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Commits on Jan 13, 2012
@benhamill benhamill Pretty much straight pull-in of old rake task. 9837fac
@benhamill benhamill Show me the columns we should index (mentioned explicitly by the user). 366567a
@benhamill benhamill be consistent with the actual implementation. 7b4d4d2
@benhamill benhamill Make a class for holding this stuff. 3a9c9bb
@benhamill benhamill Dummy tests, and require the new, placeholder class. 5ab1d8a
@benhamill benhamill Bleh. Why was teardown failing? b77efe1
@benhamill benhamill I think these tests are reasonable-looking. 0f7bf5c
@benhamill benhamill I don't want to pass in time, but file name. 62c84b1
@benhamill benhamill Get the simpler of the three tests working. 7d33fe7
@benhamill benhamill Slightly better test structure. e6180e5
@benhamill benhamill Expand abbreviation. 6eaf758
@benhamill benhamill Failing tests about outputting to either a migration file or STDOUT. ec684c3
@benhamill benhamill Passing stuff about output streams. 47c2b59
@benhamill benhamill Object has some state now. 345ddc9
@benhamill benhamill Tests that fail for the right reason. f16053a
@benhamill benhamill Almost there with the migrations. a4f1deb
@benhamill benhamill This should do it. 2f788d6
@benhamill benhamill rm old code that was commented out. ee5cb65
@benhamill benhamill Use a better way to determine if Rails is around. d7fcb92
@benhamill benhamill Add the new test file to the rake task. fd509aa
@nathanvda nathanvda Give the model_name as parameter to the `create_index_migration` task…
…, as iterating over all objects failed and I was unable to get it fixed.
@nathanvda nathanvda Adapted so the migration actually works. 8fca189
@benhamill benhamill Formatting cleanup from pull request. e929d9c
@benhamill benhamill Tests use new API. 7bf912e
@benhamill benhamill Tweak SQL for specificity. a0239d1
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
@joevandyk joevandyk #search uses plainto_tsquery, #advanced_search uses to_tsquery 9cb18fc
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
@benhamill benhamill Factor query code into smaller method. 8fd8757
@benhamill benhamill Factor out tons of search crap. 73fe5df
@benhamill benhamill Some fixes. d2d4b6d
@benhamill benhamill Fix logic. 5735ad0
@benhamill benhamill Lexeme-filled examples. 233b080
@benhamill benhamill Fix advanced search. 9871b38
@benhamill benhamill No need to assert. 94c9bf8
@benhamill benhamill Ensure query gets run. d613588
@benhamill benhamill Failing spec for fuzzy search. 78b870d
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
@benhamill benhamill Try to get trigram working. 389b345
@benhamill benhamill Trigram needs more to work with. e6bce3b
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
@benhamill benhamill You know what? There is a responsible way to do this. 3c2eb69
@benhamill benhamill Make tests avoid deprecations and let dynamic methods to fuzzy and ba…
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@benhamill benhamill Merge branch 'master' into fts_indices
@benhamill benhamill Fix require and file manifest. bc9ee40
@benhamill benhamill Add missing files to gemspec file list. ea00177
@benhamill benhamill Oh right. Put test files in right attribute. f5a26bd
@benhamill benhamill Change migration class name. 2414dae
@benhamill benhamill Merge branch 'master' into fts_indices
@benhamill benhamill Merge pull request #3 from texticle/fts_indices
FTS Indices
@benhamill benhamill Merge branch 'master' into more_searches a46a451
@benhamill benhamill Don't grab more file than you need. 9cceda0
@benhamill benhamill Merge pull request #4 from texticle/more_searches
More Searches
@benhamill benhamill Update change log to reflect merged branches. Heh. aec4fbe
@benhamill benhamill typo in change log. 435dceb
Commits on Jul 08, 2012
@benhamill benhamill Merge branch 'master' into remove_rank_from_grouped_queries
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