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Live Release

The latest Threads Whitepaper release is available at


brew install pandoc pandoc-crossref pandoc-citeproc

If you want to do the Markdown -> LaTeX -> PDF step below, you'll also want a working LaTeX environment. On MacOS grab it from here and follow the install instructions. The setup below should use that LaTeX install automatically.


You'll probably also want to use VSCode with the Markdown Preview Enhanced plugin.

You'll want to use the following settings:

    "markdown-preview-enhanced.enableTypographer": true,
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.breakOnSingleNewLine": false,
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.usePandocParser": true,
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.pandocMarkdownFlavor": "markdown-raw_tex+tex_math_dollars+fenced_code_attributes+backtick_code_blocks",
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.pandocArguments": "--number-sections,--filter=pandoc-crossref",
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.mathRenderingOption": "MathJax",
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.codeBlockTheme": "auto.css",
    "markdown-preview-enhanced.enableEmojiSyntax": false

We use pandoc crossref to do the internal section/fig/equation references, pandoc citeproc for the citations. These use a special syntax in the markdown that might be slightly unfamiliar to some. The docs are pretty good, so check those out before making citation or ref changes.


To generate a pretty-bare bones HTML version:

pandoc -F pandoc-crossref -F pandoc-citeproc --number-sections -o draft.html --mathjax --standalone 

To generate a workable LaTeX file:

pandoc -F pandoc-crossref -F pandoc-citeproc --number-sections -o draft.tex --standalone

To generate a default PDF version via LaTeX:

pandoc -F pandoc-crossref -F pandoc-citeproc --number-sections -o blah.pdf
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