuiching the hoſpitallis. Ca. lxxxj.

    _ For policie in Edinburgh. Ca. lxxxij.

    _ Anent the meill mercat of Edinburgh. Ca. lxxxiij.

    _ The panis of Iugeis that dois wrang. Ca. lxxxiiij.

    _ Prouiſioun and panis of thame committand fraude in the alienatioun or vtherwayis. Ca. lxxxv.

    _ The remeid aganis thame, that lyis out of thair landis, and will not enter, in defraude of thair creditouris. Ca. lxxxvj.

    _ Anent the priuilege of Burrowis. Ca. lxxxvij.

    _ Of pakking and peling. Ca. lxxxviij.

    _ Anent furth hauing of money of the Realme. Ca. lxxxix.

    _ Of meſuris of fiſche. Ca. xc.

    _ The panis of thame that tynis the pley. Ca. xcj.

    _ Anentis conductioun of craftiſmen. Ca. xcij.

    _ For drawaris of claith. Ca. xciij.

    _ For foirſtallaris. Ca. xciiij.

    _ Anentis wechtis. Ca. xcv.

    _ Annexatioun of landis to the Crowne. Ca. xcvj.

    _ The diſſolutioun of the vnion, for ſetting of fewis. Ca▪ xcvij.

    _ HEIR FOLLOWIS CERTANE ACTIS AND CONSTITVTIOVNIS, MAID be our Souerane Lord King Iames the fyft, with auiſe of his thre Eſtatis, in diuers his Parliamētis in his les age. And now ſene ouer agane be the Lordis of his Articlis, and fundin be thame, gude and reſſonabill. And thairfoir ordanit be our ſaid Souerane Lord, to be collectit, ratifeit & appr•uit be his hienes, and ordanit to be inſert in the bukis of his preſent Parliament, to be geuin furth with the laif of his actis of Parliament. And nottheles, the ſtrenth and effect of thame to haue bene ſen the firſt conſtitutioun.

    _ Anentis birning of Cornis, raſing of fyre, and renyſing of wemen. Ca. xcix

    _ Anentis thame that brekis or paſſis contrare the Kingis grace priuilegeis grantit to him be the ſate of Rome. Ca. c

    _ The nerreſt of the kin, to haue the gudis of thame that deis vnteſtat, without preiudice of the Quot. Ca. cj.

    _ That na Legate be reſſaifit in this Realme. Ca. cij.

    _ The mercat dayis for ſelling of breid in Edinburgh. Ca. ciij.

    _ Thre mercat dayis for ſelling of fleſche. Ca. ciiij.

    _ For talloun. Ca. cv.

    _ Of thame that counterfatis the Kingis money. Ca. cvj.

    _ Anentis thame, that takis placis of Biſchoppis and Abbais efter thair deceis. Ca. cvij.

    _ The Kingis grace ordinance for imprentin of his actis of Parliament. Ca. cviij. ¶ Thir ar the trew copyis, of the actis of Parliament, maid be our Souerane Lord King Iames the fyft

  6. IN PARLIAMENTO EXCELLENTISSIMAE PRINCIPIS ET DO. NOStrae Mariae Reginae Scotiae tento apud Edinburgh Decimo tertio die Men ſis Martij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quadrageſimo ſecundo Per Magnificum Principem Iacobum Comitem Arraniae Dominum Hammiltoun Tutorem ac Gubernatorem Regni tribus Regni ſtatibus preſentibus.

    _ Paſſing of ſignatouris throw the ſeilis, efter the Kingis deceis. Ca. j.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APVD EDINBVRGH. &c. DECIMO QVINto die Menſis Decembris Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quadrageſimo tertio.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APVD EDINBVRGH. &c. QVARto die Menſis Auguſti Anno. Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quadrageſimo ſexto.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO DECIMO QVARTO AVGVSTI ANNO DO. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quadrageſimo ſexto.

    • Monctoun Hall.

    _ Anent Kirkmen. Ca. v.

    • Anent the waird, releif and mariage.

    • Anent poſſeſſiounis.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APVD EDINBVRGH XXIX. DIE MENSIS Maij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quinquageſimo primo.

    _ Anent fauouraris of declairit tratouris, or beiraris of feid for ſlauchter committit vpone thame. Ca. vij.

    _ Anent thame that ſchutis with gu•nis at Deir and wylde foulis. Ca. viij.

    _ The act maid anent the annuellis of landis brint be our auld Inimeis of Ingland within Burrowis. Ca. ix.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APVD EDINBVRGH PRIMO FEBRVARII Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quinquageſimo primo.

    _ Of the prices of wylde and tame meitis. Ca. xj.

    _ The articlis and punctis concludit vpone aſſurit Scottiſmen with Ingland. Ca. xij.

    _ The ſecund article vpone aſſurit perſounis. Ca. xiij.

    _ The thrid article vpone aſſurit perſounis. Ca. xiiij.

    _ The declaratioun of my Lord Anguſe. Ca. xv.

    _ The act anentis thame, that ſweir is abominabill aithis. Ca. xvj.

    _ Anent thame that perturbis the Kirk the tyme of deuin• ſeruice. Ca. xvij.

    _ Anent thame that knawis thame ſelfis vnder proces of curſing. Ca. xviij.

    _ Anent curſit perſounis, that compellis preiſtis to ſay Meſſe in thair preſence. Ca. xix.

    _ Anent thame, that maryis twa wyfis or huſbandis. Ca. xx.

    _ Anent adulteraris, Ca. xxj.

    _ Anent malt makaris. Ca. xx•.

    _ Anent ferryaris. Ca. xxiij.

    _ Anent the ſlauchter of Lambis and Lapronis. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ Anent beggaris. Ca. xxv.

    _ Anent fals Notaris. Ca. xxvj.

    _ Anent craftiſmen. Ca. xxvij.

    _ Anent the examinatioun of Notaris. Ca. xxviij.

    _ Anent ſlaying of Hairis. Ca. xx••.

    _ Anent ſlaying of Dais and Rais. Ca. xxx.

    _ Anent the ordouring of euerie mannis hous. Ca. xxxj.

    _ Anent paking and peling. Ca. xxxij.

    _ Anent foirſtallaris. Ca. xxxiij.

    _ Anent the hauing of quhite fiſche furth of the Realme. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ Anent Prentaris. Ca. xxxv.

    _ Anent Monſieure Doſell. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ Ratificatioun of the contract maid betuix my Lord Gouernour and Schir Iames Hammiltoun. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ Ratificatioun of the act maid betuix the Quenis grace and my Lord Gouernour. Ca. xxxviij.

  7. PARLIAMENTVM EXCELLENTISSIMAE PRINCIPIS MARIAE REGINAE Scotorum tentum apud Edinburgh viceſimo die Menſis Iunij Anno Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quinquageſimo quinto, Per Magniſicam & excellentem Principem Mariam Reginam Do. No. Reginae matrem dotariam ac Gubernatriceni Regni praeſentibus tribus Regni ſtatibus.

    _ Anent the libertie of halie Kirk. Ca. j.

    _ Anent the making and deliuering of reuerſiounis. Ca. ij.

    _ Anent warning fra redemie landis and the pant for non remouing. Ca. iij.

    _ Anent the additioun maid to the act of ſlauchters. Ca. iiij.

    _ Anent proces to be had aganis perſounis paſſand furth of the Realme. Ca. v.

    _ The ordour for ſummoning of parteis to compeir befoir the Iuſtice or vthers Iugeis. Ca. vj.

    _ Anent the geuing of ſeſingis. Ca. vij.

    _ Anent the ordant for geuing of curatouris to minouris. Ca. viij.

    _ Anent citting of fleſche in Lentrene and vthers dayis forbiddin. Ca. ix.

    _ Anent redemptioun of landis. Ca. x.

    _ Anentis reſignatiounis ad perpetuam remanentiam. Ca. xj.

    _ Anent the warning of tennentis. Ca. xij.

    _ The act maid anentis the ſlauchters of parteis in perſute and defence of thair actiounis and cauſis. Ca. xiij.

    _ Anent the hauing of talloun, victuallis and fleſche furth of this Realme. Ca. xiiij.

    _ Anent the cumming to the bar for defence or perſute in criminall cauſis. Ca. xv.

    _ Anentis nulliteis. Ca. xvj.

    _ Anentis liggis and band•s. Ca. xvij.

    _ Anentis Notaris. Ca. xviij.

    _ Anentis woll, and vther ſtapill gudis cuſtumabill. Ca. xix.

    _ Anentis all meſouris and wechtis. Ca. xx.

    _ Anentis the geuing of ſeſingis vpone preceptis not paſt furth of the Chancellarie. Ca. xxj.

    _ Anent puniſchement of fals witnes. Ca. xxij.

    _ Anent the wod of Falkland. Ca. xxiij.

    _ Anentis the liberteis and priuilegeis of Burrowis. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ Anent the ſlaying of wylde beiſtis, wylde foulis, halking and hunting. Ca. xxv.

    _ Anent the diſchargeing of Dekinnis and cheſing of viſitouris. Ca. xxvj.

    _ Anentis the commoun paſſage in Burrowis. Ca. xxvij.

    _ Anent Burrowis of the weſt cuntrie. Ca. xxviij.

    _ Anentis horning vpone Kirkmen for taxt. Ca. xxix.

    _ Anentis Lambis. Ca. xxx.

    _ Anentis feryaris. Ca. xxxj.

    _ Anentis the ſlauchter of poutis, pertrikis. &c. Ca. xxxij.

    _ Anentis planting of woddis, parkis, forreſtis, and orchardis▪ Ca. xxxiij.

    _ Anentis goldſmythis, makaris of gold, and ſiluer warkis. Ca. xxxiiij.

    _ Anent the diſpoſitioun of wyne, ſalt, and tymmer. Ca. xxxv.

    _ Anentis ſteiling of Halkis, Hundis, Pertrikis, Dukis, and ſlauchter of Dais, Rais, hunting of Deir, taking of Cunningis and foulis. Ca. xxxvj.

    _ Anentis libertie of Merchandis at the weſt ſeyis. Ca. xxxvij.

    _ Anentis beggaris. Ca. xxxviij.

    _ Anentis the ſpeiking euill of the Quenis grace or frenchemen. Ca. xxxix.

    _ Anentis Robert Hude and Abbot of vnreſſoun. Ca. xl. THIR ar the trew copyis of the actis of Parliamentis of our Souerane Lady Quene Marie, halom be ane ¶ IN MARIAM REGINAM.¶ Viuida foeminea depicta in Imagine VirtusCur ſexus faciem debilioris amat?¶ Cu

  8. THE ACTIS OF THE LAST PARLIAMENT HALDIN AT EDINburgh in the ȝeir of God ane thouſand fyue hundreth thre ſcoir thre ȝeiris, the feird day of Iunij.

    _ The act of Obliuioun. Ca. j.

    _ Anentis cruuis and ȝairis. Ca. ij.

    _ Anentis the carying and hauing of gold ſiluer furth of the Realme. Ca. iij.

    _ Anentis the hamebringing of fals cuinȝie, gold, ſiluer, layit money, or vther money quhatſumeuer, and vſing of the ſamin within this Realme. And als anentis forgearis and makaris thairof within the ſamin. Ca. iiij.

    _ For eſchewing of derth of viuers and victuallis. Ca. v

    _ Anentis the making of ſalt within this Realme. Ca. vj.

    _ Anentis gleibis and manſis. Ca. vij.

    _ Anentis Vitchcraftis. Ca. viij.

    _ Anentis adulterie. Ca. ix.

    _ Anentis the raſing of bandis of men of weir. Ca. x.

    _ Anentis the reparrelling and vphalding of paroche Kirkis and of Kirk ȝairdis of the ſamin, for buriall of the deid. Ca. xj.

    _ Anent tennentis, and vther lauchfull poſſeſſouris of Kirk landis, and ſetting of fewis of the ſamin Kirk landis for the ſpace of thre ȝeiris heirefter. Ca. xij.

    _ Anentis meſouris and wechtis. Ca. xiij.

    _ Anentis ſchuting at wylde beiſtis and wylde foulis. Ca. xiiij.

    _ Anent the admiſſioun of Notaris, and prorogatioun of the ſamin. Ca. xv.

    _ Anent geuing of ſeſingis. Ca. xvj.

    _ Anent reſignationnis maid ad perpetuam remanentiam. Ca. xvij.

    _ That fyue or ſax of the principall Burrowis be warni• for concluding of weir, peax, or taxatiounis. Ca. xviij.

    _ Anent the ſtancheing of tumultis within Burrowis. Ca. xix.

    _ That na coillis be had furth of the Realme. Ca. xx.

    _ That beif and muttoun cum to the mercat with ſkin and birne. Ca. xxj.

    _ The ratificatioun of the priuilegeis of Burrowis. Ca. xxij.

    _ Anent the letters of Marque. Ca. xxiij.

    _ Ane prouiſioun to be maid for the Inſtructioun of the ȝouth. Ca. xxiiij.

    _ For ſending of Ambaſſadour to the King of Denmark. Ca. xxv. ¶ Thir .xxv. actis nixt precedant war in the ȝeir of God ane thouſand fyue hundred lxv. ȝeiris, extr

  9. PARLIAMENTVM EXCELLENTISSIMAE PRINCIPIS MARIAE REGINAE Scotorum tentum apud Edinburgh .xv. die Monſis Decembris An. Do. Milleſimo. Quingenteſimo Sexageſimo Quarto Praeſentibus tribus Regni ſtatibus.

    _ Anent the confirmatioun of fewi•. Ca. j. ¶ Extractit furth of the bukis of Parliament, at command of our Soueranis Lord and Lady, •t me Schir #####Back##### CVM PRIVILEGIO AD DECENNIVM.¶ Imprintit at Edinburgh be Robert Lekpreuik, the .xij. day of October the ȝeir of God ane thouſand

  10. THE ACTS OF THE SCOTISH PARLIAMENT, THAT WERE CANCELLED IN THE PRINTED COPIES, BEARING THE DATE OF NOVEMBER 28, 1566; NOW REPRINTED, FROM THE PERFECT COPY, THAT BEARS THE DATE OF OCTOBER 12, 1566. THE person, who has caused these cancelled leaves of the Acts of the Scotish Parliament to be reprin _ IN PARLIAMENTO EXCELLENTISSIMI PRINCIPIS ET DO. NOSTRI DO. JACOBI Quinti Dei gratia Scotorum Regis metuendiſſimi tento apud Edinburgh decimo ſeptimo die Menſis Maii An• Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo triceſimo Secundo per cundem tribus Regni Statibus praeſentibus.

    • Of the fredome of halie Kirk. Ca. v.

    • THE ACTIS AND CONSTITUTIOUNIS MAID BE THE RYCHT HIE AND MYCHTIE Prince JAMES the fyft King of Scottis, in his Parliament begunnin and haldin, at Edinburgh the VII day of Junii. The ȝeir of God M. D. and XXXV. ȝeiris.

    • IN THE PARLIAMENT OF THE FOIRSAID EXCELLENT PRINCE AND KING, HALDIN at Edinburgh the XIIII day of Marche. The ȝeir of God M. D. and XL. ȝeirs.

    • For worſchip to be had to the Virgine Mary. Ca. lxiiii.

    • That na man argune the Papis autoritie. Ca. lxv.

    • The Kingis grace exhortatioun in plane Parliament, for reforming of the Kirk and Kirkmen. Ca. lxvi.

    • That na private conventiounis be maid to diſpute of the Scripture. Ca. lxvii.

    • Of perſounis abjurit of hereſie. Ca. lxviii.

    • Of fugitivis ſuſpect and ſummound for hereſie. Ca. lxix.

    • That nane dishonour the Imagis of Sanctis. Ca. lxx.

    • That nane diſhonour Imagis. Ca. lxxi.

    _ IN PARLIAMENTO TENTO APUD EDINBURGH, &c. QUARTO DIE MENSIS AUGUSTI. Anno. Do. Milleſimo Quingenteſimo Quadrageſimo Sexto.

    • Aganis the invadaris and downecaſtars of Kirkis, Kirkmennis placis, and reifaris of the Iowellis. Ca. iii.

    _ Table of the Acts of Parliament contained in the foregoing leaves, being certain Acts of the Scotish Parliament, inserted in the Copy of the Acts printed by Robert Lekprevik, the 12th day of October, 1566, but which are omitted in the Copy of the Acts, printed by the said Lekprevik, the 28th day of November, 1566, pointing out the places where they ought to be inserted in the latter copy.

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