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[DEPRECATED] Encrypted, secure, decentralized personal data wallet -- technology behind


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Textile Mobile

MIT License


Throughput Graph

Where can I get it?

The is still in private beta. Want to test out new features and get fixes before everyone else? Please add your email to our signup list and we'll get an invite out to you shortly. If you're interested in running your own Textile node, check out the core textile-go library.

Community Channel

Want to join our community discussion? Join us:

I have a problem with the Textile app

First, please search the open issues and closed issues to see if your issue has already been documented.

If you can't find an issue that matches what you're seeing, open a new issue and provide us with enough information to investigate further.

How can I contribute to Textile?

The document will help you get setup and familiar with the source.



The MIT license grant is not for Textile's trademarks, which include the logo designs. Textile reserves all trademark and copyright rights in and to all Textile trademarks.