@gocom gocom released this Sep 22, 2010 · 785 commits to master since this release

This is our first release forked from revision 3359 of Textpattern CMS. Here are the changes since Textile v2.0.0:

  • Allow duplicate notelists with different backref characters.
  • Properly render empty table cells.
  • Add support for glyphs such as fractions, plus-minus and degrees.
  • Optimize glyph encoding setup.
  • Optimize style attribute processing.
  • Less restrictive paragraph breaking.
  • Output cleaner inline styles.
  • More restrictive apostrophe encoding and matching.
  • Remove horizontal and vertical alignment attributes from list elements.
  • Lists can use dot terminator.
  • Improved table generation: allow linebreaks in table cells, colgroups, thead, tbody and tfoot elements.
  • Add auto-numbered notelists.
  • Add Textile comment tag. Comments aren't displayed in the generated markup.
  • Add self-links where the URL can be used with the link text ("$":http://example.com).
  • Allow glyph parsing across tag boundaries.
  • Add definition lists.
  • Fix duplicate IDs in footnotes.
  • Caps span isn't added to acronyms.

Textile v2.2.0 requires PHP 4.4.9 or newer (supports PHP 5.x).