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• add FIXME about how the paths returned fro ‘darcs changes’ should b…

…e resolved against the darcs root directory (rather than cwd)

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1 parent e7be912 commit 6ca6c5d9de25d2802febd791658844d2c86aa456 @sorbits sorbits committed Apr 22, 2007
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@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ for line in res:
print '<td class="'+statClass+'\">',
print line[0], '</td><td><a href="',
fname = removeNums(line[1:-1])
+ # FIXME we should treat fname as relative to the first
+ # parent holding the _darcs directory rather than os.getcwd()
print make_link(os.getcwd()+fname[2:]),'">',fname, '</a></td></tr>'

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