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JS-HTTP-Client Playground

The playground provides a set of useful examples for you to use the @textile/js-http-client library. To make use of these examples, we recommend downloading and running the source code in VSCode.


Clone this repository.

git clone
cd js-http-playground

Install the dependencies,


Finally, open the project in VSCode.


Examples are broken out in the folder called, recipes. For example, if you want to explore Contact Search, in VSCode open the file found at, recipes/Contacts/index.test.ts.

Inside that file is a test that runs live code from @textile/js-http-client against your locally running Textile peer. If you haven't already, setup your local Textile peer. You can run your peer through either the Desktop application or from the command-line daemon.

Desktop instructions

Daemon instructions

Run an example

Using VSCode, you can run any example in the recipes very easily.

  1. Navigate to the index file for the example you'd like to run and double-click it within VSCode (e.g. open recipes/Contacts/index.test.ts)
  2. In the lefthand menu, select Debug (the crossed out bug icon)
  3. In the upper-left, there is a drop menu beside a green play button. Choose Current File.
  4. Click the green play button to see the series of examples in the file execute sequentially.


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