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#Fruitfull lessons, vpon the passion, buriall, resurrection, ascension, and of the sending of the holy Ghost Gathered out of the foure Euangelists: with a plaine exposition of the same. By Miles Couerdall.#

##Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568.## Fruitfull lessons, vpon the passion, buriall, resurrection, ascension, and of the sending of the holy Ghost Gathered out of the foure Euangelists: with a plaine exposition of the same. By Miles Couerdall. Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568.

##General Summary##


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This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

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  1. 2005-09 TCP Assigned for keying and markup
  2. 2005-11 SPi Global Keyed and coded from ProQuest page images
  3. 2006-07 Ali Jakobson Sampled and proofread
  4. 2006-07 Ali Jakobson Text and markup reviewed and edited
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##Content Summary##


  1. The Author to the Reader.


  1. THE PASSION OF CHRIST, Out of the holy Euangeliſts. THE feaſt of ſweete bread (which is alſo called Eaſter) drue nigh, namely, after two daies. Then ſay

    • Now followeth the doctrine and meditation.

    _ The ſecond part.

    • Doctrine and fruite.

    _ Of the Sermon that Chriſt made vnto his Diſciples after the Supper.

    • Doctrine and fruite. IESVS ſaid vnto his Diſciples: Let not your hartes bee troubled. If ye beleeue in God, beleeue in me
    • Doctrine and fruite. IF ye loue me keepe my commaundements, and I will pray the father, and hee ſhall giue you another co
    • Doctrine and fruite. THeſe things haue I ſpoken vnto you, beeing yet preſent with you. But that comfort which is the holi
    • Doctrine and fruite. I Am a true Vine, and my Father is an husband-man. Euerie braunch that bringeth not fruite in mee, h
    • Doctrine and fruite. AS the Father hath loued mee. ſo haue I loued you. Continue ye in my loue. If ye keep my commandemen
    • Doctrine and fruit. IF the world hate you, yee know that it hated mee before it hated you. If yee were of the worlde, th
    • Doctrine and fruite. BVt when the comforter is come, whom I will ſend vnto you from the father (euen the ſpirit of truth,
    • Doctrine and fruite. ANd when the ſpirit is come, he will rebuke the worlde of ſinne, and of righteouſnes, and of iudgmen
    • Doctrine and fruite. AFter a while ye ſhall not ſee me, & again after a while ye ſhall ſee me, for I go to the father. Th
    • Doctrine and fruite. IN that daie ſhall ye aske me no queſtion. Verily, verilie I ſaie vnto you: Whatſoeuer yee ſhall ask
    • Doctrine and fruit. THeſe wordes ſpake Ieſus, and lift vp his eyes to heauen, and ſaid. Father, the houre is come:Iohn.
    • Doctrine and fruite. I Pray for them and pray not for the worlde, but for them whome thou haſt giuen me, for they are thi
    • Doctrine and fruite. Iohn. 17FAther, I will, that they which thou hast giuen me, be with me where I am, that they may ſee
    • Doctrine and fruite. AND when Ieſus had ſpoken theſe words, he went out with his Diſciples (as hee was woont) ouer the br
    • Doctrine and fruite. IEſus came againe to his Diſciples, and founde them ſleeping. Then ſaide hee vnto Peter: Simon, ſlee
    • Doctrine and fruite. HE went foorth the ſecond time, and praied like as afore: My father, if this cup may not paſſe excep
    • Doctrine and fruite. SO when Iudas had gotten him a companie of ſouldiers of the high Prieſts and of the Phareſies miniſt
    • Doctrine and fruit. THen came they and laide handes on Ieſus, and tooke him. But when they that were with him ſawe what
    • Doctrine and fruite. ANd Annas ſent him ſo bounde vnto Caiphas the high Priest. The ſouldiers tooke Ieſus, and lead him v
    • Doctrine and fruite. THE high Priest asked Ieſus of his Diſciples, and of his doctrine. Ieſus anſwered him: I haue openly
    • Doctrine and fruite. gaue him buffets vpon the chocke, and 〈…〉, and then asked him: Area• who hath ſmitten thee? And the
    • Doctrine and fruit. EArlie in the morning at the break of the day, went the chiefe Prieſts and Elders of the people to c
    • Doctrine and fruite. WHen Iudas which had betraied him, ſawe that Ieſus was condemned, hee repented ſo, that hee tooke th
    • Doctrine and fruite. IEſus ſtood before the deputie. Then ſaid the deputy: what accuſation bring ye againſt this man? The
    • Doctrine and fruite. AND when Herode ſawe Ieſus, he was exceeding glad, for hee was deſirous to ſee him of a long ſeaſon,
    • Doctrine and fruite. PIlate called together the high Prieſts and chiefe rulers with the common people, and ſayde vnto the
    • Doctrine and fruit. THen Pilate took Ieſus therfore, & ſcourged him, & the ſouldiers wound a crowne of thorns, and put i
    • Doctrine and fruite. WHen Pilate heard that ſaying, he brought forth Ieſus, and ſate downe to giue ſentence in the place
    • Doctrine and fruite. THen the ſouldiers lead Ieſus againe into the iudgment hall: And when they had mocked him, they stri
    • Doctrine and fruit. IESVS ſaid: O Father forgiue them, for they knowe not what they doe. Pilate wrote a ſuperſcription o
    • Doctrine and fruit. THey that paſſed by, reuiled and blaſphemed him, wagging their heades, and ſaieng: ha, thou that bre
    • Doctrine and fruite. IT was neare hande about the ſixt houre. And beſide the croſſe of Ieſus ſtoode Marie his mother, and
    • Doctrine and fruite. FRom the ſixt houre there was darkeneſſe vppon all the earth, till about the ninth houre, and the Su
    • Doctrine and fruite. AFter this, Ieſus knowing that all thinges were nowe perfourmed, that the ſcripture might be fulfill
    • Doctrine and fruite. ANd Ieſus criyng with a loud voyce, ſaid: Father, into thy hands I commit my ſpirite. And when hee h
    • Doctrine and fruit. AND behold the vaile of the temple rent into two peeces, from aboue till beneath: and there was an e
    • Doctrine and fruite. ANd a farre of ſtood all his acquaintance, among whom were many women, that came vp from Galilee, &
    • Doctrine and fruite.
  2. THE BVRIALL OF IESVS CHRIST, OVT of the holie Euangeliſts. NOW when it was late,Math. 27. Marke 15. Luk. 23. Iohn. 19. for as much as it was the day of prepara

    • Now followeth the doctrine and contemplation. MArie Magdalene and Mary Ioſes, ſitting ouer againſt the ſepulchre, beheld where Ieſus was laide. Fo
    • Doctrine and fruite.
  3. THE RESVRRECTION OF IESVS CHRIST, out of the holie Euangeliſts. AND when the Sabbaoth was now past,Marke 16. euen the Sabaoth day at euen, Marie Magdalene, Marie Ia

    • Doctrine and fruit. Marke 16.AND the women went out quickly, and fled from the ſepulchre, for they trembled and were ama
    • Doctrine and fruite. WHen the women came to the ſepulchre & found not the bodie of Ieſu, they were ſore troubled in their
    • Doctrine and fruite. ANd behold, two of them went that ſame day to a town called Emaus,Luk. 24. which was from Hieruſalem
    • Doctrine and fruite. Luke. 24.THen ſaid Ieſus vnto them: O ye fooles and ſlow of hart to beleeue all that the Prophets ha
    • Doctrine and fruite. AS they thus ſpake, (it was verie late the ſame daie; which was the first daie in the weeke: and whe
    • Doctrine and fruite. THomas one of the twelue (which was called Didimus) was not with them when Ieſus came. The other diſ
    • Doctrine and fruit. ANd many other ſignes trulie did Ieſus in the preſence of his Diſciples, which are not written in th
    • Doctrine and fruite. AFterward did Ieſus ſhew himſelfe againe at the ſea of Tiberias. And on this wiſe ſhewed he himſelfe
    • Doctrine and fruite. SO when they had dined, Ieſus ſaith to Simon Peter: Simon Ioanna loueſt thou me more than theſe? Hee
    • Doctrine and fruite. IESVS ſaid vnto Peter: verely verilie I ſay vnto thee: When thou wast young, thou girdest thy ſelfe,
    • Doctrine and fruite. PEter turned about and ſaw the diſciple whom Ieſus loued, following (which alſo leaned on his breaſt
    • Doctrine and fruite. THE eleuen Diſciples went away into Galilee,Math. 28. into a mountaine whereas Ieſus had appointed t
    • Doctrine and fruite. IEſus came to his Diſciples, and ſaid vnto them:Math Iohn To me is giuen all power in heauen & in ea
    • Doctrine and fruit.
  4. THE ASCENSION OF IESVS CHRIST, out of the holie Euangeliſts. IESVS lead his Diſciples out into Bethanie. And when he had brought them together, hee ſpake vnto th

    • Doctrine and fruite.
  5. THE SENDING OF THE HOLY GHOST. WHen the fiftie daies were come to an end,Acts. •. they were all with one accord together in one pla

    • Doctrine and fruite. THere were dwelling at Hieruſalem Iewes, deuout men out of euerie nation of them that are in heauen:
    • Doctrine and fruite. To teſtimoniall amazed and wondered,Acts. 2. ſaying one to an•〈…〉 What meaneth this? Other mocked, ſ
    • Doctrine and fruite. YEe men of Iſrael heare theſe words▪ Ieſus of Nazareth a man approued of God among you, with miracle
    • Doctrine and fruite. YEe men and brethren, let me freely ſpeake vnto you of the Patriarch Dauid▪ for he is both dead and
    • Doctrine and fruit. SIthens now that he by the right hand of God is exalted and hath receiued of the Father the promiſe
    • Doctrine and fruite. So therefore, let all the houſe of Ieruſalem know for a ſuretie, that God hath made this Ieſus (whom
    • Doctrine and fruit. WHen they heard this, they were prickt in their hearts, and ſaid vnto Peter, and to the other Apoſtl
    • Doctrine and fruite. AND they continued in the Apoſtles doctrine, in the fellowſhip, in the breaking of bread, and in pra
    • Doctrine and fruite.

    _ A Praier.

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