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#In the yere of thyncarnacion of our lord Ih[es]u crist M.CCCC.lxxx. and in the xx. yere of the regne of kyng Edward the fourthe, atte requeste of dyuerce gentilmen I haue endeauourd me to enprinte the cronicles of Englond as in this booke shall by the suffraunce of god folowe ... Chronicles of England.# In the yere of thyncarnacion of our lord Ih[es]u crist M.CCCC.lxxx. and in the xx. yere of the regne of kyng Edward the fourthe, atte requeste of dyuerce gentilmen I haue endeauourd me to enprinte the cronicles of Englond as in this booke shall by the suffraunce of god folowe ... Chronicles of England.

##General Summary##


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This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

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  2. 2002-05 Aptara Keyed and coded from ProQuest page images
  3. 2002-06 Mona Logarbo Sampled and proofread
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##Content Summary##

#####Front##### IN the yere of thyncarnacion of our lord Jhū crist M.CCCC.lxxx. And in the xx. yere of the Regne of¶First in the prologue is conteyned how Albyne with hir sustre• en••d in to this Ile / and named it #####Body##### ¶How the lande of Englonde was fyrst namd Albyon And by what encheson it was so namdN the noble land _ ¶How the lande of Englonde was fyrst namd Albyon And by what encheson it was so namd In the noble Cite of grete Troye ther was a noble knyght & a man of grete poer that was called Eneas _ ¶How Brute was driuen out of the land and howe he helde hym in Grece Ca.ij.

_ ¶How Coryn became Brutes man and how kyng Goffar was

discomfited Capitulo tercio.

_ ¶How Brute arrined at Tottenesse in the yle of Albion

and of the bataill that was bytuene Coryn and Gogmagog ¶Capitulo quarto

_ ¶How Brute made london & called this lande Britaigne & scotland

Albyne and walys Cambir Capitulo quinto

_ ¶Of kyng Madan howe he regned in pees all his lyfe and of

Menpris and of Maulyn his sones and howe Menpris slowe Maulyn his brother & how wolues drou hym al to peces Ca.vj

_ ¶Of kyng Ebrac how he conquerd frannce and bigate xx. sones

and xxiij. doughtres Ca.vij.

_ ¶Of the kyng brute grenesheld the fyrst sone of Ebrac the kyng

Capitulo octauo.

_ ¶Of kyng leyl Ca.ix.

_ ¶Of kyng lud ludibras that was kyng leyles sone Ca.x

_ ¶Of kyng Bladud that was ludibras sone how he regned &

was a good man and a nigromancer Ca.xj

_ ¶Of kyng Leir and of the ansuere of his yongest doughter that

graciously was maried to the kyng of fraunce Ca.xij.

_ ¶Howe kyng leir was driuen out of his land thurgh his folie

and howe Cordeil his yougest doughter helpe hym in his nede ¶Capitulo xiij.

_ ¶Howe morgan and Conedage that were newus to Cordeill

wrrred vpon hir and put hir in to prison Ca.xiiij.

_ ¶Howe Reignold that was Conedages sone regned after his

fadre and in his tyme it rayned blode iij. dayes in tokenyng of grete deth Ca.xv

_ ¶How Gorbodian regned in pees that was Reignoldes sone & aft he died & lith at york ca.xvj

_ ¶How Gorbodian had ij. sones & how that one s•owe that othir

for to haue the heritage / & how ydoyne hir moder quelled that othir wherfor the land was destroied Ca.xvij

_ ¶How iiij. kyngis courtesly helde all Britaine and which bene

hir names Ca.xviij.

_ ¶Of kyng Donebaut that was Clotes sone and how he had wōne

the land Ca.xix

_ Howe Doneband was fyrste kyng that euer wered croune

of golde in Britaigue ¶Ca.xx.

_ Howe Brenne and belin deꝑted bitwene hem the land aft the

deth of Doneband hir fadre and of the werre Ca.xxj.

_ ¶How Belyn drofe oute of this lande kyng Gutlagh of Denmarke

and Samye Ca.xxij

_ ¶Howe accord was made betwene Brenne and Belyn thurgh

Cornewen hir moder Ca.xxiij.

_ How kyng Cormbatrus quelled the kyng of denmark for encheson

that he wold not pay hym his truage Ca.xxiiij.

_ ¶How the kyng Guentholen regned in goodnesse and well go•ned

the land all his lyfes tyme Ca.xxv

_ ¶How kyng seisell regned and well gouerned the lande after

Guentholen ¶Ca.xxvj.

_ ¶How kymor regned after seisell his fadre and he begate howan

that regned after Ca.xxvij.

_ ¶How kyng Mor with died thurgh meschaunce thurgh a best for

his wikednesse Ca.xxviij

_ ¶Of Grandobodian that was morwiths sone that made the toune

of Cambrigge Ca.xxix.

_ ¶Of Artogaill that was Grandobodianus sone how he was made

kyng & ••th put a doune for his wikkednesse

_ ¶How Hesidur was made kyng after the deth of Artogaill his

brother Ca.xxxj

_ ¶Howe the Britons nomen Hesidur out of pr•son & made hym

kyng the thridde tyme Ca.xxxij.

_ ¶Howe xxxiij. kynges regned in pees eche after othir after the

deth of Hesidur Ca.xxxiij.

_ ¶Howe lud was made kyng after the deth of Ely his fadre

Capitulo xx•iiij.

_ ¶How the britons graūted to cassibalam that was ludes brother

the land in whos tyme Iulius Cesar come twyes for to conquere the land Ca.xxxv.

_ ¶Of the debate that was bitwene Cassibalam & the Erle of london

and of the truage that was paied to Rome Ca.xxxvj

_ ¶Howe lordes of the lande after the deth of cassibalan for enche•on

that he had none heir made Andragen kyng Ca.xxxvij.

_ ¶Of kymbalyn that was Andragenys sone a good man & wel

gouerned the lande Ca.xxxviij.

_ ¶Of kyng Gynder that was kymbalynꝰ sone that wolde nat

pay the truage to Rome for the lande that Cassibalan had graunted and howe he was slayne of a romayne Ca.xxxix

_ ¶Of kyng Armager in whose tyme seint Petre precked in Anti

ochie with othir apostoles in du•erse contreis Ca.xl

_ ¶How• kyng westmer yaf to Berynger an yland forlet & ther

this Berynger made the toune of Berewike Ca.xli.

_ ¶How kyng westmer let arere a stone in the entring of westmerland

ther y• he slow roderic & ther he began first housing Ca.xlij

_ ¶Of kyng Coill that was westmers sone that helde his lande in

pees his lyfes tyme Ca.xliij

_ ¶How kyng lucie regned after Coill his fadre that was a good

man & after he become cristen Ca.xliiij.

_ ¶How this land was longe wyth out a kyng and howe the bretons

chosen a kyng Ca.xl.

_ ¶Of kyng Constance that was a Romayne that was chosen

kyng aft the deth of Coyl for as moche that he had spoused Eleyn thas was kyng Coyles doughter ¶Ca.xlvj.

_ ¶How Constantine that was kyng Constances sone and the

sone of seint Eleyn gouerned and ruled the lande and was Em•our of Rome ¶Ca.xlvij

_ ¶How Maximian that was the Emꝑours cosin of Rome spoused

Octauians donghter & was made kyng ¶Ca.xlviij.

_ ¶Howe Maximian that was the Emꝑours cosin conquered the

lande of Amorican and yaf it to Conan Meriedok ¶Ca.xlix.

_ ¶How Vrsula and xj.M. maydens that were in hir companie

went toward litell britaigne and all were martred at Coleyne Capitulo quinquagesimo

_ ¶How kyng Gowan come for to destroie this land & how a man

of grete power that was called Gracian defended the land Capitulo quinquagesimoprimo

_ ¶Howe Gracian made hym kyng when Maximian was slayne

and afterward the britons queld hym for his wikkednesse Ca.lij

_ ¶How Costantine that was the kynges brother of litell Britaigne

was crouned kyng of mochel Britoigne for his worthinesse Capitulo quinquagesimotercio

_ ¶Of Constaunce that was kyng Costantines sone that was

monk at wynchestre and howe he was made kyng after his fadres deth thurgh conceill of Vortiger that was Erle of westsexe for as moche as Aurilambros and Vter his ij. bretheren went but yonge of age And Vortiger let sle• hym to be kyng hym selfe ¶Capitulo liiij.

_ ¶How the wardeyns that had tho two children to kepe that were

Costantines sones lad de hem to litell Britaigne for the treson & falsenesse of Vortiger. Capitulo quinquagesimoquinto

_ ¶How Engist and xj. thousaud men come in to this lande 〈◊〉

whom Vortiger yafe a place that called is thong••stell Capitulo quinquagesimosexto

_ ¶Of Ronewen that was Engistes doughter and howe the kyng

Vortiger spoused hir for hir beaute Capitulo quinqnagesimo sepfimo.

_ ¶Howe Vortymer that was Vortiger• sone was made kyng &

Engist druien ou••and howe Vortymer was slayne Capitulo lviij.

_ ¶Howe the britous chosen an othir tyme Vortiger to bene hir

kyng and Engist came in to this lande open and they foughten to gedre. Ca.lix.

_ ¶Howe vortiger went in to wales and bigan there a castell that

wolde nat stande without mortier tempred with blode Ca.lx

_ ¶Howe the kyng lete seche Merlyn thurgh all wales for to

speke with hym ¶Ca.lxj.

_ ¶Of the ansuerd of Merlyn wherfor the kyng axed why his

werk myȝt not stond that he had bigōne ner proue ¶Ca.lxij.

_ ¶Of the significacion̄ of tho ij. dragons that were in the bottom

of the ponde that foughten to gedre. ¶Ca.lxiij.

_ ¶Of kyng Aurilambros howe be pursued Vortig•• & Engist &

howe they diden ¶Co.lxiiij.

_ ¶How Aurilambros did redresse the land of grete Britaigne

that was destroied thurgh saxons Ca.lxv

_ ¶Howe the britons went for to seche the grete stones in Irland

Capitulo lxvj.

_ ¶How Passent that was Vortigers sone & the kyng Guillomer

come in to this lande and howe a traitour that was called Cappa enpoysened the kyng Aurilambros ¶Ca.lxvij

_ ¶When Aurilambros was dede a sterre in the morne was seyne

with a clere light and at the bought of the beme was seyne the hede of an horrible dragon Ca.lxviij

_ ¶Of the betokenyng of the sterre ¶Ca.lxix

_ ¶Of Vter pendragon and wherfor he was called so after ye shall

here / and how he was ouer take with the grete loue of Igerne that was the erle of Cornewailles wife Ca.lxx.

_ ¶Howe Vter bigate on Igerne that was the Erles wif of

Cornewaille Arthur kyng Ca.lxxj

_ ¶How kyng Vter chese Aloth to kepe the land of Britaigne whiles

that he was sike / for as moche as he myght not for his sikenesse Capitulo septuagesimosecundo

_ ¶How Arthur that was the sone of Vter was crouned after his

fadres deth & how he drofe Colegrine and the saxones and Cheldrik of Almayne oute of this land Ca.lxxiij

_ ¶Howe Arthur yafe bataill to the saxones when they come ayen

and beseged the toune of Bathe and hem ouercome Capitulo. lxxiiij.

_ ¶How kyng Arthur axed of Merlyn the auentures of vj. the

last kynges that weren to regne in England and how the land sholde ende Ca.lxxv.

_ ¶How Arthur ouercome Guyllomere that was kyng of Irland

and how the scottes becomen his men Capitulo septuagesimosexto

_ ¶Howe kyng Arthur spoused Gūnore that was Gūnores cosin

Erle of Cornwaille & after he conquerde of Giullomer all Irlād ¶Capitulo lxxvij.

_ ¶Howe kyng Arthur come in to fraunce and conquerd that lāde

of Froll that was a Romayne & hym queld Ca.lxxv.ij

_ ¶How kyng Arthur auaunced all his men that had trauayled

in his seruice Ca.lxxix

_ ¶Of the letter that was sent from the cite of Rome for pride to

kyng Arthur Ca.lxxx.

_ ¶Of the bolde ansuere that kyng Arthur sent to the Emꝑour of

Rome & to the romayns Ca.lxxxj.

_ ¶Of the reuerence that Arthur did to the Emꝑours messagiers

of Rome ¶Ca.lxxxij.

_ ¶Of the kynges and lordes that comen to helpe kyng Arthur ayens

the Emꝑour ¶Ca.lxxxiij.

_ ¶Howe kyng Arthur fought with a Geaunte in spaigne that

was called Dinabus that queld Eleyne that was kyng hoels cosin of litell britaigne Ca.lxxxiiij.

_ ¶How kyng Arthur yafe bataille to the Emꝑour in the whiche

bataille the Emꝑour was slayne Capitulo. lxxxv.

_ ¶How kyng Arthut let entier his knyghtes that he had lost in y•

betaille and how he sent the Emꝑours body to rome that ther was slayne in bataille Ca.lxxxvj

_ ¶How mordred the traitour to whom kyng Arthur toke his land

to kepe and his castelles and helde it ayens hym ¶Ca.lxxxvij

_ ¶How Arthur enchased mordred the traitour & how he was slay

ne & also kyng Arthur wounded to deth ¶Ca.lxxxviij

_ ¶Howe kyng Arthur deliuered the reaulme to Costantyn the

sone of Cador his Nepheu Ca.lxxxix.

_ ¶How kyng Costantine was werred of Morde••••〈1 line〉

Capitulo lxxxx

_ ¶Of the kynges Adelbright and of Edell Ca.lxxxxj

_ 〈1 line〉 Edell maried the damisell to a knaue of hiz kyche•〈1 line〉

_ ¶Of kyng Conan Ca.lxxxxiij.

_ Of kyng Cortif and of Gurmonde that comen thurgh the paynyms

in to Britaigne Ca.lxxxxiiij.

_ ¶How kyng Gurmond drofe the kyng Cortife to Chichestre and

queld the britons and thurgh quentise gete the toune Capitulo lxxxxv

_ ¶Howe this land was cleped Englond for the name of engist

and howe many kynges were made after in the land Capitulo lxxxxvj

_ ¶How seint Austyn baptised & conuerted kyng Adelbright and

the bisshoppes that he made his felawes ¶Ca.lxxxvij

_ ¶Howe seint Austyn went in to wales ther that the britons were

and howe they nold nat be obbedient to the Erchebishopp of Canterbury Ca.xcviij

_ ¶How kyng Adelbright and the kyng Olfride queld Bre•male

that was a kyng of britons that helde the contre of leicestre Capitulo lxxxxix

_ ¶How Cadewan kyng of leicestre and Elfride kyng of northūberlande

were frendes and of the debate that after was bitwene Edwyn and Cadwalyn that were both hir sones. Capitulo Centesimo

_ ¶How kyng Oswolde was queld thurgh kyng Cadwalyn and

Peanda / and how Oswy that was seint Oswaldes brother regned after him and queld Peanda Ca.C.j

_ How kyng Cadewaldre that was Cadewaleynes sone regned

after his fadre and was the last kyng of britons Ca.C.ij.

_ ¶How kyng Offa was souerayne aboue all the kynges of Engglond

and how euery kyng werred vpon othir Ca.C.ij

_ ¶How the kyng of Northumberland Osbright forlay the wyfe

of Buerne Bocard thurgh strength and after this Buer•e cōquered the kyng with poer and strength Ca.C.iij

_ ¶How the danois toke yorke and quelled the kyng Osbright and

afterward kyng Elle Ca.C.iiij.

_ ¶How seint Edmond the kyng was martred Ca.C.v.

_ ¶How hubba & hungar toke the toune of Redyng ¶Ca.C.vj

_ ¶Of kyng Alured & how the danois in his tyme praied him of

mercy that they must gone oute of the land Ca / C.vij

_ ¶How hubba and hungar were quelled at Chippenham & how

the danois brought hir kyng to our kyng Ca.C.viij.

_ ¶How the danois that comen in to fraunce with Gurmond comen

ayene in to Englond and of the deth of kyng Alured ¶Ca.C.ix

_ ¶Of kyng Edward that was kyng Aluredes sone ¶Ca.C.x.

_ ¶Of kyng Adelston and of Edmonde Eldred and of Edewyne

his brother Ca.C.xj.

_ ¶Of kyng Edgar that regned a boue the kyng•s of scotland & of

wales & how he was begiled thurgh takyng of his wife / Capitulo Centesimo duodecimo

_ ¶How that kyng Edgar wedded Estrilde after the deth of edelwold


_ ¶Of seint Edward the martir how Estrild his stepmoder lete

hym quelle for to make Eldred hir own̄ sone kyng Ca.C▪xiiij

_ ¶Of kyng Eldred and how the kyng Swyne of denmarke helde

Englond and how Eldred that was seint Edwardes brother wa• nat beloued in his reame and therfor he fledde in to Normandie. Capitulo Centesimo decimoquint•

_ ¶Howe kyng Eldred came ayene from Normandie and how

knoght the danois regned and of the werre bitwene hym and Edmond Irenside Ca.C.xvj.

_ Of kyng knoght Ca.C.xvij

_ ¶How kyng Edmond •renside traitoursly was slayne thurgh

a traitour that was called Edrich of stratton ¶Ca.C.xviij.

_ ¶How kyng knoght sent kyng Edmondes sones both in to denmark

for to slee and how they were saued ¶Ca.C.xix

_ ¶How kyng knoght that was a proude man conquered Norwey

& how he become afterward meke and mylde ¶Ca.C.xx.

_ ¶Of kyng Harold that leuer had gone in fote than rite an hors.

Capitulo Centesimo vicesimo primo

_ ¶Of kyng hardeknoght that was haroldes brother

Capitulo Centesimo xxij.

_ ¶Of the vilonie that the danois did to the Englisshmen wherfore

from that tyme after was no danois made kyng of Englond Capitulo Centesimo xxiij.

_ ¶How Godewyne the fals traitour toke Alured vpon Gildesdoune

whenne he come fro normandie to bene kyng of Englond and did hym bene martred in the Ile of Ely Capitulo. C.xxiiij.

_ ¶Of seint Edward the confessour that was Aluredes brother

how he was kyng of Englond ¶Ca.C.xxv.

_ ¶Of the first specialte that god shewed for seint Edwardes loue

by his lyfe Ca.C.xxvj

_ ¶How the Erle Godewyne come ayene in to Englond and had

ayene all his land and afterward seint Edward wedded his doughter Ca.C.xxvij

_ ¶How kyng Edward saw Sweyne kyng of denmarke drenched

in the se• in the sacramēt as he stode & herd his m•sse Ca.C.xxv.ij

_ ¶How the ringe that seint Edward had yeue to a poure pilgryme

for the loue of god and seint •ohan Euangelist come ayene vn to kyng Edward Capitulo C•nt•simo vic•simonon•

_ ¶How seint Edward died on the xij. day

_ ¶How Harolde that was Godewynes sone was made kyng and

how he scaped fro the duke of Britayne Ca.C.xxxi

_ ¶How william bastard duke of Normandie come in to Englōd

and quelled kyng harold•j

_ ¶Of kyng william bastard and how he gouened hym well &

wysely and of the werre bitweue hym and the kyng of f•aunce Capitulo C.xxxiij.

_ ¶Of kyng william Roos that was william Bastardus sone

that destroied tounes and houses of Religion for to make the newe forest Capitulo Centesimo trice•imoquarto

_ ¶Of kyng Henry •eauclerke that was william Rous brother &

of the debate bitwene hym and Robert Curthose his brother Capitulo Centesimo xxxv.

_ ¶Of the debate that was bitwene kyng lowys of fraunce & kyng

Henry of englond and how kyng henries ij. sones were loste in the high see Capitulo Centesimo .xxxvj.

_ ¶How Maude the Emꝑesse come ayene in to Englond and how

she was afterward wedded to Gieffroy the Erle of Angoy Capitulo C.xxxvij.

_ ¶Howe Stephene kynge Henry sustres sone was made kyng of

Englond ¶Ca.C.xxxviij

_ ¶How Maude the Emꝑesse went fro wynchestre vn to Oxenford

and after she ascaped to wallynford and what sorwe and disese that she had Capitulo Centesimo .xxxix.

_ ¶How Gaufride the Erle of Angron yafe vp vn to Henry the

Emꝑesse sone all Normandie Capitulo Centesimo quadragesime.

_ ¶Of kyng Henry the secōde that was the Emꝑesse sone in whos

tyme seint Thomas of Caunterbury was Chaunceler Capitulo Centesimo quadrages•mopr•mo.

_ ¶Of kyng Henry that was sone of kyng Henry the Emꝑesse son•and of the debate that was bitwene hym and his fad•• while

that he was in normandie Capitulo Centesimo xlij.

_ ¶How the cristen lost the holy land in the forsaid kynges tyme

thurgh a fals cristen man that become a sarazene Ca.C.xliij

_ ¶Of kyng Richard that conquerd all the holy lande that cristen

men had 〈◊〉 Ca.C.xliiij

_ ¶How kyng Richard come ayene from the holy land & avenged

hym of his enemies Ca.C.xlvj.

_ ¶Of kyng Iohan that in the first yere of his regne loste alle Normandie Ca.C.lxvj

_ ¶How kyng Iohan wolde no thyng done for the popes cōmaun

demēt wherfor all Englond was ēterdited & suspēded Ca.C.lxvij

_ ¶How stephen of langeton• come in to englond thurgh the popes

cōmaundement & he went agayn Ca.C.xlviij.

_ ¶How kyng Iohan destroied the ordre of Cisteaux Ca.C.x•••

_ ¶How Pandolfe deliuered a cler• that had falsed & counterfated

the kynges money before the kyng hym selfe Ca.C.l.

_ ¶Of the letter obligatorie that kyng Iohan made vn to the court

of Rome wherfor the petre• pen• bene gadred thurgh oute alle Englond Ca.C.••.

_ ¶How the clerkes that were outelawed oute of Englond come

ayene & how kyng Iohan was assoiled Ca.C.•ij.

_ ¶How the •nterditinge was vndone in englond and of the debate

that was bitwene kyng Iohan and the barons of the Reame Capitulo Centesimo quinquagesimo•ercio

_ ¶How •owys the kynges sone of fraunce come in to englond with

a stronge power of peple to be kyng of englond Capitulo C•ntesimo quinquagesimoquarto

_ ¶And in the same tyme the Pope sent in to englond a legat that

was called Swalo & of kyng •ohanes deth.

_ ¶Of ky•g Henry the thridde that was crouned at Gloucestre / 

Capitulo C•ntesimo quinquag•simosexto

_ ¶How lowys turned ayene in to fraunce & of the confirmacion of

kyng Iohanes chartre Ca.C.lvij

_ ¶Of the quinzeme of godes that were graunted for the new chartres

and of the purveaunce of Oxūford ¶Ca.C.lviij

_ ¶Of the siege of kēlworth & how the gentilmen were disherited

thurgh counceill of the lordes of the Reame of englond & how they come ayene and had hir landes Ca.C.lix.

_ ¶Profecie of Merlyn of the kyng henry y• fyrst ••pouned y• was

kyng •ohanes sone ¶Ca.C.lx.

_ ¶Of kyng Edward that was kyng henries sone Ca.C.lxj

_ ¶How ydeyne y• was lewelynes dought of walys •nce & aymer

yt was y• erles brother of moūtfort were takē in the see Ca.C.lxij

_ ¶How Lewelyne thurgh eggynge of dauid his brother werred

ayene vpon kyng Edward Ca.C.lx ij.

_ ¶How Dauid that was Lewelynes brother prince of walys

was put to the deth Ca.C lxiiij.

_ ¶Of the redressynge that kyng Edward made of his Iustices &

of his clerkes that they had done for hir falsenesse & how he drofe the Iewes oute of Englond for her vsery & mysbeleue Capitulo Centesimo lxv.

_ ¶How kyng Edward was seised in all the londe of Scotland

thurgh consent & graunt of all the lordes of scotlād Ca.C.lxvj

_ ¶How sir Iohan bailloll kyng of scotland withsaid his homage

& of sir Thomas Turbeluille Ca.C.lxvij.

_ ¶Of the conquest of Berewyke Ca.C.lxviij

_ ¶How kyng Edward of his grete grace deliuered ayene the Scottes

out of prison that were chiuetayns of the land and they drowe hem to the frensshmen thurgh coūceill of williā waleys Ca.c.lxix

_ ¶How william walleis let s•ee sir Hugh of Cressyngham & of

the bataille of Fonkirke Ca.C.lxx.

_ Of the last mariage of kyng edward & how he wēt y• iij. tyme in

〈◊〉 Ca.C.lxxj

_ ¶How the castell of Estreuelyne was beseged ¶Ca.C.lxxij

_ ¶How troylebastonne was fyrst ordeyned Ca.C.lxxiij

_ ¶Of the deth of william waleis the fals traitour Ca.C.lxxiiij

_ ¶How the Scottes comē to kyng Edward for to amende hir trespace

that• they had done ayens hym Ca.C.lxxv.

_ ¶How Robert the Brus chalanged Scotland Ca.C.lxxvj

_ ¶How sir Iohan of Comyn gainesaid the crounyng of Sir Robert

the Brus Ca.C.lxxvij

_ ¶How sir Iohan was treitoursely queld Ca C.lxxviij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward dub•ed at w•stmynster xxiiij. score knyghtes Ca.C.lxxx

_ ¶How Robert the Brus was scomfited in bataille & how Symond

Frisell was slayne Ca.C.lxxxj.

_ ¶How •ohan erle of atheles wat take & put to the deth

Capitul• Centesimo lxxxij.

_ ¶How Iohan that was william walleys brother was put to

the deth Ca.C.lxxxiij.

_ ¶How Robert the brus fled from scotland to Norwey

Capitulo Centesimo lxxxiiij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward died Ca.C.lxxxv.

_ ¶Of Merlyns ꝓphecies that were declared of kyng edward that

was kyng •enries sone Ca▪ C.lxxxvj.

_ ¶Of kyng Edward y• was kyng edwardes sone Ca.C.lxxxvij

_ ¶How Robert the Brus come ayene in to Scotland & gadred a

grete power of men for to werre vpon kyng Edward Capitulo Centesimo lxxxviij.

_ ¶How the toune of Berewyke was take thurgh treson & how ij

Cardinalles were robbed in englond Ca.C.lxxxix.

_ ¶How the scottes robbed northumberland.

Capitulo Centesimo. lxxxx.

_ ¶How the Scottes wolde not amende hir trespace / & therfor Scotland

was enterdited Ca.C.lxxxxj.

_ ¶How sir hugh the spencers sone was made the kynges Chamberlayne

and of the bataille of Mitone Ca.C.lxxxxij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward did all maner thyng that sir hugh the spēcer

wolde Ca.C.lxxxxiij.

_ ¶How sir h•gh the spencer & his fadre were exiled on•e of Englo•d Ca.C.lxxxxiiij

_ ¶How the kyng exiled Erle Thomas of lancastre & all that helde

with hym & how the Mortimer come & yelde hym to the kyng & of the lordes Ca.C.lxxxxv.

_ ¶Of the siege of Tykhille Ca.C.lxxxxvj

_ Of the scomfiture of Burbrugge Ca.C.lxxxxvij

_ ¶H•w Thomas of lancastre was beheded at Pountfrete & v. barons

honged & deawen there / Capitulo Centesimo. lxxxxviij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward went in to scotland with an hondr•d thousand

men of armes & myght not spede Ca.C.lxxxxix

_ ¶How Sir Andrewe of herkela was take & put vn to the dethe

that was erle of Cardoille. Capitulo ducentesimo /

_ ¶of the miracles that god wrought for seint Thomas l•ue of lācastre

wherfor the kyng let close the chyrche dores of the Priorie of

Pountfret for no man shold come therin to the body for to off•en Capitulo du•••tesimo primo

_ ¶How the quene Isabell went in to fraunce for to treten of pees

bitwene hir lord the kyng of Englond & the kyng of fraunce hir brother. Ca.CC.ij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward sent sir Edward his sone the eldeste in to


_ ¶How the kyng exiled his quene Isabell & Edward his eldeste


_ ¶How kyng Edward thurgh counceill of the spencers sent to the

douzepers of fraunce that they shold helpe that the quene Isabell & hir sone sir Edward weren exiled oute of fraunce Ca.CC.v.

_ ¶Whenne kyng Edward let kepe the costes by the see & let trie all

the pri•e men of armes & footmen thurgh englond Capitulo ducentesimo .vj

_ ¶How the quene Isabell and sir Edward duke of Gnyhenne

his sone come to londe at herewiche and how they diden Capitulo CC.vij.

_ ¶How mastir waltier Stapilton bisshopp of excestre that was

the kynges tresorer was beheded at london Ca.CC.viij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward & sir hugh spencer and the Erle of arundell

were taken Ca.CC.ix.

_ ¶How kyug Edward was put a doune and his dignite •enōme

Capitulo d•centesimo decimo

_ ¶Prophecie of Merlyn declared of kyng Edward the sone of

kyng Edward

_ ¶Of kyng Edward the thridde after the conquest

Capitulo CC.xij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward went to stanthope for to mete the Scottes;

Capitulo ducentesimo xiij.

_ ¶How the Englissmen stopped the Scottes in the parke of stanhope

and how they turned ayene in to Scotland Ca.CC.xiiij

_ ¶Of the deth of kyng Edward of Carnariuan

_ ¶How kyng Edward spoused Philipp the Erles doughter of

henaude at yorke Ca.CC.xvj

_ ¶How the pees was made bitwene the Englisshmen and the scottes / 

and also of •ustifieng of Troylebastone Capitulo ducentesimo xvij.

_ ¶Of the debate that was bitwene Quene Isabell and Sir Henry

Erle of Lancastre and of Leycestre and of the ridyng of Bedeford Capitulo ducentesimo xvij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward went ouer the see for to do his homage vn

to the kyng of fraūce for the duchie of Enyhenne

_ ¶How sir rogier mortimer bare him proudely & so hie ¶

_ ¶How Edmond of wodestoke that was Erle of kent & the kynges

brother Edward of Carnariuan was beheded at wynchestre / Capitulo ducentesimo xxj.

_ ¶Of the deth of sir Rogier mortimer erle of the marche / 

Capitulo ducentesimo xxij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward gete ayene vn to hym graciousely the homages

& feautes of scotland wher of he was put oute thurgh fals counceill of Isabell his modre aud sir Rogier Mortimer that was newe made Erle of the marche

_ ¶This was the aray of the Scottes how that they comen in batailles

ayens the ij kynges of Englond and scotland ¶In the vauntward of Scotland were these lordes Capitulo ducen•••imo xxiiij.

_ ¶How kyng Edward made a duchie of the Erledome of Cornewaille

and also of vj. othir Erles that were newe made and of the fyrst chalengyng of the kyngdome of fraunce ¶Ca.CCxxv

_ ¶How kyng Edward come to the s•luys and discomfited all the

power of fraunce in the hauen Capitulo ducentesimo xxvj.

_ ¶How kyng Edward sailed in to Normandie and arriued at hogges

with a grete host

_ ¶How kyng Edward beseged Caleys and how it was y wonne

and yolde to hym Ca.CC.xxviij.

_ ¶Howe kyng Edward had a grete bataille with spaynard•s in

the see fast by wynchelsee Ca.CC.xxix.

_ ¶How kyng Edward was crouned kyng of Scotland & howe

Prince Edward toke the kyng of fraunce & sir Philipp his yonger sone at the bataille of Peyters

_ ¶How the grete companie aroos in fraunce & the white companie

•n lumbardie & of many othir meruaille

_ ¶Of the grete wynde and how prince Edward toke the lordshipp

of Gnyhenne of his fadre and went thidder Ca.CC.xxxij.

_ ¶Of the bataille of spayne besides the water of Nazers that waz

bitwene the prince Edward & sir Henry bastard of spayne Capitulo CC.xxxiij.

_ ¶How Sir Robert knolles with othir certeyne lordes of the Reame

went ouer the see in to fraunce And of hir gouernaunce Capitulo CC.xxxiiij.

_ ¶Of the besegyng of Rochell & how the erle of Penbroke & his cōpanie

was ther y take in the hauen with spaynardes & all his vesselles y brent

_ ¶How the duke of lancastre with a grete hoste wente in to flaundres

& passed by Paris thurgh Burgoyne & thurgh all fraūce till he come to Burdeux

_ ¶Of the deth of prince Edward & of the lord latime• & dame Alice

peres thurgh whom and hir mayntenou•s the reame meny a day was mysgouerned Ca.CCxxxvij.

_ ¶Of the deth of kyng Edward & sir Iohan monster worth knyght

was drawe & honged for his falsenes

_ ¶And after kyng Edward the iiij. that was borne in wynde

sore regned Richard of burdeux that was prince Edwardes sone of walys which prince Edward was the sone of kyng Edward Capitulo ducentesimo quadragesimo

_ ¶How the v. lordes arisen at Rattecotte brigge

_ ¶How kyng Richard spoused dame Isabell the kynges doughter

of fraunce in the toune of Caleys & brought hir in to englond & let hir le crouned quene in the abbey of seint Petres of westmynstre. Capitulo ducentesimo xlij.

_ ¶Of Sir Henry of Bolynbroke Erle of Derby that regned after

kyng Richard whiche was the iiij. henry after the conquest Capitulo ducentesimo xliij.

_ ¶Of kyng Henry the v. that was kyng henries sone

Capitulo ducentesimo xliiij.

_ ¶How the kyng of Englond was made heritier & regent of fraunce

and how he wedded quene katherine Ca.CC.xlv.

_ ¶Of the lawde of kyng Henry the fifthe / & what he ordeyned for

kyng Richard & for him selfe after his dethe Capitulo du•ent•simo xlvj.

_ ¶How kyng Henry the vj. regned beyng a childe not one yere of

age / & of the bataille of vernoill in perche

_ ¶How ther was a grete affraye like to haue bene bitwene the Cardinall

aud the duke of Gloucestre / And of the coronacion of kyng Henry the sixthe bothe in englond aud in fraunce Capitulo ducentesimo xlv.ij.

_ And the xj. day of Iuyne on seint Bernabes day there were four

soudiours of Caleys that were chief causers of the restreynt byheded that is to wete Iohan Maddeley Iohan lundaye Thomas palmer and Thomas Talbot And an C.x. banysshed the toune that same tyme And before were banysshed honderd and xx. soudiours And on mydsomer euen after came the lord regent and his wyfe to london Ca.CC.xlix.

_ ¶How Caleys and•uynes were beseged by the duke of Bourctoyne

and how they were rescued by the duke of Gloucestre Capitulo ducentesimo quinquagesimo.

_ ¶How Owayn a squyer of wales that had wedded quene katerine

was arested / and of the scisme bitwene Eugenie and Felix Capitulo

_ ¶How the duchesse of Gloucestre was arested for treson / and committed

to perpetuall prison in the Ile of man / And of the deth of maister Rogier •olyngbroke Ca.CC.lij.

_ ¶How kyng Henry wedded Quene Margarete and of hir coronacion

Capitulo ducentesimo lij.

_ ¶How the good duke of Gloucestre humfrey the kynges vncle

was arested at the parlement of bury / and his deth / And how Angeo in mayne was deliuered Capitulo ducentesimo liij.

_ ¶How sir Franceys aragonoys toke fogiers in normandie And

of the losse of Constantinoble by the turke Capitulo ducentesimo liiij.

_ ¶How this yere was thynsurrexion in kente of the cōmuues of

whom Iak••ade an yrisman was captayn Capitulo ducentesimo. lv.

_ ¶Of the felde y• the duke of yorke toke at brentheth in kente And

of the burthe of prince Edward / And of the fyrst bataill at seint Albons where the duke of somersetee was slayne. Capitulo ducentesimo. lvj.

_ ¶How the lord Egremond was take by therle of salesteries sones

And of the robbyng of sandwych Capitulo ducentesimo lvij.

_ ¶How the kynges houshold made affraye ayenst the erle of warrewyke / 

and of the Iourney at bloreheth Capitulo ducentesimo lxviij

_ ¶How Andrew trollop & the soudiours of Cale•s forsoke the duke

of yorke & their mastir therl• of warwyke in the westcontre / Capitulo ducentesimo lix.

_ ¶How therles of marche warrewyke & salisbury entrid in to Caleys / 

& how therle of warrewyke wente in to Irland Capitulo ducentesimo lx.

_ ¶How the erles of Marche of warrewyke & of salisbury entrid in

to englond / And of the felde of Northampton where diuese lordes were slayne Capitulo ducentesimo lxj.

_ ¶How the noble duke of yorke was slayne and of the felde of

wakefeld and of the second Iourney at seint Albons by the Quene and prince

_ ¶Of the deposicion of kyng henry the vj. And how kyng Edward

the iiij. toke possession / And of the bataille on palmesonday & how he was crouned Ca.CC / lxiij

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