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TexText - A TeX extension for Inkscape

TexText is a Python plugin for the vector graphics editor Inkscape providing the possibility to add and re-edit LaTeX generated SVG elements to your drawing.

TexText dialog with Inkscape

Key features

  • Windows/ Linux/ MacOS support
  • LaTeX generated SVG elements can be re-edited later
  • Multi-line editor with syntax highlighting (see §)
  • Compilation with PdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX or LuaLaTex (see §)
  • Interoperable scaling in TexText and Inkscape (see §)
  • Font size match with Inkscape text (see §)
  • Customizable TeX preamble (additional packages, parskip, parindent, etc.) (see §)
  • Colorization via TeX commands/Inkscape is kept after re-editing (see §)
  • Alignment anchor of the produced output (see §)
  • Preview images (see §)
  • Compatibility with TexText down to version 0.4.x


Download of the most recent version (and older ones):


Documentation hosted at It contains installation and usage instructions.


This repository continues the development of the plugin which took place at until January 2018. Originally, TexText had been developed by Pauli Virtanen based on the plugin InkLaTeX written by Toru Araki.