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• Changed this command to take the function call scope as input rathe…

…r than word/selection, and extract the command name from the beginning of the call. This way ⌃H can be used at any location inside a command call, rather than having to move the caret to the command name.

• Changed the command name to reflect this change

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1 parent f24aea5 commit b07c925718d9ec340ea226aa7113415e834efd01 @ciaran ciaran committed May 24, 2008
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  1. +7 −7 Commands/Documentation For Word : Selection.tmCommand
@@ -7,24 +7,24 @@
<string>. "$TM_SUPPORT_PATH/lib/"
-WORD=`tr 'a-z' 'A-Z' &lt;&lt;&lt;"${TM_SELECTED_TEXT:-$TM_CURRENT_WORD}"`
+COMMAND=`cat | tr -d ' \t' | grep -o '^\w\+' | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z'`
-html_header "Documentation for $WORD"
-"${TM_CMAKE:-cmake}" --help-command "$WORD" | pre
+html_header "Documentation for $COMMAND"
+"${TM_CMAKE:-cmake}" --help-command "$COMMAND" | pre
- <string>line</string>
+ <string>scope</string>
- <string>none</string>
+ <string>selection</string>
- <string>Documentation For Word / Selection</string>
+ <string>Documentation For Command</string>
- <string>source.cmake</string>
+ <string>source.cmake meta.function-call</string>

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