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Documentation repository for all Textile projects πŸ“š
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Textile Docs (docs)

Made by Textile Chat on Slack

Documentation repository for all Textile projects πŸ“š

Join us on our public Slack channel for news, discussions, and status updates. Check out our blog for the latest posts and announcements.

Table of Contents

Getting Started


  • python >= 3.6.0
  • pip >= 19.0
  • wget >= 1.0


Install dependencies:

$ make setup

Build docs

$ make build

Serve locally

$ make serve

Pull latest downstream docs

$ make sync

Deploy to

$ make deploy

Note for Windows Users

Windows doesn't come with make. In order to access the tool and contribute to these docs, we recommend installing a windows port of the tool. If you're using Git Bash, we recommend following Evan Will's guide to adding more tools to Git Bash.


Carson Farmer


Contribute to the Textile Docs with any additions or questions you have about Textile and its various projects. A good example would be asking, "What is a thread?". If you don't know a term, odds are someone else doesn't either. Eventually, we should have a good understanding of where we need to improve communications and teaching together to make Textile even better.

Before you get started, be sure to read our contributors guide and our contributor covenant code of conduct.




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