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$attributes __.tmSnippet
<RowSet __> <:RowSet>.tmSnippet
<boolean __ :>.tmSnippet
<date __:>.tmSnippet
<number __ :>.tmSnippet
<string __ :> from attributes.tmSnippet
<string __ :> from form field.tmSnippet
<string __ :> from session.tmSnippet
<string __ :>.tmSnippet
<time __ :>.tmSnippet
Active4D = block.tmSnippet
Active4D code block.tmSnippet
RowSet_newFromSelection __.tmSnippet
Standard Header.tmSnippet
a4d_debug_dump array __.tmSnippet
a4d_debug_dump collection __.tmSnippet
a4d_debug_dump collection($attributes).tmSnippet
array boolean __ set array __.tmSnippet
array boolean __.tmSnippet
array date __ set array __.tmSnippet
array date __.tmSnippet
array longint __ set array __.tmSnippet
array longint __.tmSnippet
array real __ set array __.tmSnippet
array real __.tmSnippet
array string __ set array __.tmSnippet
array string __.tmSnippet
array text __ set array __.tmSnippet
array text __.tmSnippet
case of __ else end case.tmSnippet
case of __ end case.tmSnippet
choose __.tmSnippet
find in array __.tmSnippet
for ( __ size of array(__)) __ end for.tmSnippet
for __ end for.tmSnippet
for each (array) __ end for each.tmSnippet
for each (collection) __ end for each.tmSnippet
for each (string) __ end for each.tmSnippet
for each (table) __ end for each.tmSnippet
fusebox redirect __.tmSnippet
fusebox_head_addCSS __.tmSnippet
fusebox_head_addJS __.tmSnippet
fusebox_makeUrl __.tmSnippet
if __ else end if.tmSnippet
if __ end if.tmSnippet
include __.tmSnippet
method (__) __ end method.tmSnippet
method __ end method.tmSnippet
order by __.tmSnippet
query __.tmSnippet
query selection __.tmSnippet
records in selection __.tmSnippet
repeat __ until.tmSnippet
selection to array __.tmSnippet
size of array __.tmSnippet
while (not(end selection([__]))) end while.tmSnippet
while __ end while.tmSnippet
write __.tmSnippet
write to console __.tmSnippet
writebr __.tmSnippet
writeln __.tmSnippet
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