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#Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happenyng in the Church. [vol. 2, part 2] with an vniuersall history of the same, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter tymes of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions agaynst the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as nowe lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland. Newly reuised and recognised, partly also augmented, and now the fourth time agayne published and recommended to the studious reader, by the author (through the helpe of Christ our Lord) Iohn Foxe, which desireth thee good reader to helpe him with thy prayer. Actes and monuments#

##Foxe, John, 1516-1587.## Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happenyng in the Church. [vol. 2, part 2] with an vniuersall history of the same, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter tymes of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions agaynst the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as nowe lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland. Newly reuised and recognised, partly also augmented, and now the fourth time agayne published and recommended to the studious reader, by the author (through the helpe of Christ our Lord) Iohn Foxe, which desireth thee good reader to helpe him with thy prayer. Actes and monuments Foxe, John, 1516-1587.

##General Summary##


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##Content Summary##

#####Body##### 〈1 page duplicate〉 himselfe in it, and calling on the name of the Lord Iesus he was quickely out of 〈1 page duplicate〉 himselfe in it, and calling on the name of the Lord Iesus he was quickely out of _ *The history and examinations of Robert Smith, constantly maynteining the trueth of Gods word, and suffering for the same in the moneth of August.

  * ¶The first examination of Robert Smith before Bishop Boner.

  * ¶An other examination of Robert Smith before the sayd Bishop.

  * ¶The last examination of Robert Smith.

  * ¶O ye that loue the Lord, see that ye hate the thing that is euill.

  * ¶The exhortation of Robert Smith, vnto his children, commonly set out in the name of maister Rogers.

  * Written at the request of a Lady in her booke.

  * Legem pone.

  * To hys brother.

  * *To All whiche loue God vnfaynedly, and entend to lead a godly life according to his Gospell, and to perseuer in his trueth vnto the ende: grace, and peace from God the father, and from our Lorde Iesus Christ, Amen.

  * ¶An other letter sent to hys wife.

  * ¶Letters. A sententious letter of Robert Smith to Anne Smith hys wyfe

  * ¶An other letter sent to his wife Anne Smyth.

  * ¶An other letter sent to hys wife.

  * A letter sent to his frende.

  * Robert Smith to all faithfull seruants of Christ, exhorting them to be strong vnder persecution.

_ The burning of Steuen Harwood, and Thomas Fust, martyred for the testimonie of the Gospel.

_ The constant Martyrdome of William Haile, burned at Barnet.

_ George King, Thomas Leyes, Iohn VVade, sickened in prisone, and were buried in the fieldes.

_ William Andrewe.

_ A letter sent to Boner Bishop of London, from sir Richard Southwel knight.

_ The Martyrdome of Rob. Samuel, Preacher, suffering for the true defence of Christes Gospell.

  * Letters of Robert Samuel, Preacher.

A letter or exhortation to the pacient suffering of afflictions for Christes cause.

An other letter wrytten to the Christian congregation, by Robert Samuel, wherein he declareth the confession of his faith.

_ William Allen, Martyr.

_ The Martyrdome of Roger Coo of Melforde in Suffolke, Shereman, first examined before the Byshop of Norwich, and by him condemned. Anno 1555. August 12.

_ ¶Thomas Cobbe of Hauerhill, butcher, Martyr.

_ *The Martyrdome of George Catmer, Robert Streater, Anthony Burward, George Brodbridge, and Iames Tutty.

_ ¶Thomas Hayward and Iohn Goreway, Martyrs.

_ ¶The persecution and story of M. Robert Glouer Gentleman, and of Iohn Glouer his brother, in the Dioces of Lichfield.

  * ¶A Letter of M. Robert Glouer to his wyfe, conteinyng the whole discourse and description of hys troubles susteined in prison, and of his sundry conflicts betweene the Bishop and him about Religion.

  * *A Letter of M. Robert Glouer, to the Maior of Couentry and his brethren.

  * ¶Cornelius Bongey felow Martyr with Mayster Robert Glouer.

  * ¶His aunsweres.

  * ¶Here foloweth the story of Iohn Glouer and William Glouer, how they were excommunicate and cast out after theyr death, and buried in the fieldes.

  * *A copy of the Byshops Letter written to the Parish of Weme.

_ ¶The Martyrdome of William Wolsey, and Robert Pygot Paynter.

_ ¶Doctor Nicholas Ridley and M. Hugh Latimer, both Byshops, Preachers, and Martyrs of Christ, with theyr doinges, conferences, and sufferinges described.

  * *A conference had betwixt Mayster Ridley, and Mayster Latimer in prison, vpon the obiection of Antonian, meaning by that name some popish persecutour, as Winchester, alluding thereby to the story of Victor. lib. 3. de persecut. Aphri.

  * *Here followeth the letters of the reuerend Byshop and Martyr, Nicholas Ridley.

  * ¶Letter of mayster Ridley, sent to a Cosin of his.

  * ¶To Mayster Bradford.

  * *An other letter of Mayster Ridley, vnto Mayster Bradforde and other his prison fellowes. An. 1555.

  * An other Letter of Maister Ridley vnto Maister Bradford.

  * To the brethren remaining in captiuitie of the flesh, and dispearsed abroad in sundry prisones, but knit together in vnity of spirit and holy Religion in the bowels of the Lorde Iesu.

  * ¶To the breathren which constantly cleaue vnto Christ▪ in suffering affliction with him, and for his sake.

  * ¶A Letter of Byshop Ridley answearyng to a certayne Letter of one Maister West, sometime his Chapleine.

  * ¶The aunsweare of Doctor Ridley to the letter abouesayd.

  * ¶To Augustine Bernher.

  * ¶Here beginneth the lyfe, actes, and doynges of maister Hugh Latimer, the famous Preacher and worthy Martyr of Christ and his Gospel.

  * ¶The tenoure and effecte of certayne Sermons, made by mayster Latimer in Cambridge, about the yeare of our Lord. 1529.

  * ¶The summe of the Epistle written by Doctor Redman, to M. Latymer.

  * ¶The summe of M. Latymers aunswer to Doct. Redman.

  * ¶The copy of the Citation sent to the sayd M. Latimer by the Chancellor of Sarum, at the intercession of the Bish. of London.

  * ¶The copy of the Epistle written by M. Latimer to the Archbishop of Cant.

  * ¶Articles deuised by the Bishops, for M. Latymer to subscribe vnto.

  * ¶Wordes spoken to the people in geuing them holy water.

  * ¶What to say in geuing holy bread.

_ Letters of M. Latimer.

  * ¶A Letter of M. Latimer to Mayster Morice, concerning the Articles written, which were falsely and vntruely layed agaynst him.

Our Lady was a Sinner.

Sayntes are not to be worshipped.


Aue Maria.

No fire in hell.

No Purgatory.

  * *A briefe digression touching the rayling of Hubberdin agaynst M. Latimer.

  * ❧Epistola Gulielmi Sherwodi aduersus Dominum Latymerum expostulatoria.

¶Gulielmus Sherwodus praesbyter, D. Latymero Kyngtoniae, Rectori, gratiam & pacem à Deo patre nostro & domino Iesu Christo.

Salutem plurimam.

❧ Spiritum Veritatis.

  * ¶The copy of a letter sent by mayster Latimer, person of Westekington, in the countie of Weltes. to Syr Edward Baynton Knight. Salutem in Christo.

  * *A letter of Syr Edward Baynton Knight, aunsweryng to the letter of M. Latymer sent to him before.

  * ¶The aunswere of M. Latimer to the letter of Syr Edward Baynton aboue prefixed.

  * ¶The Letter of Mayster Latimer written to King Henry, for the restoring agayne the free liberty of reading the holy Scriptures.

  * ¶A fruitfull letter of M. Latimer, written to a certayne Gentleman.

  * ¶A letter sent to maystres Wilkinson of London widowe, from mayster Hugh Latimer out of Bocardo in Oxford.

_ The order and maner of the examination of Doctour Ridley, and mayster Latimer, had the xxx. day of September. 1555.

  * The Articles.

  * Examination vppon the sayd Articles.

  * ¶Maister Latimer appeareth before the Commissioners.

  * ¶Here foloweth the second Session.

  * ¶The last appearaunce and examination of M Latimer before the Commissioners.

  * ¶A communication betweene D. Brokes, and D. Ridley, in M. Irysh his house, the xv. day of October, at which tyme he was degraded.

  * ¶M. Ridley to the Queenes Maiestie.

  * ¶The behauiour of D. Ridley at his supper, the night before his suffering.

  * *The behauiour of D. Ridley and M. Latymer, at the tyme of their death, which was the 16. of October. An. 1555.

  * ¶A treatise or a letter written by D. Ridley, in steade of his last farewell, to all hys true and faythfull friendes in God, with a sharpe admonition withall vnto the Papistes.

  * *An other farewell to the Prisoners in Christes Gospelles cause, and to all them whiche for the same cause are exiled and banished out from theyr owne countrey, choosing rather to leaue all worldly commodity, then theyr mayster Christ.

  * ¶An other treatise of B. Ridley, wherein is conteyned first a lamentation for the chaunge of Religion in England: then a comparison betwene the doctrine of the Gospell, and the Romish religion, with wholesome instructions in the end to all christians, how to behaue themselues in time of tryall.

_ The death and end of Stephen Gardiner Byshop of Winchester.

  * ¶The summe and effect of the Sermons which Gardiner B. of Winchester preached before King Edward. An. 1550.

  * ¶The Popes supremacie impugned by Byshop Gardiner.

  * ¶Places noted wherein B. Gardiner impugned Ceremonies, Monkery, Images, Chauntryes. &c.

  * ¶Certaine matters wherein St. Gardiner B. of Wint. varieth from other of the Papists, touching the Sacrament of the Lordes Supper.

  * ¶Matters wherein the B. of Winchester varieth from hymselfe.

  * ¶Certaine things that Winchester granted vnto.

  * ¶Twelue new found Articles of Steuen Gardiners Creede, taught in hys booke called the examination of the hunter.

  * ¶Doctissimo viro, Edmundo Crispino amico integerrimo, Oxoniae.

  * ¶The burnyng of Iohn Webbe gentleman, George Roper, and Gregory Parke, at Caunterbury, as followeth.

_ *William Wiseman.

_ ¶Iames Gore.

_ ❧The processe and historie of M. Iohn Philpot, examined, condemned, and Martyred for the maintenance and defence of the Gospels cause, against the Antichristian Sea of Rome.

  * ¶The first examination of M. Iohn Philpot, before the Queenes Commissioners, M. Chomley, M. Roper, & Doct. Story, and one of the Scribes of the Arches,The 〈1 paragraph〉 at Newgate Sessions hall. 2. Octob. 1555.

  * ¶The second examination of Iohn Philpot before the Queenes Commissioners, M. Cholmley, Roper, D. Story, D. Cooke, and the Scribe, the 24▪ day of Octo. 1555. at Newgate Sessions Hall.

  * *The maner of my calling first before the Bishop of London, the second night of mine imprisonment in his Colehouse.

  * ¶The fourth examination of M. Philpot in the Archdeacons house of London, the sayd moneth of October, before the Bishops of London, Bath, Worcester, and Glocester.

  * *The 5. examination of Iohn Philpot, had before the Bishops of London, Rochester, Couentry, S. Asses (I trow) and one other, whose Seas I know not, Doctor Story, Curtop, Doctor Sauerson, Doctor Pendleton, with diuers other Chaplaynes and Gentlemen of the Queenes Chamber and diuers other Gentlemen, in the Gallery of my Lord of Londons Palace.

  * *The sixt examination of Iohn Philpot had before the right honourable Lordes, Lorde Chamberlayne to the kinges Maiesty, the Vicount Herford, commonly called Lord Ferrers, the Lord Rich, the Lord S. Iohns, the Lord Winsor, the Lord Shandoys, Sir Ioh. Bridges Lieutenant of the Tower, and two other moe whose names I know not, with the B. of London and Doctour Chadsey, the sixt day of Nouember. An. 1555.

  * The vij. examination of Iohn Philpot, had the xix. of Nouember before the Bishops of London and Rochester, the Chauncellour of Lichfield, and Doctour Chadsey.

  * The summe of a priuate conference or talke betwene M. Philpot and the Bishop.

  * An other conference betwene the Byshop and M. Philpot and other prisoners.

  * An other priuate conference betwene the Bishop and Maister Philpot in the Colehouse.

  * The eight examination of Iohn Philpot before the B. of London, the B. of S. Dauids, M. Mordant and others, in the Bishops Chappell.

  * The ninth examination of M. Philpot before Boner and his Chaplaines.

  * ¶The tenth examination of Iohn Philpot, before B. Boner, his Register, and others.

  * *The 11. examination of Iohn Philpot, had on S. Andrewes day, before the Bishop of Duresme, the Bishop of Chichester, the Bishop of Bathe, the Bishop of London, the Prolocutor, Maister Christopherson, and Doct. Chedsey, Maister Morgan of Oxford, Maister Hussey of the Arches, Doctor Weston, Doctor Harpsfield, Archdeacon, M. Cosins and M. Iohnson Register to the Bishop of London, in hys palace.

  * *12. Examination of Iohn Philpot, on Wednesdaye the fourth of December before the Bishop of London, the Byshop of Worcester, and the Byshop of Bangor.

  * ¶The thirtenth examination of Mayster Philpot, before the Archbishop of Yorke, and diuers other Bishops.

  * ¶An other talke the same day.

  * ¶The last examinations of M. Philpot in open iudgement, with his finall condemnation by Byshop Boner in the Consistory at Paules.

  * ¶The last examination of Mayster Iohn Philpot.

  * *Bishop Boners exhortation.

  * A letter exhibited by Boner, written by some frend of M. Philpot, and sent to him concerning the handling of Mayster Greene in Boners house at London.

  * The copy of an other letter written by the faythful and Christen harted Lady▪ the Lady Vane, to Mayster Philpot, exhibited lykewise by Byshop Boner.

  * To the King and Queenes Maiesties highnesse the Lordes spiritual and temporall, and the commons of this present Parliament assembled.

  * The condemnation of the worthy Martyr of God, Iohn Philpot.

  * A prayer to be sayd at the stake, of all them that God shall account worthy to suffer for his sake.

  * ¶Letters of Mayster Philpot.

  * *To hys deare frend in the Lord Iohn Careles prisoner in the kinges Benche.

  * An other letter to Iohn Careles, profitable to be read of all them which mourne in repentaunce for theyr sinnes.An other letter of M. Philpot to the same partye.

  * An other letter of M. Philpot, to certaine godlye women, forsaking their owne countrey for the Gospell: full of frutefull precepts and lessons for all good women.

  * An exhortation to his owne sister, constantly to sticke to the truth, which she had frutefully professed.

  * An other Letter of Iohn Philpot to certaine Godly brethren.

  * To his friend and faithfull brother in the Lord Maister Robert Harrington.

  * Here followeth an other letter of M. Philpot to the Lady Vane, which, because for the length I could not wholy insert, I haue excerpted certaine specialties thereout, as followeth.

  * An other letter of M. Philpot, wrytten to the same Lady, being a great supporter of hym.

  * An other letter of maister Philpot, to the godly Ladie Vane.

  * An other Letter full of spiritual consolation, to the sayd Ladie.

  * An other Letter of Maister Philpot to the sayde Ladie, wherin partly he complaineth of the dissimulation and periurie of English men, falling againe to the Pope, and partlye he expresseth his ioy in his afflictions.

  * A Letter of M. Philpot, to a frende of his, prisoner the same time in Newgate, wherein is debated and discussed the matter or question of Infants to be baptised.

  * ¶Wo be vnto the Idolatrous Shepeherds of England that feede themselues. Should not the Shepeherdes feede the flocke? but ye haue eaten the fatte, ye haue clothed you with the wooll, the best fed haue ye slayne, but the flocke haue ye not nourished, the weake haue ye not holden vp, the sicke haue ye not healed, the broken haue ye not bound together, the outcastes haue ye not brought agayne, the lost haue ye not sought, but churlishly and cruelly haue ye ruled them. Ezech. 34.

_ 〈1 paragraph〉*Anno. 1556. ¶The Story of seuen Martyrs suffryng together at London for the lyke testimony of Christes Gospell.

  * ¶The forme and wordes of Boners Articles ministred to the seuen persons aboue mentioned in his Consistorie.

  * ¶Here follow likewyse their aunsweres in a generall, made to the Articles aboue rehearsed.

¶And first concernyng the first Article, in beleeuyng there is a Catholike Church.

¶Concernyng the second Article, that there be in the Churche seuen Sacraments.

¶Concernyng the third Article, that they were first baptised in the fayth of the Catholike Church, professing by their Godfathers the profession of the same. &c.

Concernyng the fourth Article that they for the space of certayne yeares did ratifie or allowe, and not departe from any part of the profession of the same Church.

¶Concernyng the fift Article, that they of late yeares haue swarued and gone away, misliked, and spokē agaynst the profession of the same Church, at least some part thereof, especially, the sacrifice of the Masse, the Sacrament of the aultar, and the authoritie of the Church of Rome.

To the 6. article.¶Concernyng the sixt article, that they refuse to be reconciled to the vnitie of the sayd Church of Rome.

The Catholicke Church and the church of Rome are 2. thinges. To the 7. article. The Masse dissonant from the word of the Gospell.¶Concernyng the seuenth Article, that they refuse to come to heare Masse, and to receyue the sayde Sacrament, callyng it an Idol, &c.

¶Concerning the 8. Article, that they were sent by the Commissioners to the B. to be examined and imprisoned.To the 8. article.

¶Concernyng the 9. Article.

  * ❧ The history of all these 7. Martyrs, particularly described in order here followeth, & first of Tho. Whittle, who first recanting, then returning agayne with great constancy and fortitude, stoode to the defence of Christes doctrine agaynst the Papists, to the fire.

  * ¶The Bill of submission offered to Thomas Whittell to subscribe.

  * *The Copy of Nich. Harpsfieldes Letter, touching Mayster Whittell, written to Boner Byshop of London.

  * ¶Here foloweth an other letter of Robert Iohnson Register, touching Thomas Whittell, written to Boner Bishop of London.

  * ¶The Condemnation, Death, and Martyrdome of Thomas Whittell.

  * ¶Letters of Thomas Whittell.

  * ¶To my deare frend and brother Iohn Went, and other his prison felowes in Lollardes Tower.

  * ¶To all the true professors and louers of Gods holy Gospell within the City of London.

  * *To my louing and faythfull brother, Iohn Careles Prisoner in the kinges bench.

  * *To my deare brethren M. Filles and Cutbert.

  * ¶An other Letter of M. Thomas Whittell written to a certayne Godly woman.

_ ¶The Story of Mayster Bartlet Greene, Gentlemanne and Lawyer, Martyr.

  * ¶This did Mayster Bartlet Greene write in Mayster Bartram Calthrops Booke.

  * ¶A Letter sent vnto Boner Bishop of London, by the Queenes Counsell, dated the 11. daye of Nouember. 1555. but not deliuered vntill the 17. of the same moneth.

  * A letter of Barthelet Greene, written vnto Iohn Philpot, contayning besides other particular matter betwixt him and M. Philpot, a briefe rehearsall of his handling, and certain his conferences with Boner and others, at his first comming to the Bishops.

  * The last examination and condemnation of Mayster Greene.

  * ¶The confession and saying of Bartlet Greene.A draught of Mayster Grenes confession, gathered by the Bishops Register.

¶These verses were also written in a booke of mayster William Fleetwood, of the same house.

  * To my very louing frendes and maysters. M Goringe, M. Ferneham, M. Fleetwood, M. Rusewll. M. Bel, M Hussey, M. Calthrop, M. Boyer, and other my maisters of the Temple, Bartlet Greene wisheth health of bodye and soule.

  * *An other letter of M. Greene to Mistres Elizabeth Clarke.

  * An other certayne writing of M. Bartlet Greene.

  * 3. Thomas Browne, Martyr.

  * 4. Iohn Tudson Martyr.

  * 5. Iohn Went Martyr.

  * 6. Isabell Foster Martyr.

  * 7. Ioane Lashford, alias Ioane Warne, Martyr.

_ Fiue other Martyrs in Caunterburie, foure women and one man, at two stakes and one fire, all together burned.

  * 1 Iohn Lomas Martyr.

  * 2 Agnes Snoth, Martyr.

  * 3 Anne Albright, aliàs Champnes, Martyr.

  * Ioane Sole.

  * Ioane Catmer.

_ ❧The life, state, and storie of the Reuerend Pastour and Prelate, Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Caunterburie, Martyr, burned at Oxforde, for the Confession of Christes true Doctrine, vnder Queene Marie. An. 1556. March. 21.

  * A Bishoppe must be faultlesse, as becommeth the Minister of God: Not stubburne, nor angrie, no drunkard, no fighter, not geuen to filthy luker▪ but harberous, one that loueth goodnesse, sober minded, righteous, holy, temperate, and such as cleaueth vnto the true word and doctrine, that he may be able to exhort. &c.

  * That a Bishop ought not to be stubberne.

  * Not angrie.

  * No striker, nor fighter.

  * Not geuen to filthy luker, but harberous.

  * Harberous.

  * ¶One that loueth goodnesse, sober mynded, righteous, holy, and temperate.

  * ¶To cleaue fast vnto the true worde of doctrine, that he may be able to exhort with wholesome learnyng,To cleaue fast to the worde of doctrine: able to exhorte in holsome learning, & to reproue the gaynsayer. Titus. 1. and to improoue that say agaynst it.

  * ¶A Letter or Apologie of M. Morice, sent to Sir Will. Buttes, and Sir Anthony Denny, defending the cause of M. Richard Turner preacher, agaynst the Papistes.

  * *The Oration of D. Brokes Bishop of Glocester vnto D. Cranmer Archb. of Caunt. in the church of S. Mary at Oxford. Anno. 1556. March. 12.

  * *The Oration of Doctor Martyn.

  * *The Fayth and Profession of Doctour Cranmer Archbishop of Cant. before the Commissioners.

  * ❧ Doctor Storyes Oration.

  * *Talke betweene Doctour Martin and the Archbishop.

  * ¶Interrogatories obiected to the Archbishop, with his aunsweres annexed to the same.

  * The Oration of Byshop Brookes in closing vp this examination agaynst Doctour Cranmer Archbishop of Caunterbury.

  * *A more full aunswere of the Archbishop of Cant. to the first Oration of Bishop Brookes.

  * Doctor Thurlby and Doctor Boner comming with a new Commission to sit vpon the archbishop the 14. day of February.

  * The tenour of the Appeale of the Archb. of Cant. from the Pope, to the next generall Councell.

  * Here foloweth the recantation of the Archbishop, wyth his repentance of the same.

  * The copie and woordes of Cranmers recantation.

  * The Prayer of Doctour Cranmer Archbyshop.

_ ❧ Letters of Doctor Tho. Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury.

  * ¶The Archbishop of Canterburies letter to the Queenes highnesse.

  * ¶This was written in another Letter to the Queene.

  * ¶Another Letter of the Archbishop to D. Martin, and D. Story.

  * ¶A Letter of Doctour Cranmar Archbishop, to a Lawyer, for the drawyng out of hys Appeale.

  * ¶Another Letter of D. Cranmer Archbishop, to Maistresse Wilkinson, exhortyng her to flie in the tyme of persecution.

  * ¶To my deare fathers and brethren, Doctor Cranmer, Doctor Ridley, and Doctor Latimer prisoners in Oxford for the faithful testimony of Gods holy worde.

  * ¶De Tho. Cranmeri Archiepiscopi qui carcere detinebatur palinodia.

  * ¶In mortem D. Cranmeri, Cant. Archiepiscopi.

_ ¶Persecution in Suffolke, Agnes Potten, and Ioane Trunchfield, Martyrs.

_ *Persecution in the Dioces of Salisbury.

  * ¶The story of Iohn Maundrell, William Coberley, and Iohn Spicer, Martyrs.

_ ¶A discourse of the death and Martyrdome of sixe other Martyrs suffering at London whose names here folow.

  * *To the right reuerend father Tho. Archb. of Yorke, Lord Chauncellour of England.

  * *Richard Spurge.

  * *Thomas Spurge.

  * ¶George Ambrose.

  * ¶Iohn Cauell.

  * ¶Robert Drakes.

  * ¶William Tyms.

  * *The Story of William Tyms Deacon, and Curate of Hockeley, with the maner of his taking.

  * An other examination of Tyms and Drakes, and the rest, before the Bishop of London.

  * *The Articles for the which William Tyms of Hockley in Essex, was condemned in the Consistory in Paules, the xxviij. day of March, with his aunsweres and confession vpon the same.

  * *The condemnation of Robert Drakes.

  * The condemnation of Thomas Spurge, and of the other three martyrs.

  * ❧Letters of William Tyms.

  * ¶An other letter of the sayd W. Tyms, wherein he doth comforte his sister Glascocke, being in greate sorrowe and repentance, for going to the Masse.

  * ¶An other letter of W. Tyms to certayne godly women of his parish, folowers of the Gospell.

  * ¶An other Letter of William Tyms to his frend in Hockley.

  * ¶An other Letter of William Tyms, geuing thankes to his parishioners, for theyr charity shewed to his wife being brought to bed of a childe in his captiuity.

  * ¶An other Letter of William Tyms to his sister Colfoxe and Agnes Glascocke.

  * *An other letter of William Tyms, with an exhortation to all Gods faythfull seruauntes to eschew the societie of Idolaters, and Gods enemies.

  * ¶A certayne godly Supplication exhibited by certayne inhabitauntes of the Country of Northfolke, to the Commissioners comming downe to Northfolke and Suffolke, fruitfull to be read and marked of all men.

  * The story of Iohn Harpole, of the parish of S. Nicholas in Rochester, Ioane Beach wydowe, of Tunbridge, Martyrs.

  * Her personall answeres to the said Articles.

  * Examination and condemnation of Iohn Harpole and Ioane Beach.

  * Iohn Hullyer Minister and Martyr.

  * ¶Letters of M. Iohn Hullier Minister.

  * Iohn Hullyer being of long time prisonner, and nowe openly iudged to die for the testimony of the Lord Iesus, wisheth hartely to the whole cōgregation of God, the strength of his holy spirit, to their euerlasting health both of body and soule.

_ The death and Martyrdome of sixe constant professours of Christ, burned at Colchester, for the testimonie of the Gospell, the 28. day of Aprill.

_ Hugh Lauerocke an olde lame man, Iohn Apprice a blinde man, Martyrs, burned at Stratford the Bowe.

_ Three women the same time burned in Smithfielde, Katherine Hut, Elizabeth Thackuell, and Ioane Homes.

  * A Letter sent vnto Boner Bishop of London, from Sir Iohn Mordant Knight, and Edmund Tyrrell Esquire, Iustices of peace for the Countie of Essex.

  * Thomas Drowry a blinde boy, and Thomas Croker Bricklayer, Martyrs.

_ ¶Persecution in Suffolke.

  * ¶Their Articles.

  * *The persecution in the Townes of Winson and Mendlesam in Suffolke.

  * ¶These be the chiefest causes why those aboue named were persecuted.

_ ¶A story of one Gregory Crowe, meruailously preserued with hys new Testament vpon the Seas. May. 26.

_ ¶Another like story of Gods prouidence, vpon three men deliuered vpon the Sea.

_ ¶The death of William Slech in the Kinges Bench.

_ ¶The story of foure men condemned at Lewys the 6. day of Iune.

_ ¶The Martyrdome of Thomas Whood, and Thomas Milles.

_ ¶Two dead in the Kyngs Bench.

_ ¶A Merchauntes seruaunt burnt at Leycester.

_ ❧ Thirteene Martyrs burned at Stratford the Bowe.

  * ¶Vnto all our dearely beloued friendes, and the holy Congregation of Iesus Christ, euen so many as loue God, Grace bee with you, and peace from God our Father, and from our Lord Iesus Christ. So be it.

  * *Trouble and businesse in the Diocesse of Lichfield.

  * ¶Three men dead in the prison of the Kings Bench.

_ ¶The story of three Martyrs sufferyng at S. Edmondesbury.

  * ¶The first examination of Roger Bernard, before D. Hopton B. of Norwich.

  * ¶The second examination of Roger Bernard before the sayd Bishop.

  * ¶Adam Foster.

  * ¶Robert Lawson.

  * ¶The examination of Iohn Fortune before Doctour Parker and Mayster Foster.

  * ¶The second examination of Iohn Fortune before the Bishop of Norwich.

  * ¶The third examination of Iohn Fortune before the Byshop of Norwich.

  * ¶An other examination of I. Fortune.

_ ¶The death of Iohn Careles in the Kynges Benche.

  * ¶The effect of Iohn Careles examination. before Doctour Martin briefly declared.

  * ¶Letters of Iohn Careles

  * ¶To his wife.

  * *To my good Brother Mayster Iohn Bradford.

  * ¶Mayster Bradford to Careles.

  * ¶To my most deare and faythfull brethren in Newgate, condemned to dye for the testimony of Gods euerlasting truth.

  * ¶To M. Greene, M. Whittel, and certaine other prisoners in Newgate, condemned, and ready to be burnt for the testimonie of our Lord Iesus.

  * ¶To my deare and faythfull brother, William Tymmes, prisoner in Newgate.

  * *To my good sister. M.C.

  * *To my deare brother. T. V.

  * *To my deare and faythfull brother,An other letter of Iohn Ca••les to fayt••full Augustine Bernhe•• counsell him to be circumsp••• in these daunger dayes. Augustine Bernher.

  * ¶To my deare brother Harry Adlington prisoner in the Lolardes Tower.

  * ¶To my most deare and faythfull brother. T. V.

  * A letter of thankes to a faithfull frend of his, by whom he had receiued much comfort in his inward troubles.

  * An other letter of Iohn Careles, to a certaine godly faithfull sister, by the name of E.K.

  * A letter of Careles to Agnes Glascocke.

  * A briefe admonition wrytten to Mistres Agnes Glascocke, in a booke of hers, when shee came to the prisone to visite him.

  * ¶An other Letter of Iohn Careles to Mistres A.G. to comfort her in her repentaunce, after shee had bene at Masse, fruitefull for all them to be reade, which haue fallen, and are to be raised vp againe.

  * An other letter of Iohn Careles to A.B. a faithfull Minister of the Lorde, containing certaine frutefull precepts of Matrimonie.

  * An other letter of Iohn Careles to Elizabeth, wife of the sayde A.B. containing likewise certaine Godly preceptes of Matrimonie pertaining to her duetie.

_ The hystorie and Martyrdome of a learned and vertuous yonge man, called Iulins Palmer, sometime fellow of Magdalene Colledge in Oxford, with two other Martyrs, to wit, I. Gwin, and Thomas Askine, burned together in Newberie, at a place there called the Sande pittes.

  * Iulins Palmer.

  * The letter of M. Bullingham is thys.

  * ¶Here followeth the first examination and accusation of Iulins Palmer at Redyng.

  * Their greatest proofes against hym, were these.

  * ¶The second examination and accusation of Iulins Palmer at Newbery, in the hearyng of moe then three hundreth persons.

  * ¶De Martyrio Palmeri hexasticon.

_ ¶A memorable storie of one Agnes Wardall in the Towne of Ipswich, pursued for the true fayth of Christes Gospell.

_ ¶The trouble of Peter Moone and his Wife, and of other Godly Protestantes at Byshop Hoptons visitation in Ipswich.

_ ¶A tragicall, lamentable, and pitifull Hystory, full of most cruell and tyranicall Murther, done by the pretensed Catholiques, vpon three women and an Infant: to wit, the mother, her two daughters, and the childe, in the Isle of Garnesey, for Christes true Religion, the yeare of our Lord. 1556. Iuly. 18.

  * ¶A Letter sent from the Bailieffes Lieutenaunt, and Iurates of Saynt Peters Port, to the Deane and Curates of the Isle of Garnesey.

  * ¶The Sentence.

  * ¶The effect of the sentence in English.

  * *To the right honorable, and the Queenes highnesse most gracious Commissioners, for the hearing and determining of matters of Religion and causes Ecclesiasticall.

  * *The seuerall submission of certayne Garnesey men, confessing theyr trespasse in the wrongfull condemnation of the three women aboue specified.

  * ¶The Copy of the Queenes pardon, folowing vpon ther Submission, as in forme here vnder ensueth.

_ ¶Defence of this Garnesey story agaynst M. Harding.Defence of 〈◊〉 Garnesey 〈…〉 M. Harding▪

  * Three Martyrs burned at Greenstead in Sussex.

  * ¶The burning and Martyrdome of Thomas More in the Towne of Leicester, Iune xxvi. the yeare .1556.

  * ¶The examination of Iohn Iackson, had before Doctor Cooke, the 11. day of March. An. 1556.

  * ¶The examination of Iohn Newman Martyr, which is to be referred to his story before, pag. 1683.

  * ¶The examination and answeres of Iohn Newman Martyr, before D. Thornton and others.

  * *The argument of Iohn Newman.Argument in the 2. figure.

  * *Argument.

  * *Argument.

  * ¶Argument.

_ ¶The Martirdome of Ioane Wast, a blynde woman in the Towne of Darbye.

  * *Articles ministred vnto her.

_ *Edwarde Sharpe.

_ ¶Foure suffered at Mayfield.

_ The martyrdome of Iohn Horne and a woman.

_ ¶A pitifull storye concerning the vnmercifull handling of W. Dangerfield, and Ioane hys wife beyng in childbed, taken out of her house, wyth her sucking infant of 14. daies old, & layd in the common Iayle amongest theeues and murderers.

_ A Shomaker suffering in Northamton.

_ ¶Fiue famished in Caunterbury Castell, by the vnmercifull tyrannie of the Papistes about the beginning of Nouember.

  * The copie of a Letter wrytten and cast out of the Castle of Cant. by the prisoners there in bands for Gods word▪ declaring how the Papistes went aboute to famishe them to death: of the which companie fiue were famished amongest them all ready.

_ The trouble and vexation of good people in the Diocesse of Lichfield.

_ ❧ The conclusion of this XI. Booke, with a briefe storie of Syr Iohn Cheeke. &c.
  1. Anno 1557.❧Heere beginneth the XII. Booke, containing the bloudye doings and persecutions of the aduersaries against the Faithfull and true seruantes of Christ, with the particular processes and names of such as were put to slaughter from the beginning of Ian. An. 1557. and the fifte of Queene Marie.

    _ The order and maner of the Cardinals visitation in Cambridge, with the condemning, taking vp, and burning the bones and Bookes of Bucer and Paulus Phagius, An. 1557. Ian. 9.

    _ Maister Stokes Oration to Queene Maryes Visitors at Cambridge, An. 1557. Ian. 11.

    _ ¶The Oration of D. Scot B. of Chester, before the condemnation of Bucer and Phagius.

    _ The sentence of condemnation against M. Bucer, and Paulus Phagius.

    • Quod Ecclesia erret in fide & moribus.

    • Omnia fato & absoluta necessitate fieri.

    _ ¶The effect of Doctor Pernes Sermon against M. Bucer.

    _ ¶The purpose of D. Watsons Sermon against Martin Bucer.

    • ❧ The Oration of M. Acworth, Oratour of the Vniuersitie, at the restitution of Martin Bucer, and Paulus Phagius.

    _ ¶The Epitaph or funerall verse of D. Redman, vpon the death of Mayster Bucer.

    _ ❧ The despightfull handling and madnesse of the papistes toward Peter Martyrs wife at Oxford, taken vp frō her graue at the commaundement of Cardinall Poole, and after buryed in a dunghill.

    _ Anno 1556. February·¶Here folow the articles set forth by Cardinall Poole, to be inquired in his ordinary visitation, within his Dioces of Caunterbury.

    • ❧ Touching the Clergy.

    • ❧ Touching the lay people.

    _ ¶A History of tenne Martyrs condemned and burned within the Dioces of Caunterbury, for the testimony of Iesus Christ, and trueth of his Gospell.

    _ ¶A bloudy Commission geuen forth by King Philip and Queene Mary, to persecute the poore members of Christ.

    _ ❧ The apprehension of two and twenty prisoners sent vp together for Gods word, to London, from Colchester.

    _ ¶The Letter of the Commissary, called Iohn Kingston, written to Bishop Boner.

    _ An Indenture made betweene the Lordes and the Iustices within specified, and Boners Commissary, concerning the deliuery of the prisoners aboue named.

    _ *A letter of B. Boner to Cardinall Poole.

    _ The supper of the Lord.

    _ *A letter or supplication of the prisoners to the Iudges.

    _ ¶The submission or confession of these aforesayd prisoners.

    _ ¶A story of fiue other godly Martyrs burned at one fire in Smithfield, the 12. daye of Aprill.

    _ Aunsweres to the Articles.

    _ ¶Other articles obiected by Boner Bi. of London agaynst Tho. Loseby, Henry Ramsey, Thomas Thyrtell, Margaret Hide, and Agnes Stanley, the vi. day of March, being the second tyme of theyr examination.

    _ ¶Their aunsweres to the Articles before obiected.

    _ Three burned in Sainct Georges field in Southwarke.Maye. W. Morant, Stephen Gratwicke, One King, Martyrs.

    _ ¶The declaration of Steuen Gratwicke concerning his owne story and condemnation.

    _ Seuen godlye Martyrs, v. women and ij. men, burned at Maidstone for the word of truth, and professing of sincere religion of Christ.

    _ The examination of Edmund Alen.

    _ The talke or reasoning betwene Sir Iohn Baker, Colins his chaplaine, and Edmund Allen.

    _ An other storie of like crueltie, shewed vpon other 7. Martyrs burnt at Cant. 3. men and 4. women.

    _ ¶The order of the imprisonment and tragicall handling of Alice Benden, wife of Edw. Benden of the parish of Stapleherst in the Countie of Kent, for the testimonye of Christes Gospell.

    _ 〈◊〉 Bishop 〈◊〉 neither 〈◊〉 Pat•ence nor Charitye.The troubles and examinations of Mathew Plase.

    _ The examination and answeres of Mathewe Plase Weauer, of the Parish of Stone in the Countie of Kent, before Thornton Bishop of Douer, Harpesfield Archdeacon, Collins Commissarie, & other Inquisitours. An. 1557.

    _ The hystorie of ten true godly Disciples, and Martyrs of Christ, burnt together in one fire at Lewes. An. 1557. Iune 22.

    • ❧ A true Certificate written by Richard Woodman, of his taking, & how he was brought to the Shiriffes the xv. of March, 1556. and how long he was in prison, and how he was there vsed, till he was broughte before the Bishoppe of Chichester at blacke Friers in London, with the order of his examinations followyng after the same.

    • The first examination of Rich. Woodman, before Doctor Christopherson Bishop of Chichester, Doctor Story, Doctor Cooke, and other.

    • The second examination of Richard Woodman, before the bishop of Chichester, two of his Chapleines: and D. Story at the last came to vs, the xxvij. day of Aprill.

    • ¶The third examination of Richard Woodman (copied with his owne hand) before D. Langdall parson of Buxted in Sussex, and Chaplaine to my Lord Montague, and M. Iames Gage, at my Lord Montagues house beside S. Mary Oueries in Southwarke, the 12. day of May, Anno. 1557.

    • *The fourthe examination of Richard Woodman, had before the Byshop of Winchester, the Byshop of Rochester, and a certayn Doctour, with diuers other Priests and Gentlemen, the xxv. day of May. Anno. 1557.

    • *The fift examination of Richard Woodman, had before the Bishop of Winchester, the Archdeacon of Cant. Doct. Langdale, with a fat headed Priest and other whose names I know not, with certain also of the Cōmissioners, at S. Maryes Oueries church in Southwarke, in the presence, of three C. people at the least, the xv. day of Iune. An. 1557.

    • ¶The 6. and last examinations of Richard Woodman written and copyed with his owne hand.

    • A godly Letter of Richard Woodman written to a Christian woman Mistres Robertes of Hawkhurst.

    _ ¶One Ambrose dyed in Maydstone prison.

    _ The condemnation and Martyrdome of Richard Lush.

    _ A note of Iohn Hullier Minister and Martyr burned at Cambridge.

    _ A Note of Thomas Rede.

    _ ¶Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper burnt at Norwich.

    _ ¶Elizabeth Cooper Martyr.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome of x. faythfull and blessed Martyrs, fiue men and fiue women, burnt at Colchester, fiue in the forenoone, and fiue in the afternoone, for the testimony and witnesse of Christ Iesus and his glorious Gospell.

    _ ¶The maner of a Supplication to the Lord Darcy, and by him deliuered to Syr Iohn Kingstone Priest and Commissary.

    _ *A Letter sent to Boner Byshop of London, from Syr Thomas Tye Priest.

    _ ¶First the Lordes faythfull prisoners in Mote Hall.

    _ ¶The Lordes faythfull prisoners in Colchester Castle.

    _ ¶Iohn Thurston dyed in Colchester Castle.

    _ ¶The story and death of George Eagles, otherwise termed Trudgeouer, a most paynefull trauayler in Christes Gospell, who for the same Gospell most cruelly was martyred by the cruell papistes.

    _ ¶The martirdome and examination of Richard Crashfield of Wymoundham, condemned to death for the testimonye of Iesus Christ.

    _ ¶An other examination of Richard Crashfield.

    _ ¶One Fryer and a certayne godly woman burned at Rochester, who was the sister of George Eagles.

    _ *The apprehension and death of Maistres Ioyce Lewes, the wife to Thomas Lewes, of Manceter, most constantly suffering for Gods word at Lichfield.

    _ *The Martyrdome of Rafe Allerton, Iames Austo, Margery Awstoo, and Richard Roth burned at Islington.

    _ The examination of Rafe Allerton at his seconde apprehension, appearing before the Bishop of London at Fulham, the 8. day of Aprill. An. 1557. wrytten by him selfe, wyth his owne bloud.

    _ A letter wrytten by Rafe Allerton, vnto Agnes Smith, Widowe.

    _ A Letter wrytten by Rafe Allerton vnto Richard Roth, his fellowe Martyr.

    _ Iames Austoo and Margerie his wife

    _ Richard Roth.

    _ A letter wrytten by Rich. Roth, vnto certaine brethren and sisters in Christ, condemned at Colchester, and ready to be burned for the testimonie of the truth.

    _ ¶Agnes Bongeor, and Margaret Thurston, two godly Christian women, burnt at Colchester for the sincere professing of Christes Gospell.

    _ The copy of a certaine letter that he sent to comforte his Wyfe at such tyme as he lay in prison.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome and sufferyng of Cicelie Ormes, burnt at Norwich for the testimonie and witnesse of Christes Gospell.

    _ ¶The trouble and disturbance among good men and women at Lichfield.

    _ ¶The Persecution and crueltie exercised by the Papistes in the Diocesse of Chichester.

    _ ¶The examination of Thomas Spurdance one of Queene Maries seruaunts, before the Chauncellour of Norwich.

    _ Another examination of Spurdance, before the Bishop in his house.

    _ ¶The story and Martyrdome of three constant witnesses of Christ.

    • *Articles ministred by Boner vnto Iohn Hallingdale.

    • *Articles ministred by Boner vnto William Sparrow.

    • Richard Gibson Martyr.

    • Articles obiected and ministred to Richard Gibson by Boner Bishop of London.

    • Anno 1558. March.¶Articles proponed by Richard Gibson vnto Edmund Boner, Byshop of London, by him to be aunswered, be yea, or nay, or els to say he cannot tell

    _ ¶The death and Martyrdome of Iohn Rough Minister, and Margaret Mearing burned at London the 22. of December.

    • ¶A Letter sent from the Queenes Councell vnto Boner, Bishop of London, touching the examination of Iohn Rough Minister.

    • The aunsweres of Iohn Rowgh to the foresayd Articles.

    • ¶A letter written by Iohn Rough, vnto certeine of his godly frendes, confirming and strengthning them in the truth, which he had before taught.

    • An other letter of Iohn Rough written vnto the Congregation two dayes before he suffered.

    _ ¶Margaret Mearing Martyr.

    _ ¶The Suffering & cruell tormentes of Cutbert Symson, Deacon of the Christian Congregation in London, in Queene Maries dayes, most paciently abiding the cruell rage of the Papistes for Christes sake.

    _ ¶A true report how I was vsed in the Tower of London, being sent thether by the Counsell the xiii. day of December.

    • A note for Cutbert Simsons patience.

    • Articles seuerally ministred to Cutbert Simson the xix. of March, with his aunsweres also to the same annexed:

    • *The aunswere of the sayd Cutbert to the foresayd articles.

    • ¶A letter of Cutbert Simson, written to his wyfe out of the Colehouse,

    • *Articles generally ministred to them all three together, the sayd xix. day of March with theyr answeres to the same annexed.

    • ¶The aunsweres generall of Cutbert Simson, Hugh Foxe, and Iohn Deuinishe, to the Articles by the Bishop to them generally proposed.

    _ ¶The suffering and Martyrdome of William Nichole, put to death by the wicked hands of the papistes at Herefordwest in Wales.

    _ The Martyrdome of William Seaman, Thomas Carman, and Thomas Hudson, put to death by the persecuting papists at Norwich in the county of Norfolke.

    _ The persecution of mother Seman.

    _ The persecution of mother Benet.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome of three constant and godly persons burnt at Colchester for the defence and testimony of Christes Gospell.

    _ By the king and Queene.

    _ The order and occasion of taking certayn godly men and women praying together in the fieldes about Islington, of whom 13. were condemned by Boner, & after suffered in the fire for the truthes sake, as in the story here following may appeare.

    _ The examination and condemnation of seuen godly and faythfull Martyrs of Christe, burnt in Smithfield.

    • Articles.

    • The aunsweres of the forenamed persons to the Articles aforesayde.〈1 paragraph〉

    • The examinations and condemnation of Roger Holland.

    • The second examination of Roger Holland.

    • The last examination of Roger Holland.

    _ The Martyrdome of vj. which suffered at Brainforde for the true testimonie of Iesus Christ.

    • The answeres of the forenamed persons to the Articles aforesayd.

    • Ex epigrammate Ennij apud Ciceronem allusio.

    • In effigiem Boneri, carmen.

    • In Bonerum.

    _ The scourging of Thomas Hinshaw.

    • ¶The Articles were these.

    _ The scourging of Iohn Milles by B. Boner.

    _ The history and cruell handlyng of Richard Yeoman, D. Taylors Curate at Hadley, constantly sufferyng for the Gospels sake.

    _ ¶The story of Iohn Alcocke.

    _ ¶Thomas Benbrige Gentleman and Martyr, wrongfully condemned and put to death by the cruell Papists, for the defence of the Gospell of Christ Iesu.

    • ¶Articles ministred to M. Benbrige, with his answers followyng the same.

    _ The vniust execution and Martyrdome of foure burned at S. Edmunds Bury.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome of two godly persons sufferyng at Ipswich for the Gospell of Christ and his euerlastyng testament, named Alexander Gouche, and Alice Driuer.

    • The examination of Driuers wyfe, before Doct. Spenser the Chauncellor of Norwich.

    • The second examination of Alice Dryuer.

    • ¶Alexander Gouche, Martyr.

    _ The Martyrdome of three which were burned at Bury, for the true testimony of Iesus Christ.

    _ The trouble and Martyrdome of a godly poore woman which suffred at Exeter.

    _ ¶The Persecution and Martyrdome of three godly men burnt at Bristow, about the latter yeares of Queene Maries reigne.

    _ ¶Thomas Hale, Martyr.

    _ Thomas Benion.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome of fiue constant Christians, which suffered the last of all other in the time of Queene Mary.

    _ ¶The story and condemnation of Iohn Hunt, and Richard White, ready to be burnt, but by the death of Queene Mary escaped the fire.

    • *The examination of Richard White, before the Byshop of Salisbury in his chamber in Salisbury, the 26. day of Aprill. an. 1557.

    _ *The Martyrdome of a young lad of eight yeares olde, scourged to death in Bishop Boners house in London.

    _ The cruell handling and burning of Nicholas Burton Englishman and Marchaunt in Spayne.

    _ ¶The Martyrdome of an other Englishman in Spayne.

    _ *Iohn Baker and Willam Burgate Martyrs.

    _ ¶Marke Burges and William Hoker Martyrs.

    _ ¶A chapter or treatise concerning such as were scourged and whipped by the Papistes in the true cause of Christes Gospel

    • The scourging of Richard Wilmot, and Thomas Fayrefaxe.

    • The scourging of Thomas Greene.

    • The Copie of Steuen Cottons letter, wrytten to his brother, declaring howe he was beaten of Bishop Boner.〈…〉 his brother.

    • The scourging of Iames Harris.

    • The scourging of Rob. Williams a Smith.

    • Boner causeth certaine Boyes to be beaten.

    • The whipping of a begger at Salisburie,

    _ ¶An other treatise of suche as being pursued in Queene Maries time, were in great daunger, & yet through the good prouidence of God, mercifully were preserued.

    _ The trouble and deliueraunce of William Liuing with his wife, and of Iohn Lithall, Ministers.

    • The examination of Iulian Liuing, wife to William Liuing.

    _ The trouble and deliueraunce of Iohn Lithall.

    _ Edward Grew.

    _ William Browne.

    _ Elizabeth Young.

    • The first examination of Elizabeth Young, before maister Hussie.

    • Her second examination before Doctour Martin.

    • The third examination before Doctour Martin againe.

    • The fourth examination was before the Byshop of London, Syr Roger Cholmley, Doctour Cooke, the Recorder of London, Doctour Roper of Kent, and Doctour Martin, as concerning her faith. &c.

    • The fifth examination before the Bishop of Londons Chancellour. &c.

    • ¶The sixt examination before the sayd Chauncellor.

    • ¶The 7. examination before the Chancellor and the Bishops Scribe.

    • ¶The eight examination before the Bishop.

    • ¶The ix. examination before the Deane, before whom it pleased God to deliuer her.

    _ ¶Elizabeth Lawson.

    _ ¶Thomas Christenmasse and William Wattes.

    _ ¶Another escape of William Wats.

    _ *Iohn Glouer of Manceter, Gentleman.

    _ ¶One Dabney.

    _ ¶Alexander Wimshurst.

    _ ¶Bosomes wyfe.

    _ ¶Lady Kneuet in Northfolke.

    _ ¶Iohn Dauis, of the age of twelue yeares and vnder.

    _ ¶Maistresse Roberts.〈…〉 before, and to whom he wrote a letter, p•g. 1•93. Syr Iohn Gilford a troubler of 〈◊〉 Robertes.

    _ ¶Maistresse Anne Lacie.

    _ ¶Crosmans wyfe.

    _ The congregation at Stoke in Suffolke.

    _ ¶The Congregation in London.

    _ *English men preserued at the taking of Calice.

    _ ¶Edward Benet.

    _ ¶Ieffrey Hurst brother in law to George Marsh the Martyr.

    _ ¶William Wood of Kent.

    _ *The History of Simon Grinaeus collected out of Melancthons Commentaris vpon the x. Chapiter of Daniell.

    _ ❧Lady Katherine Duches of Suffolcke.The olde hatred of Stephen Gardiner Byshop of Winchester agaynst the Duchesse of Suffolke.

    _ ¶Thomas Horton Minister.

    _ ¶Thomas Sprat of Kent, Tanner

    _ ¶Iohn Cornet.

    _ ¶Thomas Bryce.

    _ ¶Gertrude Crockhey.

    _ ¶William Mauldon.

    _ ¶Robert Horneby.

    _ ¶Mistres Sandes.

    _ *The storye of Thomas Rose yet liuing, a Preacher, of the age of lxxvi. yeares, in the towne of Luton, and Countye of Bedford.

    • *The first examination of Thomas Rose before Winchester at saint Mary Oueryes.

    • ¶The second examination of Tho. Rose before the bishop of Norwiche, Hopkins by name, in his owne Palace in the presence of sir William Woodhouse knight, M. Stewarde the Chauncellor, Doct. Barret, with diuers others, the Wednesday in Whitson weeke. an. Domini. 1553.

    • ¶The third examination of Thomas Rose.The 3. examination of Thomas Rose.

    • His talke with the Earle of Sussex, sir William Woodhouse, and the Bishops chaplaines.

    • *His last appearance before the Bishop.

    _ ❧A briefe discourse concernyng the troubles and happy deliueraunce of the Reuerend Father in God, Doct. Sandes, first Bish. of Worcester, next of London, and now Archb. of Yorke.

    _ ❧A Complaint against such as fauoured the Gospell in Ipswich, exhibited to Queene Maries Counsaile, sittyng in Commission at Beckles in Suffolke, the 18. of May. Ann. 1556. by Phillip Williams, aliâs Footeman, Iohn Steward, and Mathew Butler, sworne for the purpose.

    _ The myraculous preseruation of Lady Elizabeth, nowe Queene of England, from extreme calamitie and danger of life, in the time of Q. Marie her sister.

    _ ❧A briefe declaration, shewing the vnprosperous successe of Queene Mary in persecuting Gods people, and how mightily God wrought agaynst her in all her affayres.

    _ *The seuere punishment of God vpon the persecutours of his people and enemyes to his word, with such also as haue bene blasphemers, contemners, and mockers of his Religion.

    _ ¶The strange and fearefull death of the same Doctor Williams.

    _ ❧Foraine Examples.

    _ ¶A Letter translated out of French into English, written to K. Henry the 2. French kyng.

    _ ¶The story and end of the french king.

    _ ¶The stroke of Gods hand vpon Henry .2. French king.

    _ ¶Of the Emperour Sigismundus.

    _ ¶A note of Christopher Parker.

    _ *The story of one Drayner of Kent, commonly called Iustice Nyne hooles.

    _ ¶A Lamentable History of Iohn Whiteman, Shoomaker, who suffered most cruell tormentes at Ostend in Flaunders, for the testimony of Iesus Christ, and the truth of his Gospell. an. 1572.

    _ ¶Admonition to the Reader concerning the examples aboue mentioned.

    _ ¶An Oration of Iohn Hales, to the Queenes Maiestie, and deliuered to her Maiestye by a certayne Noble man, at her first entrance to her reigne.

    _ ❧The Conference or Disceptation had and begun at Westminster, the last of March, vpon certaine Questions or Articles of Religion proposed, and also of the breaking vp of the same, by the Papistes default, at the first beginning of Queene ELIZABETH.

    _ ❧Testimonies of S. Ambrose, written vpon the 14. to the Corinth. the first epistle. Super illud qui enim loquitur linguis.

    • Vpon this place: Omnia ad aedificationem fiant.Ambrose.

    • Agayne: Si non fuerit interpres,Ambrose. taceat in Ecclesia.

    _ ❧Testimonies out of S. Hierome, vpon that place of Paule: Quomodo qui supplet locum idiotae, &c.

    • ¶And a little after vpon these wordes: Nam si orare lingua, &c.

    • ¶Out of this constitution of Iustinian the Emperour, three things are worthy to be noted.

    _ *The order of the second dayes talke. ¶The Lord keeper of the great Seale, the Archbyshop of Yorke, the Duke of Northfolke, and all the Counsell being set, the Byshops on the one side, and the Protestantes, that is, the late banished Preachers on the other side, thus beganne the Lord Keeper.

  2. ❧The Appendix of such Notes and Matters, as either haue bene in this History omitted or newly inserted.

    _ *Concerning Iohn Frith, of his life and story this foloweth more to be added, and to be referred to the page. 103•.

    _ ¶A note of William Plane.

    _ A note of Lady Iane.

    _ ¶The copy of Queene Maries letters to the Duke of Northfolke.

    • ¶A Treatise of M. Nich. Ridley, in the name, as it seemeth, of the whole Clergie, to King Edward the vj. concernyng Images not to be set vp, nor worshipped in Churches.

    _ ¶Probations out of the Fathers, Councels, and histories.

    _ ¶To recite the processe of histories and councels about the matter of Images, it woulde require a long discourse, but it shall be sufficient here briefly to touch a few.

    _ ¶A note of M. Ridley.

    _ ¶Another note of M. Ridley.

    _ ❧A Commission sent from the Pope, with the sentence diffinitiue to proceed against the reuerend Archb. of Cant. Thomas Cranmer.

    _ ❧The forme of disgrading an Archbishop.

    • Paramenta pro Degradando.

    • Pro Degradatore & Officialibus.

    _ ¶A Note concerning Doctor Cranmer in his disputation.

    _ ¶An Epistle of Bishop Hooper in Latine sent to the conuocation house touching matters of Religion.

    _ A note of Bish. Farrer.

    _ The trouble and examination of Thomas Hitton Martyr, with his examinations, answers, condemnation and Martyrdome, An. Dom. 1529. the 20. of February.

    _ The second appearance of Thomas Hitton before the said Archb. of Cant.

    _ The third appearance of Tho. Hitton before the said Archb. of Cant.

    _ The fourth appearance of Tho. Hitton before the said Archb. of Cant.

    _ The fift appearance of Tho. Hitton before the said Archb. of Cant.

    _ ¶A note of a certayne good man troubled in Bulloyne the first yeare of king Edward the sixt for the Gospell.

    _ ¶This was layed in Queene Maryes Closet vpon her deske agaynst her commyng vnto her prayers.

    _ *The instruction of king Edward the sixt, geuen to Sir Anthony Seyntleger Knight of his priuie chamber being of a corrupt iudgement of the Eucharist. Vpon this saying of an ancient D. of the Catholicke Church.

    _ ¶A note of a Letter of one Iohn Meluyn Prisoner in Newgate.

    _ ¶A note concerning the trouble of Iulius Palmer, lately come to my handes.

    _ A note of Iulius Palmer.

    _ ¶A true Copy of the Confession of Patricke Patingham sent out of Newgate to certayn of his frends.

    _ A note of a certaine letter of Wil. Tymmes.

    _ ¶Another Sermon of M. Latimer concerning his playing at Cardes.

    _ ¶A note of William Gie.

    _ ¶A note of Michaels wyfe.

    _ ¶A note of Iohn Spycer.

    _ ¶A note of Mandrell.

    _ ¶A note of Elizabeth Pepper.

    _ ¶A note of one confessing Gods truth at the Gallowes.

    _ ¶A note of Gertrude Crokehay.

    _ ¶A note of William Woode.

    _ The history of Iohn Alcocke.

    _ *The first Epistle of Iohn Alcocke.

    _ *The second Epistle of Iohn Alcock.

    _ ❧Geue glory to God.

    _ ¶Certayne Cautions of the Authour to the Reader, of thinges to be considered in reading this story.

    _ *Notes omitted of them that were burnt at Bristowe.

    _ *A note of Prestes wyfe of Exceter.

    _ ¶The martirdome of one Snel, burned about Richmond in Queene Maryes tyme, omitted in this history.

    _ ¶A story of one Laremouth, omitted in the body of the story.

    _ ¶A little short letter of William Hunter sent out of prison to his mother a little before hys martirdome, to be referred and placed in his story, pag. 1538.

    _ ¶The Oration in effecte of Sir Nicholas Bacon Knight, Lord Keeper of the great Seale of England spoken in the Starre Chamber the 29. of December in the 10. yeare of the reigne of our Souereigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, Fraunce, and Ireland Queene, Defender of the fayth &c. And in the yeare of our Lord God .1567. Then being present.

    _ *A true report of the horrible, and merciles martyrdome of one Richard Atkins, an Englishe man, with extreeme tormentes, and most cruell rage of furious tyrantes persecutors, put to death at Rome.

    _ *The cursed lyfe, and bloudy end of Doctor Story a cruell persecuter of Christ in hys members.

    _ *A not• of Raphe Lurdane persecuter of George Eagles.

    _ ¶A briefe Note concerning the horrible Massaker in Fraunce. an. 1572.

    _ ¶The Conclusion of the worke.


  1. ❧A diligent Table or Index, of the most notable and memorable thyngs contained in the whole volume of this Booke: wherein if thou wilt finde any thing (good Reader) reuolue in thy mynde the letter wherewith the word beginneth, and the number of the Page shall direct thee vnto it. A ante B.A. B. C. agaynst the Popes Clergie. 841.843.Abuses in ye Church, require reformatiō not deA C.Accidences cannot bee the Sacrament of Christes naturall body. 1137.Accidences cannot be the sacA D.Adam Merimouth compiler of the story of K. Edward. 395.Adam Damlip persecuted in Calis .1223. HiA E.Aelfricus, his epistles in Saxon against the reall presence. 1140.1141.Aeneas his epistle to theA G.Agapitus a blessed Martyr. 58.Agathon with many others, Martyrs. 63.Agnes, her wonderfull storyeA I.Aidanus a Scottish bishop, his liberalitie to the poore. 122.Aishton examined. 437.A L.Alanus Copus aunswered, for reproouing this booke of Acts and monuments. 580.581.582.569 570.572A M.Ambassadours of the Bohemians

sent to the councel of Basil, with their acts there atchieued. 58A N.Anabaptists executed. 1049.Anastasius 3. Pope. 146.Ananias & Saphira his wife, their death, whatA P.Appeale not to be made from generall counsels to the Pope. 674Appeale of Cranmer Archbishop of CA. R.Archbishop of Caunterbury hys cruell handling of the Archbish. of Yorke, drawing him through miA S.Asclepiades bishop of Antioch cōfessor .55. Martyred. 61Ashes prohibited to be vsed in time of A T.Athalas martyr plucked in sonder. 98Atkins Martyr, his story & Martyrdome for the trueth of ChriA. V.Aucocke his trouble for the Gospel dyed in prison, and buryed in the fieldes. 1561.Audley Lord A Z.Azades an Euenuche, and a courtier Martyred for the truth. 98B ante A.BAbilas bishop of Antioch, Martyr, his godly story, life and constant Martyrdome for the trB E.Beades first vsed. 711Bennet preserued by Gods prouidence. 1075Beach Martyr her story and martyrB. I.Bishop of Rome called Dominus frater. 10.Bishops of Rome howe they first came vp, and rose to tB O.Body of Christ is locall, and but in one place at once. 1128.Bodies of christians not permitted B. L.Blacke friers there originall. 259.Blacke heath field. 800.Blage Knight his great trouble and pB. R.Bradford, Saunders, and others theyr declaration out of prison concerning the disputation. 1470B. V.Bucer, & Paulus Phagius bones taken vppe in Cambridge, and burnt with theyr bookes, at the visiC A.CAbriers and Merindoll, their tragical & bloudye persecution for their constancie in the truth oC. E.Cecilia a godly woman martyr. 58.Celulphus king of Northumberland. 127.Celulphus a king made a C H.Chadsey doctor, his mutabilitie and wauering inconstancie. 2102.Champbell Frier, his end. 2103.CC I.Cicelie Ormes Martyr, her story and martyrdome. 2023Cities, townes and castles, built & repairedC L.Clarke Martyr. 878Clarke with his fellowes famished in Cant. for the Gospell. 1954Clarke a papisC O.Cobbe Martyr, his story and martyrdome. 1708Cobham Lord, his lamentable history, his persecutionC R.Cranmer sent Ambassadour, to dispute aboute the mariage of the king, 1121. made Archb. of CanterC V.Cup debarred in the administratiō of the Lordes supper. 1778Custome for woll raysed. 388CustomeC Y.Cyprian his Apollogy for the christians. 68Cyprian banished for the Gospell, and writeth to the D. A.DAbney his trouble & happy deliuerance. 2071.Dale a popishe promoter eaten wyth lice. 2101.DaleD. E.Dead men excommunicate by the Pope. 393.Death of Martyrs, the life of the Gospell. 1932.Death oD. I.Diadumenus, Emperour. 57.Dialogue betweene Tho. Bilney and frier Brusiard. 1002.Dialogue betweeD O.Dobbe persecuted for the Gospell, & dyeth in prison. 1297Doctrine of the apostle S. Paule in a sD R.Draycot Chauncellour of Liechfield a bloudy Persecutour of the poore Sayntes of God. 1954DraycotD V.Dunning, Chauncellour, his sodeine and fearefull death. 2099Duchesse of Suffolke her tragicall aE. A.EAster day in strife, for the obseruation therof .54. disputed of 123.124.Eating of Christe, whE. C.Ecclesiasticall iurisdiction abused in the romishe churche. 5.6.Ecclesiasticall persons subiectE. D.Edwardes three that were kinges before the conquest. 159Edward .1. king of England hys lyfe andE G,Egbert king of Kent taken Prisoner. 130Egbertus crowned king, his victory agaynst the Danes. 135E. L.Eleanor Cobham her defence agaynst Alanus Copus .702. proued no traytor. ibid.Election of the BE M.Emperours plagued for refusing & persecuting of Christ. 31Emilianus slew Gallus and Uolusianus, E N.Englande whether it receiued the Gospell from Rome or not. 106 1061England noted of cruelty. 701E P.Epistle of Constantine to hys subiects inhabiting the East. 102Epistle of Elutherius Bishop of RE R.Errors of the Papists in the Sacrament of the Lordes supper. 1891Errors noted in the Doctors. 70E. S.Esche Martyr, his story and martyrdome. 874.E T.Ethelbert builder of Paules. 114Ethelbald his donation to religious men. 133Ethelbert first chriE V.Eucharist in time of necessity committed to a boy. 64Eud• Duke of Burgundy against the Popes decE X.Exaction and extortion of the pope in Englande described in a table. 284.285Exactions of the popF. A.FAbian chosen bishop of Rome miraculously. 60.Fathers their testimonies against Images. 2130.21F. E.Feast of the speare, & of the nayles. 393.Feastes ordayned by the Pope. 557Feast of Corpus ChriF I.Fire in hell, whether materiall or not. 1741.Fire thought to be in S. Maries Church in Oxford. 1F L.Flauia a Consuls daughter. banished for the Christian fayth. 48Flying in time of persecution wheF O.Foreman Martyr. 1949Formosus .1. Pope of Rome. 145Forme of prayers appoynted by Constantine to hF R.Frances the French K. his death. 2112Franciscus 2. burned at Auinion. 391Frances San Romaine MarG A.GAius Byshoppe of Rome and martyr. 75.Gallowes set vp in London in sondry streetes. 1469.Gallus,G I.Gildas preached to the olde Brytaynes. 32.Giles Brakelman boroughmaister of Gaunt persecutor, plG O.Godfathers, and Godmothers in Baptisme. 53.Godwine a wicked Earle of England hys death. 165.GodfG L.Glasse windowes who first inuented, and brought in. 122.127Glasing when it first began. 122GloriG R.Grantham Churche burned wyth

lightning. 269Gracianus. 201Gray Friers first in Englande began. 1G V.Guin, Askin and Palmer, their story and constant martyrdome for the truth. 1939.1940Guelphes andH A.HAdrian Emperor 40. writeth to the proconsull of Asia, in fauour of the Christians 41. his deathH E.Head supreame of the Uniuersall church, Christ Iesus onely, not the Pope, and euery kyng in his H. I.Hierome of Prage his tragicall history appeareth before the councell at Constance .632. his abiH O,Hoc est corpus meum, what it meaneth .495. expounded. 1388 1389.1128.1129.1130Hofmayster his feaH. V.Hubba capitayne of the Danes, inuadeth England. 114Hubert Lord chiefe iustice of England, a greI A.IAcobus Latomus enemy to the gospel, brought to madnes and desperation. 2106Iacobus Misnensis anI D.Idle and vayne swearing pestiferous. 538Idolatry offensiue to Infidels. 1001Idoll and Image theiI E.Iewes destroyed .235. one baptised, and after reuolted agayne. ibid. they slayne, & theyr housesI G.Ignatius his martyrdome, deuoured with wilde beastes. His godly life and Christian zeale. 40.41.I L.Ile of Wight last conuerted to the fayth of Christ. 124Ile of Ely assaulted by Prince Edward. 33I M.Imber fast first ordeyned by whō and where. 58.197Images in England abolished. 1095.1096Image oI. O.Iohn Alcocke martyr troubled for reading Gods word to the people in the absence of their pastorI P.Ipswich persecuted. 2089.2090I R.Ireland when, and by whom conuerted to England. 226.227Ironsyde king of Englande .162. his intenI S.Isakius enemy to english men. 244Isakius king of Cyprus yeldeth to king Richard. 245Ischirion MaI T.Italian Martyrs. 934Ita missa est in the Masse. 1404Italy in the number of bishopricks surmounteI V.Iustinus his history. 37.Iustine proueth all kinde of Philosophy, is miraculously conuerted by aK A.KAlender of the Pope conteineth a double abhomination in it. 582Katherine the virgin her story, K E.Keyes mistaken in the Popes Canons. 492Keyes of Christes Kingdome. 491 492Keyes of the Churche, K I.Kinges of Britayne from Lucius to the Saxons. 108.Kinges of England proued by ancient records toK N.Kneelyng to the sacrament forbid in Councels. 1390Kneuet Lady her trouble, and deliuerance. 2072L A.LAcedemonians, their wonderfull constācy. 681Lacye gentlewoman, her trouble and deliuery. 2073LL E.Leaden hall built. 712Learned men increase in christendome. 730League betwixt ye Pages of ZuitzeL I.Liberality of Constātine in geuing to Churches. 104Liberty of the Citizens of London in going tL O.Lollards (as the papists call ye true professors of the worde of God) burned in the cheek for thL V.Lucius king hys death. 107.Lucius Bishop of Rome banished hys Epistles decretall. 67.Lurdayne. 1M A.MAcar Martyr. 62Mace his story. 1909Macrinus with his Sonne Diadumenus. 57Magistrates Ciuill theM E.Measures of England made after the length of K. Henries arme. 191Meates indifferent with thankesM I.Michaels wyfe of Ipswich, troubled for the Gospell. 2144Michaels wyfe Martyr. 1704Michael generaM O.Monkes of Bangor comming to Chester to pray, were all slayne and murthered. 119Monkes their deuiM. V.Mustaphas murthered by his Neuew. 740Mungine examined and condemned to perpetuall prison. 64•MuN. A.NAbuchodonosor hys dreame expounded. 489Nagareta his inuectiue agaynste the Pope. 343.Nayles whN. E.Neckes of Emperours trod on by Antichristian Popes. 204.Necromancie, southsaying, & witch craftN I.Nichanor one of the 7. Deacons with 2000. moe martyred wyth S. Stephen. 32.Nicene Councel falsifN O.Nobles of Englād takē at Northhamton .331. put to death to the number of 22. 371Nobles of BoheN. V.Numbers of the Apocalips expounded. 101.Nunnes corrupt lyfe noted. 128.Nunries founded vpon murO B.OBediēce of two sorts .533. of 3. kyndes. 611Obedience to princes due .1060. to maiestrates in O C.Ockam of Windsor, his knauery & abhominable periury. 1218Octobonus the Popes Legate, his conuocaO D.Odo Archb. of Cant. 151. his lying miracles. ibid.O. E.Oecolampadius, his historye and death· 873O F.Offa and Kenredus make themselues monkes at Rome. 129Offrings bestowed vpon harlots. 1048OffringO L.Old man and new man, what their continuall war together is. 1655Oliuer Chancellor, punished for O M.Omnipotencie of God denied by the brood of cursed Papists. 1650Omnipotencie of God how to bee vnO P.Opus tripartitum, a booke shewyng the enormities of the clergy. 200O R.Ordinances of Lent fast, falsly ascribed to Telesphorus. 53Orders of priesthoode amongest the paO S.Oswold a zelous king preached the Gospell to the people. 114.121Oswoldus Archbishop of Yorke a fO T.Othe of the Bishops of Englande agaynst the Pope. 1057Othe of Henry 4. Emperor to pope HildebranO W.Owle defacyng the Pope and hys Councell gathered together at Constance. 592O X.Oxford prouisions. 329Oxford scholers, their skirmish amongst themselues. 393Oxford famous for sO Y.Oyle and creame, by whom it was first inuented and brought into the chucch of God. 60.1405P. A.PAcie Martyr, his sto- and martyrdome. 989Pacience commēded. 486Packington the Bishop of LondoP E.Peace of the Church howe long it endured. 76.Peace betweene king Henry the 3. and hys nobles. 33P H.Phillip thappostle 14. maryed. 33.Philippus the first Christian Emperour slayne. 59.17.Phillip MP L.Plague at Basill in tyme of the Councell. 688Plane hys trouble for the Gospell, is racked, deliuP O.Pope Adrian an enemy to Luther. 854Pope Alexander poisoneth ye turks brother committed to his cuP R.Prayer for money reprooued. 498Prayer of a vicious priest, little auaileth. 498Prayer appointed P V.Publius Bishop of Athens and Martyr. 4Punishment of God vpon the contemners and persecutors of hQ. V.QUadratus hys letter to the Emperor in defence of Christian religion. 41Qualification of the siR A.RAble of religious orders. 260Radolph elected archbishop of Canterbury refused of the Pope. 275RR E.Reading of Scripture made heresy by the Papistes. 585Reading towne takē by the Danes. 140Read MR I.Richard 1. crowned king of England. 235Richard king of England & Phillippe King of Fraunce, theyR O.Robert De Artois a noble man of France, exciteth king Edward the 3. to make claym to the kingdomR V.Rubricke of the 5. woundes after the Papistes. 1398S A.SAbinus publisheth ye Emperors decree. 82Sabinianus Bishop of Rome. 120Sabina Martyr his story. S C.Scanderbeius hys Hystory, Actes, and doings agaynst the Turke. 730.741.Schisme in Rome. 434SchisS E.Seauen Martyrs burned at Maidstone for the Gospel. 1978 1979Seauen Martyrs at one fire in

CauntS H.Shawes sermon at Paules crosse. 727Shadowes amōg christians ought to cease. 484Shauen crownes oS I.Sibilla a prudent queene, & Guido theyr story. 234Sigismundus Emperor. 719Signes 39. to knowe a S L.Slaunders against the Christians. 48.54Slaughter or massaker bloudy cōmitted by the Papistes inS M.Smith Martyr his story and martyrdome for the gospell .1691. his examination and answeres .1691 S N.Snell his martirdome for the truth at Richmond. 2150S O.Sonday kept holyday and why .53 104. and how long to continue. 157Sodometry licensed by the PopeS P.Spaniardes the first that doubted of king Henry 8. his mariage wt his brothers wife. 1049SpaniarS T.Stafford a good professor in the Uniuersity of Cambridge. 1013Stafford Reader in Cambridge. 997SS V.Suanus K. of Denmarcke his ariuance in England. 161Subsidie gathered by the Pope, to fight withaS. W.Swallowe persecutor of George Egles plagued of God for hys bloudy crueltie. 2009.2010.Swallow aS Y.Symphorissa with her .7. children martyrs. 41.Symon a Deacon martyred. 32.Symon zelotes crucifieT A.TAble of the Martirs that suffered in Fraunce. 897.898Table of the Nobles of Boheme. 638Table ofT E.Te Deum song for Queen Maries child. 1476Telesphorus Byshop of Rome & Martyr. 52Templaries theirT H.Theodora Martyr. 4.Theodoretus archbishop of Caunterbury beginner of misrule in the Englishe chuT I.Tibald his penance. 1036Tiberius Cesar moueth the Senate of Rome, to receiue Christ, afterwardesT O.Tomkins his History .1533. hys hād burned by Boner .1534. his first examination. ibid. his secoT R.Trabula with her sister martyrs. 98.Tracie hys testament. 1042.Tra•anus Emperour, hys cruelty toT V.Turkes theyr originall .736.741 their cruelty, murther, and bloudy actes .735.736, 740.745.748 tT W.Twenty nyne persons condemned vpon surmised causes, to be hanged, drawne, and quartered. 2126.TwT Y.Tymmes his godly, and comfortable letter to a certayne friend of his. 2142.V A.VAlerian Emperour, his good beginning 67. his crueltie afterward to ye christians, is plagued ofV E.Uerdicte of the inquest, vppon the death of Rich. Hunne. 809Uerities grounded vpon the word of GV I.Uirgins 40. martyrs, theyr story. 61.Uirgines 2.• with theyr mother martyrs. 78.Uertue none, to V L.Ulricus gouernoure of Austria .7•0. slayne. 721.Ulricus Zwinglius his actes, lyfe, and story .86V N.Uniuersities iudgementes agaynst the mariage of king Henry 8. wt his brothers wife. 1049.UniuersV O.Uow of chastitie brought in. 175.194.Uowes of Priestes, hauing vowed single life, a thinge whichV R.Urban the Pope complayneth that no promotion, would fall vppon hym .414. beheaded. 509.Urbanus tV S.Usury in the Popes Church. 655.Usurers of the Popes in London. 325.Usurers brought into England V T.Utopia one of M. Mores phantasies. 576.Uter Pendragon a King of Brytayne. 113.W A.WAddon priest Martyr. 661.Wade martyr. 1689.1702.Wade Martyr hys story, and martyrdome for the GW E.Webbe Martyr hys story and martyrdome 1794.Webbe hys trouble for the Gospell. 1601.Wedding garmeW H.White Priest and martyr, his story 1844. articles agaynst him. ibid. beaten on the face by BonerW I.Wiattes insurrection in Kent. 1418 beheaded, at tower hill .1419.Wicked councell what hurt it doW O.Woodman martyr his story .1983.1984. his apprehension .1985. his examinations .1986.1988.1989.20X I.XIstus 2. Bishoppe of Rome and Martyr, with his sixe Deacons. 71.Xistus Byshoppe of Rome .52. hyY E.YEoman martyr, hys story, persecution, apprehension condemnation, & martyrdome. 2045.2046.Yeare Y O.Yong her troubles, examination and deliueraunce. 2065.2066.2067.2068.2069.2070.Yorke burned by tZ E.ZEale without knowledge what it breedeth. 1114Zelinus 11. Emperour of the Turks made Emperoure wZ I.Zisca hys story .645. hee was a xi times victor in the field .648. his ski•ne made in a drumme .Z V.Zuricke and Barne forsake theyr league with Fraunce. 870.Zuinglius his lyfe, and story .866. hys❧Imprinted at London by Iohn Daye, dwellyng ouer Aldersgate beneath S. Martins▪❧Cum Gratia & Priuile

  1. ¶The Description of Windsore Castle.

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9. div 786 @n (2) : 11 (1), 12 (1) • @type (786) : book (2), continuation (1), account (288), examination (76), poem (12), letter (131), letters (4), articles (16), answers (8), conference (1), sermon (5), citation (1), invocation (2), section (183), article (1), prayer (2), answer (9), quality (8), oration (8), recantation (2), causes (1), proofs (1), epitaph (2), sentence (2), pardon (1), argument (4), conclusion (2), epigram (1), admonition (1), testimony (2), appendix (1), treatise (1), ceremony (3), cautions (1), index (1), colophon (1), illustration (1)
10. epigraph 1
11. ex 73
12. expan 73
13. figure 51
14. floatingText 37 @type (37) : letter (37)
15. g 25902 @ref (25902) : char:EOLhyphen (20770), char:cmbAbbrStroke (4252), char:EOLunhyphen (347), char:leaf (57), char:punc (403), char:abque (66), char:abquam (7)
16. gap 4191 @reason (4191) : duplicate (3), illegible (4166), foreign (21), missing (1) • @extent (4170) : 1 page (4), 1 letter (1948), 2 letters (351), 3 letters (131), 1 word (967), 1 span (338), 1 paragraph (386), 4 letters (41), 5 letters (4) • @resp (4166) : #PDCC (4166)
17. head 888 @type (10) : sub (10)
18. hi 9074 @rend (1972) : sup (1972)
19. item 5089
20. l 1100
21. label 39
22. lg 13
23. list 263
24. milestone 18 @type (18) : tcpmilestone (18) • @unit (18) : unspecified (18) • @n (18) : 1 (1), 2 (1), 3 (1), 4 (1), 5 (1), 6 (1), 7 (1), 8 (1), 9 (1), 10 (1), 11 (1), 12 (1), 13 (1), 14 (1), 15 (1), 16 (1), 17 (1), 18 (1)
25. note 5262 @place (5262) : margin (5262) • @n (62) : * (62)
26. opener 5
27. p 8747 @n (264) : 1 (21), 2 (28), 3 (28), 4 (27), 5 (23), 6 (23), 7 (19), 8 (19), 9 (16), 10 (7), 11 (7), 12 (7), 13 (6), 14 (5), 15 (3), 16 (3), 17 (2), 18 (2), 19 (2), 20 (2), 21 (2), 22 (1), 23 (1), 24 (1), 25 (1), 26 (1), 27 (1), 28 (1), 29 (1), 30 (1), 31 (1), 32 (1), 33 (1)
28. pb 490 @n (458) : 1690 (1), 1691 (1), 1692 (1), 1693 (1), 1694 (1), 1695 (1), 1696 (1), 1697 (1), 1698 (1), 1699 (1), 1700 (1), 1701 (1), 1702 (1), 1703 (1), 1704 (1), 1705 (1), 1706 (1), 1707 (1), 1708 (1), 1709 (1), 1710 (1), 1711 (1), 1712 (1), 1713 (1), 1714 (1), 1715 (1), 1716 (1), 1717 (1), 1718 (1), 1719 (1), 1720 (1), 1721 (1), 1722 (1), 1723 (1), 1724 (1), 1725 (1), 1726 (1), 1727 (1), 1728 (1), 1729 (1), 1730 (1), 1731 (1), 1732 (1), 1733 (1), 1734 (1), 1735 (1), 1736 (1), 1737 (1), 1738 (1), 1739 (1), 1740 (1), 1741 (1), 1742 (1), 1743 (1), 1744 (1), 1745 (1), 1746 (1), 1747 (1), 1748 (1), 1749 (1), 1750 (1), 1751 (1), 1752 (1), 1753 (1), 1754 (1), 1755 (1), 1756 (1), 1757 (1), 1758 (1), 1759 (1), 1760 (1), 1761 (1), 1762 (1), 1763 (1), 1764 (1), 1765 (1), 1766 (1), 1767 (1), 1768 (1), 1769 (1), 1770 (1), 1771 (1), 1772 (1), 1773 (1), 1774 (1), 1775 (1), 1776 (1), 1777 (1), 1778 (1), 1779 (1), 1780 (1), 1781 (1), 1782 (1), 1783 (1), 1784 (1), 1785 (1), 1786 (1), 1787 (1), 1788 (1), 1789 (1), 1790 (1), 1791 (1), 1792 (1), 1793 (1), 1794 (1), 1795 (1), 1796 (1), 1797 (1), 1798 (1), 1799 (1), 1800 (1), 1801 (1), 1802 (1), 1803 (2), 1804 (1), 1805 (1), 1806 (1), 1807 (1), 1808 (1), 1809 (1), 1810 (1), 1811 (1), 1812 (1), 1813 (1), 1814 (1), 1815 (1), 1816 (1), 1817 (1), 1818 (1), 1819 (1), 1820 (1), 1821 (1), 1822 (1), 1823 (1), 1824 (1), 1825 (1), 1826 (1), 1827 (1), 1828 (1), 1829 (1), 1830 (1), 1831 (1), 1832 (1), 1833 (1), 1834 (1), 1835 (1), 1836 (1), 1837 (1), 1838 (1), 1839 (1), 1840 (1), 1841 (1), 1842 (1), 1843 (1), 1844 (1), 1845 (1), 1846 (1), 1847 (1), 1848 (1), 1849 (1), 1850 (1), 1851 (1), 1852 (1), 1853 (1), 1854 (1), 1855 (1), 1856 (1), 1857 (1), 1858 (1), 1859 (1), 1860 (1), 1861 (1), 1862 (1), 1863 (1), 1864 (1), 1865 (1), 1866 (1), 1867 (1), 1868 (1), 1869 (1), 1870 (1), 1871 (1), 1872 (1), 1873 (1), 1874 (1), 1875 (1), 1876 (1), 1877 (1), 1878 (1), 1879 (1), 1880 (1), 1881 (1), 1882 (1), 1883 (1), 1884 (1), 1885 (1), 1886 (1), 1887 (1), 1889 (1), 1890 (1), 1891 (1), 1892 (1), 1893 (1), 1895 (1), 1896 (1), 1897 (1), 1898 (1), 1899 (1), 1900 (1), 1901 (1), 1902 (1), 1903 (1), 1904 (1), 1905 (1), 1906 (1), 1907 (1), 1908 (1), 1909 (1), 1910 (1), 1911 (1), 1912 (1), 1913 (1), 1914 (1), 1915 (1), 1916 (1), 1917 (1), 1918 (1), 1919 (1), 1920 (1), 1921 (1), 1922 (1), 1923 (1), 1924 (1), 1925 (1), 1926 (1), 1927 (1), 1928 (1), 1929 (1), 1930 (1), 1931 (1), 1932 (1), 1933 (1), 1934 (1), 1935 (1), 1936 (1), 1937 (1), 1938 (1), 1939 (1), 1940 (1), 1941 (1), 1942 (1), 1943 (1), 1944 (1), 1945 (1), 1946 (1), 1947 (1), 1948 (1), 1949 (1), 1950 (1), 1951 (1), 1952 (1), 1953 (1), 1954 (1), 1955 (1), 1956 (1), 1957 (1), 1958 (1), 1959 (1), 1960 (1), 1961 (1), 1962 (1), 1963 (1), 1964 (1), 1965 (1), 1966 (1), 1967 (1), 1968 (1), 1969 (1), 1970 (1), 1971 (1), 1972 (1), 1973 (1), 1974 (1), 1975 (1), 1976 (1), 1977 (1), 1978 (1), 1979 (1), 1980 (1), 1981 (1), 1983 (1), 1984 (1), 1985 (1), 1986 (1), 1987 (1), 1988 (1), 1989 (1), 1990 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29. postscript 9
30. q 16
31. salute 23
32. seg 41 @rend (41) : decorInit (41)
33. signed 127
34. sp 3325
35. speaker 3325
36. trailer 11