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Commits on Oct 21, 2006
  1. @sorbits

    This is really just a skeleton for things to come.

    sorbits authored
    There are two parts:
     1) Dialog plug-in for TextMate, this registers a “TextMate dialog server” connection to which it is possible to send a path to a nib file and optional arguments. This nib is then loaded in the TextMate program space, so it will appear with the proper window layer etc.
     2) tm_dialog is the shell tool to signal the Dialog plug-in
    The idea is that TM commands can then just create a nib for their UI and use tm_dialog to have the nib shown, and get back the “result” from this nib, w/o having to do compile things etc. A suite of standard dialogs is planned which could replace the need for CocoaDialog.
    There is currently one major problem with this approach: Distributed Objects seems to only allow one connection per task, so if you install this plug-in, you will lose ‘mate’ support, as that also works via Distributed Objects. Maybe there is a simple solution for this.
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