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.textlintrc config file

Allow to config the textlint rules by .textlintrc file.
Textlint find a .textlintrc in the current dir or related dir, and use it as config.
Also, specify config file by use of --config command line options.

If you want to know about .textlintrc, see https://github.com/azu/textlint#textlintrc

Example of config: azu/textlint-rule-max-ten

  • cli: add --config to command line options (ff57fda)
  • config: implement config-loader (348be8f)
  • config: pass rulesConfig to engine (cdfedf7)
  • textlint: pass ruleConfig to 2nd argument of rule function (3b18fdb)

Bug Fixes

  • config: correct this.rulesConfig variable (e9b5bcc)
  • config: fix error when no config file (75f1d6b)
  • d.ts: rename id to ruleId (324767c)
  • textlint: disable rule is didn't listen event (1c28d83)