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  • Fix problems with list parsing; no longer matches inline-syntax, such as strongs, as list item markers (closes #172).
  • Add option to disable specific substitution symbols by setting them to FALSE (see #158).
  • Add option to apply classes, such as language-identifiers, to the code element within a bc (closes #96).
  • Add Parser::configure(), the method can be extended to create pre-configured parser classes.
  • Automatic paragraph wrapping now checks the contents and does not wrap paragraphs already wrapped in non-phrasing HTML tags (closes #22 and #63).
  • Add option to disable Textile formatting for blocks wrapped in non-standard HTML-like tags.
  • Check for starting list depth (closes #24).
  • Add Parser::setImagePrefix(), Parser::setLinkPrefix(), Parser::getImagePrefix() and Parser::getLinkPrefix() (closes #169).
  • Add Parser::setRawBlocks() and Parser::isRawBlocksEnabled().
  • Deprecate Parser::setRelativeImagePrefix() and Parser::$relativeImagePrefix in favour of the new decoupled methods.

Install using Composer:

$ composer require netcarver/textile:3.7.0

PHP-Textile v3.7.0 requires PHP 5.3.0 or newer.