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#Thesaurus linguæ Romanæ & Britannicæ tam accurate congestus, vt nihil penè in eo desyderari possit, quod vel Latinè complectatur amplissimus Stephani Thesaurus, vel Anglicè, toties aucta Eliotæ Bibliotheca: opera & industria Thomæ Cooperi Magdalenensis. ... Accessit dictionarium historicum et poëticum propria vocabula virorum, mulierum, sectarum, populorum, vrbium, montium, & cæterorum locorum complectens, & in his iucundissimas & omnium cognitione dignissimas historias.#

##Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594.## Thesaurus linguæ Romanæ & Britannicæ tam accurate congestus, vt nihil penè in eo desyderari possit, quod vel Latinè complectatur amplissimus Stephani Thesaurus, vel Anglicè, toties aucta Eliotæ Bibliotheca: opera & industria Thomæ Cooperi Magdalenensis. ... Accessit dictionarium historicum et poëticum propria vocabula virorum, mulierum, sectarum, populorum, vrbium, montium, & cæterorum locorum complectens, & in his iucundissimas & omnium cognitione dignissimas historias. Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594.

##General Summary##


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This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Major revisions

  1. 2005-09 TCP Assigned for keying and markup
  2. 2006-03 SPi Global Keyed and coded from ProQuest page images
  3. 2006-04 Mona Logarbo Sampled and proofread
  4. 2006-04 Mona Logarbo Text and markup reviewed and edited
  5. 2006-09 pfs Batch review (QC) and XML conversion

##Content Summary##


  1. Cooperus Lectori.

  2. AD CLARISSIMVM VIRVM Robertum Dudleium, Leiceſtriae Comitem, Regiae maieſtati à conſilijs, & Oxonienſis Academiae Cancellarium, Thomae Cooperi, de Theſauri dedicatione, epiſtola.

  3. ANNOTATIONES QVIBVS STVDIOSI LECTORES ADMONENTVR DE RATIONE & ordine iſtius libri, ne fortè in quaerendis dictionibus vel errent vel haeſitent. FOr ſo much as the vnſkilfull or yoong learned Scholars can not of themſelues conceyue the vſe of th

  4. Alexander Nowellus in Cooperi Theſaurum.

  5. THOMAS VVYKVS LINCOLNIENſis hoſpitij Sotius, ad Thomam Cooperum.

  6. Eiuſdem carmen Sapphicum.

  7. THOMAS VALENS LINCOLnienſis hoſpitij Sotius, ad Thomam Cooperum.

  8. I A. CALFHILLVS ad Lectorem.

  9. AD LECTOREM T. Valens.

  10. 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉.


  1. ❀THESAVRVS LINGVAE ROMANAE ET BRITANNICAE. A LITERA vocalis, prima in alphabeti ſerie. Cicer.¶A & Ab, prapoſitiones ſunt ablatiuae eiuſdem ſignA BAb, praepoſitio ablatiua, Vide A.Abacion, abacij, ſubſtan. gen. neu. idem quod Abaculus: Diminuti _ A C A DAd, praepoſitio eſt accuſatiua, cuius proprius eſt vſus, quum motus aliquò ſignificatur. Et proprA EAedepol, pen. cor. Iurandi aduerbium eſt, tam viris, quàm mulieribus conueniens. Cic.By pollux hiA F FAffabilis, Affatus, Affabilitas, Vide AFFOR.Affabre, pen. cor. Aduerbium qualitatis. Cic.CunninA GAgabus.The Locuſte that deſtroyeth corne.Agalma, atis. An Image.Agalocum.Seemeth to be the ſweeteA HAh, Interiectio. An interiection of ſorowing, applyed alſo to other affections, as indignation, dA IAiglences.Wine alway muſtie.Ain, Vide AIO.Aio, Verbum anomalum & defectiuum, ſic declinatur, IndiA LAla, alae. Virg.The winge of a birde.Ala. Plin.The noſethrill: the pinion or ſhoulder of a beaſt:A MAma▪ amae, foe. g. Vl. Significat & falcē meſſoriā, & ſarculum.Amabilis, Amabilitas, AmabilîterA NAn, Aduerbium eſt interrogatiuum. Teren. An ego roties de eadem re audiam? Shall I ſo often heareA PApage, pen. cor. Nonnulli dicunt eſſe Verbū imperatiuum, ſecundae perſonae ſingularis: alij AdueA QAqua, aquae. Water.Imbrium aqua. Plin.Aquarum agmen. Virg. Arcus aquarum. Ouid.Aquae augur, corniA RAra, huius arae. An aulter.¶In aram confugere. Cic.To flee to ſanctuary.Aram tenere ſolebant veteA SAs, vel Aſſis, huius aſſis, m. g. Varro.A pounde weight.¶As. Plin.A peece of money leſſe then ourA TAt, Coniunctio diſcretiua. Ter. At mihi vnus ſcripulus etiam reſtat, qui me malè habet. But.At, pA VAu, Interiectio conſternati. Ter.A voyce of one aſtonyed: and as Linaker ſayth of ſilence.Auarus,A XAxare.To name or aſke.Axiculus, Vide AXIS.Axies.A company of women doing any thing togither.AxillA ZAzelos.Without loue.Azymus, pen. prod. Adiectiuum. vt Panis azymus. Galenus. Scrybonius Largus. VB ABABAE, Graeca admirātis vox: pro qua, papae Latini verterunt. Plaut.Babilonica veſtis. A garmentB DBdellium.Pli.A tree growing in Arabia: alſo the gumme of the ſame tree, like to waxe, ſweete of ſB EBeâtus, pen. pro. Cic.Bleſſed: happy: holy: fortunate: riche.Foelix & beata. Plin.Ab omni parte bB IBibacitas, Bibaculus, Bibax, Biboſus, Bibulus, Vide BIBO.Biblion, biblij. n. g. Volumen libellus.B LBlacterare, vocem eſſe arietis, outhor carminis de Philom. To bleate like a ramme.Blaeſus, AdiectB OBoa, boae, ſiue Boua. Plin.A certaine water ſerpent in Italye: alſo a ſickeneſſe wherein the bodyB RBrabeuta.A iudge in any game of wraſtling: reuning. &c. alſo he that beareth the kings ſcepter.BrB VBua, buae. Varro.A voyce of children aſking drinke, as they vſe with vs: bumme.Bubalus, BubalinusB YByblus.A ruſhe, called alſo Papyrus.Byrſa, byrſae, vnde Burſa, burſae, Latinè corium. An hide.ByrC ACABALLVS, caballi. Iuuenal.A horſe: a caple.¶Agere caballum. Hor.To make the horſe to gallop.PaſcC ECe, Syllabica adiectio eſt, ſed cum ijs ferè iungitur quae in c. vel s. deſinunt: vt Hicce, ſiue C HChaere, Id eſt, Salue. Mart.All haile: god ſpeede.Chaerephyllon, Herbae genus. Col.Cheruile.ChalaC ICibarium, Cibo. Vide CIBVS.Ciborium, ſiue Ciborium. Horat.The leafe of the beane called ColocaſiaC LClabula, vel (vt quaedā habent exemplaria) Clauola. Varr.A griefe.Clades, cladis, f. g. Plin.A dC NCnicos, vel Cnicus. Plin.An herbe called Carthamus, where of made an notable confection named DiaC OCoaccedo, cêdis, pen. pro. céſſi, ceſſum, cedere. Plau.To be added to: to draw nere with other.DeC RCrabro, crabrônis, m. g. Plin.A great waſpe called an hornet.Spicula crabronum. Ouid.The ſtinges.C TCtenes, num, m. g. The foreteeth.Cteniatrus, m. g. pe. cor. Medicus iumentorum & pecorum, quem CoC VCubatus, Cubatio, Cubiculare, Cubile. &c. vide CVBOCuba, bae, f. g. An horſe litter or little bedC YCyamea, ae, f. g. A ſtone, whych broken is lyke a beane.Cyamos, pen. cor. Graecis, Faba Latinis dD ADACTYLVS, huius dáctyli, pen. corr, à Latinis dicitur digitus. A finger.¶Dactilus, pes metri, conD EDe, Praepoſitio, ablatiuo caſui ſeruiens: quae ſuo caſui ſemper praeponitur, aliquando inter poniD IDi & Dis, praepoſitiones eiuſdem ſignificationis ſunt, qui ambae ſeparatiuae, & in compoſitione ſD ODo, das, dedi, datum, dare. To giue: to graunt: to offer, or proffer: to tell or declare: to doe:D RDrabis.An herbe growing halfe a cubite high, and hath a tuft like elder at the toppe.Dracaena.TheD VDua, pro Duo apud veteres. Cic.Dualis, & hoc duâle, pen. prod. Pertaining to two.Vt Numerus dualiD YDyas.The number of two.Dyaſtole.The lifting vp or riſing of the heart, the arteries, the brame anE.EPraepoſitio, ablatiuo caſui ſeruit: vt E ſeruo libertus. Tere.Of a bonde man, in the ſtate of oneE BEbenus, Vide HEBENVS.Ebibo, ébibis, ébibi, penult. cor. ebíbitum, ebíbere. Plin.To drinke vp all.E CEcardia.A kinde of Aumber which hath in it the figure of a heart blacke and greene.Ecaſtor. AduerE DEdacitas, Edax, Vide EDO, es.Edeatrae.They that haue the ordering of the kings meate.Eden.PleaſurE FEffarcio, effarcis. effarſi, effartum, effarcîre. Caeſar.To ſtuffe or fill a thing hard.Effari, pE G.Egelidor, pen. cor. egelidâris, egelidâri. Sidonius.To relent or diſſolue, as Iſe that thaweth.EE HEhem, Interiectio. Ter.A voyce when a man is moued with ſomething newly happened, as, Oh: what.EhE IEia, Aduerbium. Ter.Blaming or correctning one that threatneth. vt. Eia, haud ſic decet. Terent.WE LElabor, pen. pro. eláberis, elapſus ſum, elábi. To ſlippe or ſlide away: to eſcape: to fall out.EE MEmacio, emacias, emaciâre. Colum.To make leane.Emaciatus. Made leane.Emacitas. Vide EMO.Emacror, E NEn, Aduerbium demonſtrantis. Teren.Lo: ſee.En cui tuos liberos committas. Cic.See, to what maner E OEo, Ablatiuus caſus pronominis, Is, ea, id. Therefore: for ſo much: vnto that.Eò, pro in tantum. E PEpacta.Things added to.Epagon, gontis, n. g. A trockle in a crane or like engine.Epatarius, EpatiE QEqua, Equaria, Equarius, Eques, Equeſter, Vide EQVVS.Equapium, pij, n. g. The herbe Hippoſelinon,E REradico, eradícas, pen. prod. eradicâre. Terent.To plucke vp by the rootes.Erado, erâdis, pen. prE SEſalon, Vide AESALON.Eſca, huius eſcae, ab edendo dicta. Plaut.Meate: alſo a bayte to take fiſhesE TEt, Coniunctio copulatiua. And: as well: alſo: both.Cic. Quod tum exploſum & eiectum eſt, nunc reE VEuacuo, euácuas, euacuâre. To emptie: to make voyde.Euacuare aluum. Plin.To emptie the bellie.EuaE XEx, Praepoſitio ablatiuo caſui ſeruiens, varijs verbis iungitur: vnde & variam accipit ſignificatF AFABA, huius fabae, f. g. Terent.A beane.Dura faba. Ouid.Pallens faba. Martial.Faba inuerſa. Some F EFebris, huius febris, f. g. An ague or feuer which is an vnnaturall

heate kindled at the heart: F IFiber, fibri, m. ge. Animal. Plin.A beaſt called a Beuer, named alſo Caſtor.Fibrinus, pen. prod. F LFlabellifer, Flabellum, Flabilis, Flabrum, Vide FLO.Flacceo, flacces, ſiue Flacceſco, flacceſcis,F OFocale, huius focâlis, n. g. pen. prod. Quint.A kerchife or like thing that men and women vſed toF RFraceo, fraces, ſiue Fraceſco, fraceſcis, fracui, fracéſcere. Col.To putrifie with age and continF VFuat, pro Sit. Virgil.Be it.Fucus, fuci, m. g. Virg.A dorre or bee without ſting.¶Fucus matinus, GGAbalus, gabali, maſc. gen. Crux ſiue Patibulum. Varro.A gallowes or gibbet.Gabata, gábatae, pen. cG EGehenna, nae, foe. gen. Hel•Gelabile, Gelaſcere, Gelatio, Vide GELV.Gelaſinus, penult prod. MartiG IGibbus, gibbi, m. g. Iuuenal.A great bunch or ſwelling.Gibbus, Adiect. Celſ.That hath a crooked bG LGlaber, glabra, glabrum. Varro.Smooth without heare: pild.Glabellus, Adiectiuum diminutiuum. MartGNGnaphalium, gnaphalij, Herba. Plin. Vulgô Cotonaria appellatur. An hearbe hauing leaues ſo white aGOGobio, gobionis, m. ge. vel Gobius, gobij, Piſcis. Plin.A googeon.Goetia, ae, f. g. A kinde of witGRGrabatus, grabáti, pen. prod. m. g. Martial. Ci.A poore mans couch: a bed vſed to reſt on at the aG VGuaiacum, ci. A tree growing in the newe founde Iles, not farre from the Equinoctial line: it is G YGymnas, gymnadis, penul. correpta, foeminini generis. Sta.Exerciſe.Gymnaſium, gymnaſij, n. g. PlaHHA, interiectio corripientis. Plaut.A voyce reprehēding and warning not to doe a thing.Ha nimium ſH EHeana, nae, f. g. A foundation: a balaſing of a ſhippe.Hebdomas, pe. co. hebdómadis: & Hebdómada,H IHiaſco, Hiatus, &c. Vide HIO hias.Hibericum, ci. n. g. Idem quod Androſaemon. Dioſc.Hibiſcus, hibH OHoc, Vide HIC.Hodie, Aduerbium temporis. To day: now: at this time: in theſe dayes: in this age.NH VHuber, húberis, pen. corr. om. gen. Vide VBER. Fruitefull: plentifull: abundant.Huber aqua. Cice.H YHyacinthus, huius hyacinthi. ma. ge. Plin.A precious ſtone called a Iacint. Alſo a purple flower,I AIAceo, iaces, iácui, iacêre, penu. prod. Virg.To lie: to extende out, or be of length. To lie vnkI BIberica, pen. cor. herba, Spartum dicebatur antiquis. Quint.Iberis, vel Hyberis. An hearbe that HI CIchneumon, huius ichneúmonis. m. g. Pli.A ratte of India of the greatneſſe of a catte, which creeI DId, Neutrum ab is, eius. Vide IS. That.Idcirco, vel Iccirco, Coniunctio, Idē quod Ideo ſignificaI EIecur, iécoris, vel iecínoris, pen. cor. Cic.The lyuer of man or beaſt.Iecur anſeris. Plin. AegruI MImago, pen. prod. imaginis, pen. cor. f. g. An Image: a ſimilitu•e: a repreſentation of a thing: I NIn, Praepoſitio, accuſatiuo & oblatiuo iungitur, variaue ſignificat. In.In, interpoſitum ſuo caſI OIo, dolentis particula eſt. Tibull. Vror io. Tibul.Oh I burne.Io, quandoque exprimit geſtientis lI PIps, ipſos, f. g. A little worme breeding in hornes and vines.Ipſe, ipſa, ipſum, & antiquè Ipſus▪I RIr,The holowneſſe of the hand: the whole hand.Sipo•.Ira, irae, foe. ge. Anger: wrath: an affectioI SIs, ea, id, Pronomen, Eandem ſignificationem habet quā Hic, & eundem locum retinet: quibus maximI TIta, Aduerbium reſpondendi, ſiue affirmandi. Plaut. Nempe ergo in ſomnis? TR. ita. Yea.Quid iſticI VIuba, iubae. Plin.The mane of an horſe or other beaſt.Iuba leonis. Plin.Iúbae gallinaceorum. ColuI XIxias, ixiae, genus herbae. Pli.A certaine herbe called of ſome Camelion.Ixon.A great white birdeI YIynx, iyngis, auis, quae Vertilla à colli verſura vocatur. Ariſt.It hath a ſpeckled neck, and a tL ALAbaſco, Vide LABO, labas.Labecula, Labefacio, Labefacto, &c. Vide LABES.Labellum, Vide LABRVM.LaL ELea, leae, quae & leaena dicitur. f. g. Lucret.A Lyoneſſe.Saeua lea. Ouid.Leaena, leaena, f. g. VL ILiae, arum. The holes in the toppes of the maſte, which doe receyue the halſers or ropes.LibadiumL OLoba, lobae. Pli.A kinde of the grayne called Miliū. The loafe that groweth next the ground in eL YLychnis, fo•m. gen. vel Lychnites, m. g. Plin.A kinde of white marble cut out of the quarreis by M AMAcellum, macelli, n. g. Cic.A place where all maner of vittaile is ſolde: a ſhambles.MacellariusM EMe, Accuſatiuus & ablatiuus ab Ego, mei.Meapte, Ablatiuus cum ſyllabica adiectione: vt, Meapte caM IMi, Dandi caſus, à genitiuo Mis. Virg. Et mi genus ab loue ſummo. Id eſt mihi. Mi vocatiuus pro mM NMna, mnae, Idem quod Mina, Vide MINA.Mnemonica, pen. cor. mnemonicorum. Author ad Heren.Precepts M OMobilis, Mobilitas, Mobiliter, &c. Vide MOVEO.Moderate, Moderatio, Moderator, Moderatrix, ModeratM VMucor, mucôris, penult. prod. maſc. gene. Columel.Filth: venewing: hoaryneſſe, ſuch as is on breaM YMya, ae, f. gen. Plin.A kinde of ſhelfiſhe in the ſea Boſphorus: which bringeth forth little rounN ANAbis.Plin.A beaſt in Ethiope with an heade lyke a camell, a necke lyke an horſe, and feete lyke N ENe, Aduerbium prohibendi, Idem ſignificat quod Non, Secundis perſonis ſubiunctiuorum aliquando iuN INi, à Niſi per apocopen factum, Si non. Subiunctiuo interdū iungitur, interdum etiam Indicatiuo.N ONo, nas, nare. To ſwimme.Nare contra aquam. Plin.Nare etiam aues aquatiles dicuntur. Cic.Carine nN VNubes, nubis, f. gen. A clowde: by tranſlation, aduerſitie: any thing wherewith the knowledge of N YNyctalops, pen. cor. nyctalôpis, pen. prod. om. g. Luſcioſus dicitur à Latinis. Plin.He that ſeetOO Vocandi interiectio, nominatiuo interdū, nonnunquam etiam accuſatiuo gaudens. Virg. O regina. O O BOb, Praepoſitio, accuſatiuo iungitur, & ſignificat Propter. For Teren. Pretium ob ſtultitiam feroO COcca, occae, f. g. Colu.An harrow or dragge with yron teeth, wherewith cloddes are broken.Occo, oO DOda, odae: ſiue Ode, odes, f. g. A ſong.Pulchrae odae. Author opuſculi De philomela.Odium, odéi, O EOEcos, id eſt, domus.OEconomus, pen. cor. A ſtewarde of an houſholde.Oeconomia, ae, f. ge. The guO FOffa, offae, f. g. Iuuenal.A morfell, gobbet, or peece of fleſhe: a ſteake or collop, or any likeO GOgdoas, pen. corr. ogdóadis, Graecè: Latinè, numerus octonarius. The number of eight.Oggannio, ogO HOh, Interiectio. A voyce that we vtter when we ſee a friende whome of long time we haue not ſeeneO IOis.The ſeruice tree.O LOlea, oleae, f. g. Virg.An oliue tree.Minerua inuentrix oleae. Virgil.Rami oleae. Stat. Nigrae olO MOmaſum, omáſi, pen. prod. Plin.A fat gut or chitterling.Patinas coenabat omaſi. Horat.Pingue omaſO NOnager, huius ónagri, pen. cor. m. g. Plin.A wilde aſſe.Timidus onager. Virg.Onae.Sweete figges.OO POpacus, pe. prod. Adiectiuum. Virg.Shadowed, or in the ſhadowe: darke: obſcure.Arbor opaca. Virg.O ROra, orae. Virg.The extreeme part of euery thing. vt, Et mecum ingentis oras euoluite belli. VirgO SOs, oris, n. g. Pli.The mouth, the viſage or countenance: The proportion of all the bodie. PreſenO TOthonna.The iuyce of the hearbe Chelidonia, Vide Dioſc. lib. 2. cap. 202.Othone.An hearbe growingO VOualis, Ouatio, &c. Vide OVO, ouas.Ouis, huius ouis, f. g. Cic.A ſheepe.Cuſtos ouium. Virg.A ſhepO XOxalis, pen. cor. oxálidis, f. ge. Plin.The herbe called ſorrel.Oxigion.The dregges of vineger.OxO ZOzaena, nae. Celſ.Sores in the noſe cauſing a ſtinking fauour. Narium ozenas emendat ariſtolochiaP APAbulum, pábuli, penult, cor. Caeſar.Forrage or meate for beaſtes, by tranſlation euery thing thaP EPecco, peccas, peccâre. Quint.To ſinne, or offende: to fayle in

any thing: to doe amiſſe: to comP HPhaecaſius, phaecaſij, m. g. Appianus. A kinde of ſhooes.Phaecaſium, phaecaſij, n. g. Idem. Sen.PP IPiabilis, Piacularis, Piaculum, Piamen, Piator, Piatrix, &c. Vide PIO.Pica, picae, foem. gen. PliP LPlacabilis, Placatus, Placamen, &c, Vide PLACO.Placenta, placentae, foe. ge. PlinA tart: a wafer:P NPneuma, pnématis, pen. cor. n. g. Spiritus, vel flatus. Spirite: winde: breath.Pencumáticus, pen.P OPocoenium, pocoenij, n. g. Hermolaus.A bāket after ſupper.Poculum, poculi, n. g. pen. cor. Plin.P RPracticus, Adiectiuum, Vide PRAXIS.Prae, praepoſitio ablatiuo caſui ſeruit, & ſignificat Ante. BeP SPſaltes, pſaltis, maſ. gen. A ſinging man.Pſaltria, pſaltriae, f. g. Ter.A ſinging wenche.PſallocP TPtelea.An elme tree.Pte, ſyllabica adiectio ablatiuis aliquādo iungi ſolita, vt Meapte, tuapte, P VPubes, pubis, foem. gen. Cic.Yong moſſie heare ſpringing in the nether partes of man at foreteeneP YPychon.A meaſure from the elbowe to the toppe of the knuckles when the hande is faſt togither.PycQQVa, cuius, cui, nominatiuo non vtimur: niſi in compoſitione: vt Aliqua, figua.Quam ad rem vis? PlaQ V IQui, cuius, cui, Pronomen relatiuum. Terent.Which.¶Qui Interrogatiuū, pro Quis. Plaut. Qui me Q V OQuo, Aduerbium interrogandi ad locum. Whether: from whence.Plaut. Quò ambulas tu? Whether walkeR ARAbies, rabiéi, f. g. Plin.Madneſſe of a dogge: rage: furie: woodneſſe.Canum rabies. Ouid.Rabies,R ERe, Praepoſitio, à retro per apocopen facta videtur. Vnde reſpicio retrò aſpicio: Reuertor, retroR HRhacoma, herba. Plini. Ruellius putat eam eſſe quae & Rha

Ponticū dicitur. Which is a rote brouR IRica, ricae, f. gen. Plaut.A garment that women vſe to weare.Rica. Var.A kercheffe.Ricinus, ricinR ORob▪A barbarous worde ſignifiyng the iuyce of hearbes or fruites de••••••Robig••o••s, 〈…〉. Much bR RR R geminatum (inquit Feſtus) id eſt rationum relatarum.R VRubedo, Rubefacio, &c. Vide RVBEVS.Rubella, rubellae. Rubellae vites, & Rubellae vineae appellataS CScabellum, Vide SCAMNVM.Scaber, Adiectiuum. Plin. iun.Rough: ruſtie: filthie.Scabro aſpectu res. S ESe, Pronomen accuſatiui caſus, à ſui, Vide SVI. Se, Praepoſitio, ſemper compoſita inuenitur.SebeſS ISi, Coniunctio, quando res facto ſignific•tur, finitiuis iungitur. If: though.Virgil. Si potuit mS MSmaragdus, ſmaragdi, m. g. Pli.A precious ſtone called an Eme•aude.Claris ſmaragdis lucens ſoliumS OSoboles, ſóbolis, pe. co. f. g. Pli.Iſſue: ſucceſſion of children: ofſpring.Propagatio & ſoboles.S PSpadix, ſpadicis, pen. prod. m. gen. Gell. Virg.A date wyth the braunche plucked from the palme tS QSqualeo, ſquales, ſquálui, ſqualêre. Vir.To be filthy: ſluttiſh: or ſtained with ſome foule thingS TSt.Ter.A voyce commaunding ſilence: huſht, or ſuch like.Stabilimen, Stabilio, Stabilis, StabilitaS VSuadeo, ſuades, ſuaſi, ſuaſum, ſuadêre. Ter.To counſaile: to intreat with faire woordes: to indeuS YSybariticus, ca, cum. Sumptuous: daintie: wanton.Sybaritici libelli. Wanton bookes.Sybaritici ludT ATAbanus, tábani, pen. cor. m. g Pli.A flie that hath foure wings, and byteth man or beaſt, ſo thaT ETe, Syllabica adiectio, quae pronominibus. TV & TE adiungitur:

vt, Tute.Techna, technae, f. ge. T HThalamus, thálami, pe. cor. m. g. Vir.A bed chamber where the huſbande and wife doth lie.CertamenT OTodi.Little birdes. It may ſeeme to be the Titmouſe.Toga, togae, f. g. Pli.A gowne, which garmentT RTrabalis, Vide TRABS.Trabea, trábeae, f. g. Vir.A kirtle worne by kings vnder their mantels of eſT VTu, tui vel tis, tibi. Terent.Thou.Tibi eidem. Plaut.Euen to thy ſelfe.Tibi eſt domi. Plaut.For yT YTylus, li, m. g. A vermine lying vnder ſtones and tyles ſomewhat blacke and ſcaled, which when itV AVAcanter, Vacatio, &c. Vide VACO.Vacca, vaccae, f. g. Cic.A cow.Candens vacca. Virg.Foeta. Virg.AV BVber, vbérior, vbérrimus, Adiect. Fertile: fruitefull: plentifull: fat: aboundant: copious. Vide V DVdo, vdônis, m. g. Mart.A certaine garment.Vdus, vda, vdum. Virg.Moyſt: wette.Vdus aqua. Mart. VdV EVe, Diſiunctiua coniunctio eſt. Or: eyther.Ci. Bis, térue literas miſerat. Twiſe or thriſe.Omnia V IVia, viae, f. g. A way: A iourney. A ſtreete. A cauſey. A paſſage. A maner or meane: a cuſtome: aV LVlceratio, Vlcero, Vlceroſus, &c. Vide VLCVS.Vlciſcor, vlcíſceris, pe. co. vltus ſum, vlciſci. CiV MVmbella, Vide VMBRA.Vmbilicus, vmbilíci, m. g. pen. prod. Plin.A nauill.Vmbilicus. Cic.The middleV NVná, Aduerb. acuitur in fine vná, ad differentiam ablatiui nominis Vnus. Cic.Togither.Ambos vná nV OVocabulum, Vocalis, Vocamen, Vocatiuus, Vocator, Vociferor, Vocito, Voco, &c. Vide VOX.Voconia, GV PVpilio, vpiliônis, m. g. poſitum eſt à Virgilio, pro Opilione. A ſhephearde.Vpupa, úpupae, f. g. V RVranoſcopos.A certaine fiſhe hauing one eye in his heade.Vrbane, Vrbanitas, Vrbanus, &c. Vide VRBV SVſia, Latinè eſſentia, ſiue ſubſtantia dicitur.Vſio, Vſitatus, Vſitatio, Vſitor, &c. Vide VTOR.VſV TVt, Coniunctio cauſatiua. Cic.As: that: aſſoone: how: like as: woulde to god: howmuch: albeit: leV VVua, uae, f. g. Col.A grape: a vine: a berie. A ſwarme of bees hanging rounde. The part in the moV XVxor, vxôris, pen. prod. f. g. Terent.A wife.Gratum mihi feceris, ſi vxori tuae meis verbis eris X AXAnthium, thij. n. g. An hearbe bearing a little burre.Xanthos.A precious ſtone of a bright yealoX EXenium, xenij, neut. gen. Martialis.A preſent ſent by one to a man.Xeniolum, li. m. g. A ſmall prX IXiphion.Sedges or gladen.Xiphium.Plin.Sedges or gladen. quod etiam Xyris dicitur.Xiphia, xiphiae,X YXylinus, Vide XYLON.Xyloaloes.A ſweete and precious woode called Lignum aloes▪women hauyng beadesZ AZAphirus.A fiſh of the kinde of gilt heades, but that he is ſomewhat blew in colour.Zathene.A ſtoZ EZea. Dioſcorides. After ſome beerebarley: ſpelt.Zelo, zelas: & Zelor, zelâris, zelári. To haue zeZ IZingiber, pen. corr. zingíberis, pen. cor. n. ge. Dioſcorides. The ſpice called ginger.Zizania, zZ OZodiacus, pe. cor. Cic.The circle in heauen wherein are .xii. ſignes. The zodiacke. Looke in the Z VZura.A berie of white thorne.Z YZygia.A pipe whereon men played at weddings.Zygos.A yoke or couple.Zygoſtates, Zygóſtatae, pen. c

  1. DICTIONARIVM HISTORIcum & Poeticum propria locorum & Perſonarum vocabula breuiter complectens. AAron,Was ſonne to Amram, and brother to Moiſes: the worde ſignifieth the Mountayne of Fortitude, orA BAba,A towne in Arabie, and a Citie of Phocis. Alſo an hill of Armenia, out of the which the RiuerA CAca.The name of a citie in Phenicia, afterwarde called Ptholomais.Acabene,A mountayne in Egypt.AcA DAda, ae.The daughter of Hecatomnus, king of Caria, who being driuen out of hir kingdome by hir brAE AAea,The name of a maiden, which (as the Poetsfeigne) flying from the ryuer Phaſis, was turned inA FAfer,A man borne in Afrike.Affranius,A Poet.Affrica, ae,The thirde part of the worlde, wherein isA GAga,An hyll, out of which iſſueth the ryuers Araxis and Euphrates.Agag,Is a worde of Hebrue, and A HAherna,A citie of Hertruria.A IAiax,(The ſonne of Thelamon by Heſione, daughter of Laomedon king of Troy) was the ſtrongeſt man A LAlaba, bae,A Citie of Spaine.Alabanda, dae,A Citie in Gréece, in the Countrey of Ionia.Alabandes,A MAmadoca,A Citie of Sarmatia in Europe.Amadoci,Certayn hilles. Alſo people of the ſame country.AmaA NAna,A ryuer in Spaine, which deuideth the Realme of Granato, from Portugall. It ſpringeth in the A OAon,The ſonne of Neptune.Aonia,A part of the country of Boeotia.Aonius, a, um,Of that country.AonA PApaei,People of Ethiope.Apamea,An yle in the ryuer Tygrys. Alſo a towne in Bithinia.Apamia,Was a A QAquae Auguſtae,A towne in Gaſcoyne, called Baiona.Aquae calidae,A citie in England called Bathe. A RArabarches,A Lorde in Arabie.Arabia,In Hebrue Saba, is a countrye in Aſia, deuyded into three regA SAſa,In the language of Syria, ſignifieth a phiſition, or a healer of ſickneſſes. Of that name wasA TAta, tae, or Ate, tes,in latine Noxa detrimentum, the name of a hurtfull ſpirite, alway working yA VAuantici,A people of Fraunce.Auáricum,Vierron in Berry, in the royalme of Fraunce.Auctolicus,A thA XAxantos,An yle in the Occean ſea beneath Englande and Irelande. Plin. li. 4. ca. 16.Axiaces,A ryuA ZAzan,An hill in Arcadie, where Cybele the mother of the Goddes was honored.Azana,A country of EthB ABAal,In the tongue of Syria, ſignifieth Lorde, and is attributed to Iupiter. After ſome interpretB EBebeus,A notable backbiter, or tale bearer.Bebryces,People of Aſia, which tooke their beginning oB IBianor, oris,A man ſurnamed Ocnus, who buylded Mantua.Bias, Prienaeus,One of the ſeauen wiſe men B LBlanda,A citie in Italy.Blandae,A towne in Spaine called Blanes.Blandutia,A countrey in Italy, whB OBoa, ae,A ſerpent in Italy, ſo great and large, that on a

tyme when one was killed, a childe wasB RBrabaſthenes,An hill, tenne myles from Lacedemonia.Brachara,A citie in Spaine, nowe called BrachaB VBúbalus,A painter of Clazomene.Bubaſtis,A citie in Aegypt, wherein was a temple of Diana.Bubaſus,B YBybleſia,A citie of Aſia.Byblis,A little rounde yle in the ſea Mediterraneum. Alſo the daughter oC ACAbala,A tradition of the Iewes, left among them by Moyſes without wryting, but from the father tC ECea,Looke Caea.Ceadus.A Thracian which ayded the Troyans.Céebes, êtis,A philoſopher of Thebes.CebC HChaa,A citie of Peloponneſus by the fielde called Ephaſius.Chaam,Called alſo Gog Chaam, is the naC ICibarci,People of Spaine.Cibéle,or rather Cybéle, es, and after ſome Cybelle, The daughter of MinC LClaeon,A ryuer in Phrygia.Clampetiae,A place in Italy.Clanius,A ryuer of Campayne, néere to a citC NCn. vel Cneus,The ſurname of diuers Romaynes.Cnemides,A place in Thrace.Cnidos, or Gnidos,A citieC OCoa,A towne in Arabía foelix.Coaſpis,A riuer of ye Medes, which runneth into Tygris.Coaſtrae,PeopC RCragus,A mountaine of Lycia dedicate to Apollo.Cranaus,A king of Athens, who ſucceeded Cecrops.CrC TCteatus,The father of Amphimachus, one of the Capitaines of the Gréekes at the ſiege of Troy.CteſC VCuma, or Come, es,A towne of Ionia, in the leſſe Aſia whereof Sybilla Cumaea was named.Cumae, aruC YCyane, es,A mayden of Syracuſa, who being rauiſhed of hir owne father, drewe him afterwarde by thD ADAae, arum,People of Scythia.Dacia,A countrey beyonde Hungarie, it hath on the north, Sarmatia ofD EDebae,People of Arabia foelix.Debris,A towne in Aethiopia, where are the people called GaramantesD IDia,An yle by Gréece called Naxus.Diagoras,A philoſopher of Miletus, who had thrée ſonnes notableD ODoclea,A citie of Liburnia.Dodona,A citie in Gréece, whereby was a woode, in the which men thoughD RDracus,A capitaine of Achaia, vanquiſhed by Lucius Mummius the Romaine.Draco, onis,ma. ge. One thD VDubis,A ryuer in Fraunce, called Le doux.Ducona,The citie of Caors in Fraunce.Duellôna, ae,foem. D YDynamene,A certaine nymph.Dyrrhachium,A citie in Sicilio, which was firſt called Epidamnus. It isE AEAnus,the God of the yeare, whome the Phoenicians paynted, a ſerpent with his tayle in his mouth.E BEbionitae,Heretykes, which denyed Chriſt to be God, and affirmed, that all partes of the olde lawE CEcameda,The daughter of the valiaunt Arſinous, which at the battaile of Troy was giuen to Neſtor.E DEdeſſa,A citie beyonde the ryuer of Euphrates.Edom,Eſau was ſo called, and the countrey where he E GEgelaſte,A towne in the higher Spaine.Egeria,An ydoll, to whome women with childe did offer, ſuppE LElaea,A citie of Aſia, an other of Italy: the people wherof be called Eletae, or Elitae. It is alE MEmath,A citie that is nowe called Antioche.Emathia,A part of the realme of Macedonie.Emathius, a,E NEncaenia,Was among the Iewes, the feaſt of dedication of their temple.Enceladus,A gigant, the ſonE PEpagris,One of the yles called Cyclades.Epaminondas,A Theban borne, (ſonne of an honeſt gentlemanE QEqueſtris,Newcaſtell in Fraunce.Equitius,The proper name of a man, and ſurname of a familie in RoE REraſinus,The name of a ryuer in Achaia.Eraſiſtratus,A noble Phiſition of the houſe of Ariſtotle: E SEſaias,A Prophete of the trybe of Iuda, in whome was ſuch aboundaunce of the ſpirite of prophecieE TEtearchus,A king of Oaxus, a citie of Crete.Eteocles,The elder ſonne of Oedipus, by his owne mothE VEuadne,The daughter of Thebe, and the wife of Capaneus: which loued hir huſband ſo feruently, thaE XExampeus,A fountaine in Scithia.Excétra, ae,f. g. A ſerpent, of whome the head being cut of, thréE ZEzechiel,(A prophete of the countrey Sa•era in Syria, of the lyne of byſhoppes) had mar••ylous reF AFAbaris,A ryuer in Italy, running by the Sabines.Fabianus,The proper name of a man.Fabius,The ſurF EFebruus,A name of Pluto called God of hell.Felſina, ae,A citie in Italy, nowe called Bononia.FeltF IFidena, ae, or Fidenae, arum,A towne of the Sabines in Italy.Fidenátes,People of that towne.FidicF LFlaminia,A countrey in Italy, called alſo Aemilia, and commonly Romandiola: in which are the citiF OFobij,idem quod Fabij, verbum obſoletum.Focunates,People of the Alpes.Fons ſolis,A fountaine in CF RFrancones,People of Germanie.Fratres Aruales,Reade before in Aruales.Fregellae,A little towne in F VFucinus,A lake in Italy.Fugalia, orum,n. g. plu. A feaſt among the Romaines, in remembraunce of dG AGAba,A towne in Galilée.Gabaa,A citie of Syria,Gabales,A people of Aquitaine in Fraunce.Gabalum,AG EGebbanitae,A people dwelling in Arabia deſerta, by the redde ſea.Gebenna,A citie in Sauoy, calledG IGiarus,A little yle in the ſea Ionium, whervnto men condemned were exiled.Giganteus, a, um,Of, orG LGlaſialis Polus,The northerne pole in the firmament.Glandomyrum,A citie in Spayne, called nowe MoG NGneus,The name of certayne noble Romaynes.Gnidius, a, um,Of the citie Gnidus.Gnidus,A citie of LyG OGobeum,A towne in Fraunce, called Le four.Gobrias,A noble Perſian in the time of Darius.Golias,A G RGracchanus, a, um,Of Gracchus.Gracchuris,A citie of Italy.Gracchus Sempronius,The father of CaiusG YGyarus, i, or Gyra, ae.Looke Giarus.Gyas,The name of a Troyane.Gygeus,A lake of Lydia.Gygemorus,AH AHAbeſſus,A citie of Lycia.Habraham,A noble Patriarke, and i• interpreted father

of many nations.H EHeautontimorúmenos,The name of one of the comedies of Terence, which is as much to ſay, as tormenH IHiarbas,The ſonne of Iupiter, which was king of the Getulyans, and made warre againſt Dido quéeneH OHoetychius,A Gréeke very cunning in Image making.Holus, alias, Homolus,An hyll of Theſſaly.HomeriH VHungaria,Reade after in Pannonia.Hunni,People which came out of Scythia, and inhabited Hungarie.H YHyacinthia feſta,Were ſolemne ceremonies done in the night.Hyacinthus,A boy that Apollo loued, whI AIA,Was the yonger daughter of Atlas.Iacchus,One of the names of Bacchus, called god of wines.IacoI BIbernia,Looke Hibernia.Ibéria,The auncient name of Spaine. Alſo an other countrey nigh to Armeny.I CIcadius,A notable robber.Icaria,An yle in the ſea Icarium, which is alſo called Icaros.Icaris patI DIda, ae,f. g. A mountayne which lyeth nigh Troy.Idaei dactili,People called alſo Corybantes.IdaeuI EIërna,A ryuer of Spaine.Ieruſalem,The chiefe citie of Iudea, looke Hieroſolyma.Iës, etis,A citie I GIgnatius,An holy biſhop of Antioche, the thirde after ſaint Peter, diſciple to ſaint Iohn the EuaI LIlba, or Ilua,An Iland in the Tuſcane ſea, where is great plentie of corne.Ilerda,A citie of SpaiI MImantopodes,A people of Aethiope, which haue creeked legges.Imaus,A mountayne in India.Imbrius, aI NInacceſſa,Called of the Gréekes Aba•os, An Ilande in Aegypt, to the which is no comming.Inachia,TI OIo,The daughter of Inachus.Ioannes,A proper name of Hebrewe, and ſignifieth the grace of God.IoanI PIphianaſſa,The wyfe of Melampus, whome for hir beautie, Iuno turned into furie or madneſſe. Alſo I RIria flauia,A citie of Spayne.Irpini,Certayne people.Irus, ri,m. g. A begger, of whome Homere makI SIs,A citie, eyght dayes iourney from Babilon.Iſaca,The ryuer in Englande called Exe.Iſaeus,A famoI TItalia,A noble countrey, which is inuironed on the weſt, with the mountaynes Alpes: on the north,I VIuba,A king of Mauritania, in tyme of the ciuill warre a conſtant defender of Pompeys part: who aI XIxion,A king of Theſſalye, who falſely brake promyſe with his wiues father, and threwe him into aL ALAbatus,A mans name, often mencioned of Plutarch.Labdacus,A king of Thebes, father of Laius, who L ELeae,An ylande by Cyrenaica, a region of Affrike.Leaena,A common woman of Athens, who (after HarmL ILia,One of the wyues of Iacob the patriarke.Liba,An yle in the Indian ſea.Libanius,The name of a L OLocoritum,A Citie of Germany, called now Trutonia, commonly Forchem.Locris, cridos,A countrey in L VLuca,A citie in Italy, of which the inhabitaunts are called Lucenſes.Lucani,People of the countreL YLyaeus,One of the names of Bacchus, called God of wynes.Lyaeus, a, um,Of Bacchus.Lycaeum,Looke LiM AMAcae,People of Arabia foelix.Machareus,The ſonne of Aeolus, which begatte a childe on his owne ſM EMeander, or Maeander,A ryuer in Phrygia, which by ſundrie windings, at the laſt falleth into a crM IMichale,A ſorcereſſe among the Centaures.Miſypſa,A king of Numidia, ſonne of Maſiniſſa.Midas,The M NMnas,The name of a pyrate in the tyme of Pompey.Mnaſea,A poet.Mnemóſyne, es,foem. gen. The motherM OMoab,A Citie in Arabie. Alſo the name of one of the ſonnes of Loth, of whome the people are calleM VMugonia,A gate at Rome, whereby cattell did enter into the citie. It was alſo called Trigonia.MulM YMyagrus,called alſo Myodes, The God of Flies.Mycale,The name of a ſorcereſſe in Ouid.Mycénae, aruN ANAaera,The handemayde of Cleopatra, that wyllingly dyed with hir mayſtreſſe.Nabathaea,A part of AN ENea,An yle betwéene Lemnos and Helleſpont.Neaera,A womans name, mother of Phaethuſa, and LampetiaN INiaetos,A riuer in Sicilie.Nicaearchus,A famous painter.Nicandrus, or Nicander,A famous Poet, whiN ONoctiluca,A name, whereby the moone is called.Nodinus,A God, whome the auncient Romaynes worſhippN VNubigenae,maſ. gen. The name of the Centaures, bycauſe they were begotten of a clowde in the fourN YNycteis, idos,The daughter or néece of Nycteus.Nycteris,A name whereby Chaerephon, the philoſopheO AOAxis,A ryuer in the yle of Candie.Oa•us,A citie in Candie.O BObrion,One of the yles called fortunate.Obris,The name of a ryuer.O COcalee,A citie of Boe•tia.Occáſio, onis,foe. gen. The Goddeſſe of oportunitie, whoſe Image is thiO DOdites,A Centaure, one of the ſonnes of Ixion.Odius,A mans name in Homer.Odryſae,People of ThraceO GOgdolapis,A ryuer, which commeth out of the hilles called Alpes, and runneth to Rome.Ogdous,A kinO IOicles,The ſonne of Antiphates.Oileus,A king of Locris, father to Aiax.Oilides,The ſonne of OileuO LOlbia,A citie of Narbon called Eres.Olcachites,The boſome of the ſea in the prouince called ZeugiO MOmbrici,People néere to Illyricum.Omphale,A mayden which was Quéene of Lydia, whom Hercules did ſO NOnchiſton,A place in the marches of Thebes.Oneſicritus,A Philoſopher, and an Hiſtoriographer of AO OOonae,Iles in the north Occean, where the inhabitaunts doe liue with egges of foules.Oopellum,A tO POpheltes,The ſonne of Lycurgus, ſlayne by a ſerpent. vide Lemnos.Ophiogenes,People of Helleſpont,O ROrbelon,A place in Thracia, where Orph•us did dwell.Orbilius,A Grammarian of Beneuentum in CiceroO TOtanes,A noble man of Perſia, which conſpired wyth Darius agaynſt the Magitian that vſurped the kO VOuidius,ſurnamed Naſo. Borne in Sulmo, brought vp in Rome, and dilig•ntly inſtructed in Latine leO XOxeas,Hercules ſonne by Megara.Oxellum,A citie in Englande called Cheſter.Oxos,A ryuer in Aſia, rP APAchiri,Certayne hilles in the leſſe Aſia.Pachorus,A king of Parthia, ſlayne in Syria, after the P EPedaeus,Antenors baſtarde ſonne.Pedana,A countrey by Rome.Pedaſus,The ſonne of Bucolion. Alſo a cP HPhabiranum,A citie in Germany called Bremen.Phaeaces,People of the yle of Corcyra, vnder the domiP IPicenum,A countrey in Italy called Marcha Anconitana.Picenus, and Picentinus, a, um,Of Picenum.PiP LPlacentia,A citie in Liguria.Placentini,People of the citie Placentia.Placia,A towne of Myſia.PlaP OPodalirius,One of the ſonnes of Aeſculapius, and a great ſurgion: he came to the ſiege of Troy wiP RPractius,A citie of Pont.Praegutij,People of Italy, called commonly Abruzi.Praeneſte,A citie in IP SPſamate,A fountaine in Thebes. Alſo a citie and a mountaine. Alſo the daughter of Crotopus king oP TPteria,A citie in Cappadocia.Pterophoros,A countrey by the mountaynes Riphaei.Pthia,A part of TheP VPublicola,The ſurname of Valerius, which was one of the firſt Conſulles of Rome, ſo called bycauſP YPygmaei,A dwarfiſhe people in the vttermoſt mountaynes of Indie (as Plinie ſaith) inhabiting in aQ VQVadi,People of Boeme, or Boemia, which did eate the fleſh of horſes and woolues.Quadratus,A byſhR ARAbirius,A gentleman of Rome. Alſo a Poet in Ouids time.Radagaſus,A certaine king of the Gothes.RR EReate, tis,n. g. A citie in Italy.Rediculi,A temple at Rome, wythout the gate called Capena, wherR HRha,A ryuer of Sarmatia, called alſo Volga or Voltia.Rhadamanthus,A king of Lycia, which was a ſtR IRicina,An yle by Irelande.Regiacum,A certaine citie.Ripae, ſeu Ripaei,Mountaynes in Arcadie.RiphaR ORobigália,The ceremonies pertayning to Robigus, the pr•ſeruatour of corne.Robigo, ginis,f. g. WasR VRubi, rubôrum,A towne in Campania.Rúbicon, conis,A ryuer in Italy, which deuydeth Gallia, from thS ASAba, or Sabe,A great citie in Aethiope. Alſo the chiefe citie of the people called Sabaei, in ArS CScaea,An hauen at Troy, whereas was the ſepulchre of Laomedon.Scaei,People in Thracia.Scaenitae,PS ESebaſte,A citie in Syria called before Samaria.Sebaſtópolis,A citie in Pontus, called ſaint GregoS ISiambis,An yle in the Brittiſhe occean ſea, on the North part.Sibaris,or rather Sybaris, An olde S MSmardis,The brother of Cambyſes king of Perſia.Smilax, acis,A wenche, which dying for the loue ofS OSoana,A ryuer in the yle Taprobane.Soanes,People of Aſia, dwelling about the extréeme part of theS PSpaco,King Cyrus nurſe, and ſignifieth in the tongue of Medes a dogge.Spargapiſes,The ſonne of ThS QSquintij,People in Italy, called alſo Sabelli, and Samnites.S TStáphilus,He that did firſt mingle water with wine.Starcharerus,A king of the Danes.Statanus,A GoS VSuada, dae,foem. gen. Called in Gréeke Pitho, was called the goddeſſe of eloquence or delectable S YSyades,Starres called alſo Hyades, ſeuen in number.Sybaris,A towne .xij. myles from Rome: an otheT ATAbae, arum,A citie of Caria.Tabereni,People by Chalybes.Tabor,A mountayne in the countreye of GaT ETeanum,The name of two cities in Italy.Tearco,A famous king of Aethiope.Tearus,A ryuer of ThraciaT HThabis,A mountayne in Scythia.Thais,The name of an harlotte.Thales,A philoſopher, one of the vij.T ITia••ra,A Citie in the countrey of Myſia.Tibareni,People of Scythia being in Aſia.Tiberias, adis,T OTogata Gallia,Idem quod Ciſalpina Gallia.Tolentum,A citie of Italie, the people whereof be calledT RTrachalus,An oratour in the time of Domician.Trachina,A towne of Campayne.Trachina,A citie of TheT VTuaeſis,The riuer of Tweede in Scotlande.Tubero,The name of a Romaine.Tuberum,A riuer in India.TuT YTyana,A citie of Cappadocia.Tyaneus, a, um,Of that citie.Tyber, bris,A great ryuer by Rome.TyberiV AVAcca, ae,foe. ge. A citie in Numidia. Alſo a ryuer in Portugall.Vaccei,A people of Spayne.VaccusV B V CVbij,People in Germanie, dwelling in Colayne and the partes adioyning.Vcalegon,A certaine TroV IVia,A riuer of Spayne.Vibon,A towne in the countrey of the Brutians.Vicentia,A citie in Venetia, V LVlius,A name of Apollo.Vlpianus,A famous lawyer.Vlubrae,A village or ſmall towne in Italie, whereV MVmber, a, um,Perteyning to the countrey Vmbria.Vmbrij,People of Italie, now called Spoletani.VmbrV NVnni,Hungarians.V OVobaerca.A towne by Bylbo in Spayne.Vocontij,People of Narbon in Fraunce.Vogeſus,An hyll in the mV RVrania, ae,f. g. ſiue Vranie, es, f. g. One of the Muſes, which is preſident of Aſtronomie.VranusV SVſtica,An hyll in Italie.V TVtica,A citie in Afrike, where Cato did ſlea himſelfe, and therefore was afterwarde called Cato VVV AWainfletus,A worthy byſhoppe of Wincheſter, and in his tyme Chauncellour of Englande, of counſayV XVxama,A towne of Spayne.Vxella,Crokernewell in Deuonſhire.Vxellum,A citie in Englande called WeſtX AXAntha,A nymphe.Xanthi,A people in Aſia, whoſe citie being beſieged of Harpagus the capitaine of X EXenarchus,A comicall poete. Alſo a philoſopher borne in Seleucia.Xeniae balniae,A certaine bathe.X YXyline,A citie of Pontus, called commonly Sentina.Xyphiae,Certayne blaſing ſtarres, which haue beZ AZAcantha,A citie of Iberia.Zacanthei,People in the mountaines called Pirenaei, by the ryuer of IbZ IZigari,People which we doe call Aegiptians, that wander about in euery Realme, and be horrible thZ OZodiacus, ci,ma, ge. An ouerthwarte circle deuiſed to be in heauen by the aſtronomers, to declareZ YZygantes,A people by Carthage among whome is great ſtore of Honie, both made by Bées, and alſo wr Types of content

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tcp:7665:831 (2), tcp:7665:832 (2), tcp:7665:833 (2), tcp:7665:834 (2), tcp:7665:835 (2), tcp:7665:836 (2), tcp:7665:837 (2), tcp:7665:838 (2), tcp:7665:839 (2), tcp:7665:840 (2), tcp:7665:841 (2), tcp:7665:842 (2), tcp:7665:843 (2), tcp:7665:844 (2), tcp:7665:845 (2), tcp:7665:846 (2), tcp:7665:847 (2), tcp:7665:848 (2), tcp:7665:849 (2), tcp:7665:850 (2), tcp:7665:851 (2), tcp:7665:852 (2), tcp:7665:853 (2), tcp:7665:854 (2), tcp:7665:855 (2), tcp:7665:856 (2), tcp:7665:857 (2), tcp:7665:858 (2), tcp:7665:859 (2), tcp:7665:860 (2), tcp:7665:861 (2), tcp:7665:862 (2), tcp:7665:863 (2), tcp:7665:864 (2), tcp:7665:865 (2), tcp:7665:866 (2), tcp:7665:867 (2), tcp:7665:868 (2), tcp:7665:869 (2), tcp:7665:870 (2), tcp:7665:871 (2), tcp:7665:872 (2) • @rendition (8) : simple:additions (8)
20. q 119318
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